Monday, March 06, 2006


At last!Computer access!All in all I must say that the weekend wasn't so bad. Got to see the family again. On Saturday I went with some friends to Atlantic Station. It's a beautiful place (the word beautiful being an understatement!), it's one of those places you send people pics of you at; and everyone knows you're living large!Went to some great coffee bar, the only problem is that the company I was with were more into discussion (aka gossip about their fellow Kenyans ) then more stimulating conversation material.
Then jioni we went to a joint that sells nyam chom. Oh you know you are around Kenyans when there is always a kubaff who comes to "taste" some of your meat and ends up taking a seat. I also managed to do some shopping earlier on but I have a pre-set spending limit coz things may not go well on the farm and there's no relief food around these parts.
In the evening me and my pal went to a joint that Kenyans like.The crowd was small this time round but I was pretty worn out so I didn't mind. Saw some nice gals but I am sure they were the kind who can only be maintained during harvest season and not during the current planting season. But I did meet a good one for the future. Then some Kenyan men just have bad manners how in the hell do you pee in a wide open parking lot.Damn! If you gotta do it then look for a bush and hide. To make things worse the person doing this was a total baba, you know 40 and older. As we were hanging out I was told quite a few stories about the mingi drama and problems Kenyans are in, mpaka I was like I think I will just stick to my simple farm life and see if I can get one of our KBW gals to join me (hint,hint).
ps: I went to see Dave Chapelle's block party.It's pretty good, I highly recommend it!
pps: Why are so many Kenyans relocating to ATL environs from other states? This storos of going to Walmart, Kroger or taking some chic to the hair store and running into people speaking swa, kuyo,jeng and our other languages has become too much. I am going to the INS and telling them that the limit for Kenyans here has been surpassed.
pps2: I have found my fave cd of stock pics so now my blog can become a gift for those tired of looking at plain print.When I finished my last jobo in nai I compiled them from the collection I had picked!
pps3:This is so funny that I had to share: The Advice Columnist!
"Me and my roommate both use a dildo when we aren't having regular sex with a guy. When they get all nasty after a while, we just toss them in the dishwasher. Well, the other day my parents came over and when they saw the dildos in the dishwasher, they refused to have anything to eat or drink. Are they just being paranoid or what?" - Fiona, Little Neck, NY
Fiona,Even if you do clean your "toys" by putting them in the dishwasher, there is something off-putting about knowing that your cups and saucers are being cleaned along with a dildo. How difficult is it just to clean it separately? Do you keep your dildo in the same drawer with your knives and forks? Try and keep your toys a little less visible and you'll have less difficulty with other people.
KBW ladies please take this advice to heart.Never forget that Aco cares for you......


guessaurus said...

LOL Msanii was right, you did look at the lights in the big city too much.

Now this post made me chuckle - ati harvest time instead of planting time (yes, you have lived in a farm for too long buddy)

People coming over to taste nyama and taking a seat - dude I wrote about this waaaay back - and its the same here.

And you also wrote about the dudes that pee in the car park -seems like this is a normal occurence with the people you hang out with sometimes eh?

No offence to anyone, but the reason I keep myself to myself is the drama that Kenyans elicit everywhere they go - and the gossip, and the etiquette (or lack thereof) - deal with one person at a time and you will be fine.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend and got to see family. I envy you Dude :)

acolyte said...

@ guess
Small town life is good, don't knock it!After all where else can you live on $20 for a whole week?
As for dudes who pee in car parks, I dont know 'em but they seem to like that joint.I dont think I'll go back they may decide to pee on me!
As for Kenyans it isnt funny when you catch ppl mouth open gossiping about you and your pals.I think I'll look for some chilled out Kenyans and relate to them one at a time like you say.

strawberries are said...

Wow sounds like you had a good old time. Atlantic station sounds sawa. Next time am in the A town I'll ask to take a tour down there.

C.A said...

hahaha...Aco, you're a nutcase (and get your mind off the gutter on that one!) At least you had fun hanging out with the clan. Hope you were on the lookout for those joints I asked you about, will be in ATL next monday night :)

Niaje ATL is sounding a lot like minneapolis? lol @ kenyans in every corner.

that dildo vibe is real nasty. How the hell do you wash your dildo with the dishes? And then chick wonders why the parents reacted the way they did! *shakes head*

KenyanMusings said...

Eeeeeeuuughhhh at dildo vbe. Lol, ati 'are they paranoid or what?'
Double lol @ planting vs harvest time.
Glad to hear you had a brill time. Do not make me quantify the level of gladness because then I may have to say 'oh heck! everyone was saying it so I thought why not'.

And BTW, people jipoxing on nyamas of others is also so rampant here...Sooooo crap! So annoying.

WM said...

LOL!! Lakini what's that place in the Rift Valley Road where they have all these Nyam chom places? I swear, the whole town is dedicted to nyamchoms. And oh godmylordmygod, I nearly ate my fingers. It is so good that I wanted to die, as I would have died happy immediately. I can't remember the name of the town, but ask Binj Wainaina: he's the one who sent me to it. Lakini! That nyamchom! It came with kachumabri, some irio (salt of course) and then just itself. You should have seen how it came off the bone...actually it fell off the bone. And then when you put it in your mouth, it melts. No chewing necessary. He! Mpaka afterwards I was speechless. Then I became philosphical; I started saying things like, "what is, IS." Help me, someone!!!!

acolyte said...

@ strawberries
I did have fun and I do recommend it!
@ c.a
That mambo of too many Kenyans in one place isn't the best
@ kenyanmusings
That storo of ppl forcing on nyam chom isnt funny at all!
@ wm
That isnt fair!You are making me remember all the sawa joints that I used to go to when I was in Kenya where meat was meat and not this irradiated mess!

Prousette said...

Aco depending oon what you are planting a few ladies will definitely be interested.

Dildo in the dishwasher??? Goodness me some people are so off!

Acolyte said...

@ prou
I plan to labour on in the farm for a few more months and see the results.As for dildos in dishwashers....eeeew!!!!