Friday, March 10, 2006

Return of the hoe tales

Some time back I posted about the predictability of the Kenyan press.Every year without fail comes a point in time when they focus on the sex industry in Kenya.I think this happens when stories go dry.See the first story on stag parties and the other one on call girls and their clients.
What do ya'll think about the legalisation and regulation of the sex industry in Kenya?Should it be considered?Even though we know with all those christian hypocrites it won't go to far.Mhmmm hookers love men of the cloth because in addition to services they also pay for your silence.Talk about ministering to the faithful!
ps:I am going to AWOL for a day or two.Going to paint the town crimson, I can't afford red; too broke!


Kenyangal said...

Those stag parties in kenya sound much wilder that the ones in the states or uk!! As for those guys going to prostitutes... I'm really beginning to wonder if i really want a man in my life!

Girl next door said...

I don't have a strong opinion about legalizing prostitution. It will exist regardless. But it's definitely big business! And people wonder why some of us are not in a rush to get married--people have made a mockery of it. Enjoy your wkend Aco!

Stunuh Jay said...

Well there was astory in the nation abou high price call girls. Look I'm all for women's lib... people want to legalize prostitution well and good, just make sure that ladies can get theirs as well! Which was not the tone of the nations peicve because each of them (who were all apparently respected bastion of the community ) would string their wives up by their gonads should they even think of playing on the sides... now THAT ain't right! Share and share alike.

Milonare said...

Services continue to exist as long as there is a market for them...

The question is what legalising a service would aim to achieve... If it is to protect the rights and freedoms of the greater public, I would support it. If it is to enrich and protect a corrupt few, I wouldn't...

Depends on who the stakeholders are.

As for KG and GND
Don't those opinions also apply to guys looking at marriage or for women in their lives? There is the guy going to the call girl but there is also the call girl herself... Makes you think, doesnt it?

Back at Aco
Please say something about the fabulous through pass Gerard gave the very mighty Henry :D

m said...

Personally i think willing buyers and willing sellers should be left the heck alone.

But like you said the hypocricy in society will see that idea dead at infancy.

@Milo - ehe! Ambia him! That was a brilliant pass from captain to captain

spicebear said...

legalisation? hmm, that won't happen anytime soon. we are a typical african society and though we condemn prostitution, that won't stop the whole business of paying for sex or people who are willing to be paid for it.

and as for the rewinding of articles, i'm betting these will come up soon: underage children drinking and whatnot at rugby tournaments or the rave and men who cheat/the other woman series.

acolyte said...

@ kenyangals
hooking up is like a lotto you can lose large but also win big!
@ girl next door
when it comes to marriage...take you time!
@ stunuh jay
I feel you!What's sauce for the goose should be for the gander too!
@ milo
if legalising can end exploitation
of minors and give govt some revenue then I am all for it.As for that pass dont even talk :(
@ M
Yeah that idea is DOA.As for that game it was a disaster!
@ spicebear
Yes even tho it is done we dont want it known that it is done!I am sure those articles that you spoke about will be in the papers in no time!

Prousette said...

The taxman would love to legalize it and reap where someone else has sowed (literally).
The height of hypocrisy was those MPs caught live on K street and defending themselves that they are church elders and would not do things like that.