Friday, March 10, 2006

Moving up and down

Guess what?I am back in the big city!I think with all the moving up and down I have been doing lately my flatmates must be thinking that I am on the run.I got back in on Tuesday and come Thursday, I'm gone!
It was with all this moving up and down that I have realised that unlike my brother and sister I don't have very many clothes, not that I rewind my clothes alot though.ButI have to pick very carefully what I take with me whenever I am going to see them as I want my clothes to be equally spread at both joints.Seems the next time I get some cash I should gather some morale and visit that hideous place aka The Mall!
Anyway I have noticed that as men we usually make fun of women for the myriad contents of their handbags.I tend to be quiet at this point in time because of what I like to call my Man bag aka my Jansport Backpack that has served me since my 3rd year of uni (yeah we have gone through alot together!).
Anyway what is Aco carrying in his man bag?
1. One new chap stick aka lip balm.Who knows my tongue may tire of licking my luscious lips one day
2.1 comb.A baby afro is something you want to comb when you have to take your hat off in the gym
3.1 tube of Eucrin skin moisturiser.Gotta keep the skin moist
4.1 tube of Curel skin moisturiser.Just in case the Eucrin runs out.
5.A small bottle of 24 Aleve caplets.With all the idiots around here you have to be ready to ambush a headache!
6.1 toothbrush.Aco is always prepared when on the move, like now!
7.1 set of contact lenses.One of them is messed but who knows the other may come in handy.
8.3 pepcid antacid pills.Never know when this tripe they call food here will backfire on you.
9.7 assorted pens and biros.You know how stingy many peeps here are so its better to have your own pens as oppossed to borrowing.
10.5 sachets of sugar.May need them when the sugar in the office or at my place runs out
11.3 sachets of honey.Like a hungry spicebear I love honey as a snack, it' s healthy and it's free from the school coffee shop!
12.3 breathe mints. Always gotta stay fresh!
13.1 pack of Wrigley's Spearmint.See above
14.1 nail clipper.Gotta clip them talons when you can!
15.1 small bottle of Adidas cologne.Gotta stay fresh!Uusually interchanges with small tube of Axe roll on!
16.3 usb sticks.Always gotta carry my papers and do them on the many comps that I have.They also have important pics,software,music etc.Gotta be on point!
17.1 badge supporting AIDS prevention.Gotta spread the word!
18.2 pages of coupons to fast food joints.If I am going to eat junk I may as well get it cheap!
19.1 marc ecko balaclava.Who knows I may lose my hat and my comb!Gotta have back up.
And this is the front pocket only!That explains why it's been tearing on the side!Got to get me a needle and thread and deal with that asap!
In the main compartment of the bag these are the usual suspects.
1.Philips Mp3 player- While people here shield the world out with their cell phones I listen to my 1960 different tracks.
2.Mp3 charger - Battery power isnt infinite.
3.Nokia cellphone - Don't use it much but gotta keep in touch!
4.Big ass exercise book - Have all my course work and hand outs for this sem in this baby!That book intimidates me big time!
5.Assorted cds - Always carry some mp3 cds and empty cds with me.Been uploading some of my collection to my work machine and also backing up my collection.
6.Water bottle - This is for gym days.Have to stay hydrated!
7.Novel - If I carry a book around long enough I may get to reading it!
8.Packed lunch - Don't like the cafe food and I don't like eating out much!
9.Soda can - Only drink one a day!
10.Data cable - for when I want to update my mp3 player!
Believe it or not the only time my bag feels heavy is when I have my book in it (like a typical International Student I buy textbooks only when it is inevitable!).
So now that is why you never hear me poking fun at women with their hand bags coz my man bag is on a level of it's own but unlike chics all my stuff has a purpose.No old telephone numbers, crumpled photos, keep sakes from old dates and all the other stuff ladies carry in their bags that defies male knowledge.Plus when occasion dictates Aco can upgrade to cargo pants and become faster and more efficient!
ps:Any ideas of what else I could add to the man bag?Please keep weight to under 2 pounds (so no tents) and no drugs,alcohol and sexual parephenelia (I'm chaste remember!)


strawberries are said...

Oh well I was going to suggest protection until I read the chaste part.
I think you have it well covered gum,lotion (you're completely on point with that btw).
A well groomed man I like that.
I already like your limited selection in the wardrobe love those colours.

acolyte said...

@ strawberries
Thanks for the compliments!As for being well groomed, I'm negating it by the fact I have snobbed shaving so I can grow a beard and I have not cut my hair for several months as I am getting ready to have locks put in.But I'll try to keep high standards!:D

spicebear said...

dude, i reitarate, i do not live up a tree! i do like honey though ... but still.
i know my bag is full of stuff but damn you definately carry more around than i do. and women need those things we carry around, you know, just in case of anything.

Movie Buff said...

lol@ messed up contact... that is funny...
as for suggestions, I always carry hand sanitizer... greeting people sometimes is nasty......
And I have a small notebook incase I remember something like a song that I need to download....

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
I know you dont live in a tree!Spicebears live in warm caves which they line with keepsakes that they collect everyday!As for the things some women carry in their bags it's just plain shocking!A man should never look up in there!
@ Strawberries
I actually used to carry hand sanitizer but I left it on my desk!The small notebook is a nice suggestion!Seems you're a downloadaholic!I do my downloading in large occasional binges!

spicebear said...

oh ... ok. that sounds alot better than the last interpretation you gave. but still. and what could you possiby be afraid of in a woman's handbag? don't tell me you are afraid of seeing tampons or what not - wachana with those myths. it's just stuff.
you most defiantely need to add sustinence to your bag i.e energy bar/chocolate. and some tissues.

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
My mum taught me that a gentleman never looks into a ladies handbag.Besides tampons are so ewwwwww!!!!!-Reaches for hand sanitizer on desk-
As for energy bars that's a good idea!They'll go well with the honey!I actually do have a small pack of tissues that I used to carry but never got round to buying more when i finished 'em!Thanks!

Movie Buff said...

@ Aco.... u just referred to me as strawberries.....

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
My bad!Sorry bout that!And dont read any deeper meaning into it coz I am doing some heavy duty reading and typing so some words are still stuck in my head!

spicebear said...

stop being such a baby, it's not like they are used ... goodness you would think there are animals in there. but your mother taught you well though. i still do not understand what in the world could be so scary in someone's handbag ... enlighten me.

strawberries are said...

**in a sing song* ha ha am stuck on your minndd.
I insist on reading deeper into it.

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
as the saying goes women's matters are best left to women.Looking into a woman's purse is like looking into her bedroom you may see something you didnt want to!
@ strawberries
Well if you say it I might as well do it.I was just looking at your strawberries and thinking of running my tongue over them,nibbling them and........

strawberries are said...

Dude be careful, strawberries the world over live for that.

kelitu said...

always carry the handy pocket size Purell. it's a germy world out there.

guessaurus said...

When I travel outside the country I carry every little thing that I anticipate I will need - my sisters laugh at me, then steal everything from me. Apparently everything from 'Britain' is chic, cool, classy blah blah - leave my stuff alone.

As for you dude, you seem to be what I would call 'self-contained' lol on the double moisturisation. A well groomed man indeed :)

Milo said...

You carry that bag everywhere?

With all those contents?

Chief... Umezidi LOLOLOL

Prousette said...

That bag sure is scary. You carry more than I do and you are a man, supposed to be able to travel with just the clothes on his back...

Msanii_XL said...

@Milo i was thinking the same thing?

@Aco thats a hella lot of sure you ain't gonna blow your back out?

acolyte said...

@ strawberries
I am coming to a town near you soon!
@ kelitu
Thanks!I'll keep that in mind!
@ Guess
seems that ppl take advantage of your good taste!As for being moisturised that is a must!
@ milo
I dont carry that bag everywhere just to work and school.btw:some of
those contents are seasonal!
@ prou
I can do the survival thing too!but if i can carry the equipment why not?
@ msanii
come to think of it my back has been bothering me lately!

Ms K said...

No tent????