Monday, June 26, 2006

Man boobs, Queens of Comedy and other things

I was hanging out with some guy pals outside yesterday.Since summer is upon us and the heat is stifling we decided to go bare chested.One of the dudes who was with us had man boobs.Let's just say my first reaction was that I was happy that lunch had passed a few hours ago and the only thing that I had in my stomach was Miller Lite.
To make things worse this dude was not overweight or obese on the contrary he was very slim!So that made things worse, I thought man boobs were caused by obesity but now I started thinking that maybe he had been taking some girl's birth control pills.I can't imagine how it would feel as a chic to have a boyfriend who could wear a bra.I am sure that dude is the object of some 13 year old girl's envy here in the South.Anyway now I'm sounding cruel so let's move on.
I watched half of Queens of Comedy on Saturday evening and I am sad to admit that it didn't do much for me.Even Mo'nique's segment didn't do too much for me and I am a big fan of hers.Oh well, I am sure it tickled some other people pink but for me Kings of Comedy still comes out tops' it's a shame we wouldnt see a second one.
Anyway my small sister called me this weekend and we talked for a little while.I just realised that it has been almost 4 months since I was in ATL. I guess I am the full shags mundu now!Anyway, my sis told me how she went for a gathering held by one of her friends roomies.I had gone for one of their gatherings when I first got here and that is when I realised that we may all be Kenyans but that doesn't mean we do things the same.For me it was great to get a taste of chapatis as they are kind of hard to come by.I looked around the sitting room and when I took a gander at their wall unit I realised that there are still some people who prefer video tapes to dvds and vcds.When they turned on the music, it was instant nostalgia!You see these were laid back church going folk, the kind of people who people refer to derisively with statements like, "those people only saw Nairobi on the way to the airport."Anyway the music was vintage sing and shine/happy days!The food was great and they were good hosts plus any mocking would have been stupid due to the fact that the hosts was Paul Tergat's cousins, so while raia here are breaking ends to make ends meet they are fully catered for.It is at this gathering that one of the chics showed quite a liking for me (I blogged about it a long time back) and was asking when we (my sis made fun of me saying what she meant to say was I) were going to come back and visit.I was told that I should hook up with her and become a kept man which was quite funny at the time.Anway as long as they are not stepping on my toes, I really don't mind how they choose to live.It tires me when people decide that the onus is upon them to dictate what is cool and what is not.The right way to walk and talk etc.I think that as long as people are not causing offence to us, we should learn how to respect their cultures.Now to do my best to follow my own advice!
I am thinking of going of the alcohol bandwagon once again.Remember some posts back I said that my life operates in cycles.Well one cycle has run it's course and it is time for a new one to begin.Other then a few bashes here and there and the occasional one or two beer after a long hard day my alcohol consumption has been really really low.When I go to ATL I don't plan on clubbing (blech!) so I guess I am going to join the alcohol free section!Wish me luck!Now I actually have some work to do, so I must leave!


Movie Buff said...

I was watching Discovery Health where this dude was having his man boobs removed. It was kinda gross I must say. I think he was like a 36 D or something....

I agree... Queens of Comedy really sucked.....but dont tell tato I said that

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
If you are a dude and you have D cups then you have problems!
Yes Queens of Comedy sucked, I think it is only the hardcore fans of those chics who must have loved it!

kelitu said...

OMG! I was watching the same Queens of Comedy on Comedy Cetral on sato.hahahaha!! I told you great minds...
I was sooo glad when it wsa over, coz they brought Chappelle's secret stash for the millionth time but i still laughed.

acolyte said...

@ Kelitu
Yes the Chapelle stand up more than made up for that whack show!But yes indeed great minds do think alike!

Joseph Walking said...

ok everyone who was home on sato night was watching it was actully on BET.I listened to a couple of jokes but with all the cursing i changed channels after 6 min or so .hate it when people cant be funny without being crude incidentally steve harvey has a dvd out for his megafest performance (td jakes event) and this summer he will be performing again so am really looking foward to that.Cedrick on the other hand is really funny and clean so kings i think are better than queens. .aco i didnt shika this statement rather sweeping ama i misunderstood it 'You see these were laid back church going folk, the kind of people who people refer to derisively with statements like, "those people only saw Nairobi on the way to the airport."

acolyte said...

@ joseph
Yes I agree that show had little to offer.I see Steve Harvey is all clean and family friendly now, that's great!Now onto your question,
You see these were laid back church going folk, the kind of people who people refer to derisively with statements like, "those people only saw Nairobi on the way to the airport."
Now the people who were holding the bash were saved and were from Eldoret.Since they don't go out of their way to follow every trend that comes by in the states like many Kenyans do; people think of them as country bumpkins.Which in my opinion is wrong.I do hope that has cleared things up!

mutumia said...

Gynecomastia.Org for more info-- I saw the Disc. Health prog that movie buff refers to and this guy had ti-tays!!!! For days! With aureoli and dem.

I was shook I can't lie.

Miller Lite? wah! I could run with that one but I'll let Msanii do the honors for me :)

Joseph Walking said...

ill just let it go because being saved has nothing to do with it . if you just said they were contry folk the message would have been clear adding that they are saved really was not necessary

Girl next door said...

Man boobs are gross! And on a skinny guy too? Don't know of any solutions. When it gets that hot, I wish us (women) could go topless like dudes without it being "indecent exposure" I have the Kings of comedy dvd, it's so funny! The Queens are ok. I watched Chappelle too over the weekend, he's just classic! Sing and shine was rather entertaining. Wall units were a must in every Kenyan home. I admire people with simple tastes who just do their own thing despite what's "cool" or not. I know a number of those farmer types from shagz. They look simple then they check into the bank with a paperbag full of cash or walk into a dealership and pay cash for the latest John Deere tractor. How will you be able to resist a cold Miller on a hot summer day?

acolyte said...

@ mutumia
Thanks for the link, now the probo is just getting the link to him anonymously!As for Miller Lite, it's a good substitute for beer!
@ joseph
Them being saved had to be mentioned as they were listening to joy bringers/sing and shine soundtrack.Plus often when I was in Kenya it is mostly saved folk who were behind trends as they were unconcerned or didnt want to be thought of as worldly.
@ Girl Next Door
For men going shirtless only pays when you have been going to the gym, otherwise vests are best!At least you have halter tops to wear in the heat!I do admire the simple life and try to live it.I did know some of those farmers who would walk into banks with brown bags full of thousands, they used to make my day!As for the heat I guess I will have to make do with lemonade!

Mocha! said...

Man Boobs.....eeewwwww!!! Fat bloke, explainable. Skinny jamaa, saa aje? (Mocha! 2006)

I got my copy of Kings and Queens of Comedy (Two Disc Special) the other day....lets just say, I wish I watched the Queens first. They really disappointed me....kwanza Monique. The hula hoop joke from Adele was off the hook though.

Until I watch another one that will crack my ribs, Chris Rock's Bigger and Blacker is my favourite. I highly recommend it.

Five months and you finally decide to call it 'quits' on the booze. Holla I patia you tips of how to keep it going.LOL!!!

Have a nice day.

m said...

Queens of comedy was a complete waste of time, energy, effort, money, film ...

Kenyanchick said...

Queens of Comedy was annoying. Why do female comics feel they can only speak (in a vulgar way) about sex? Every single one of them had to go there - and it wasn't even funny! Chris Rock, Chappelle, Bernie Mac all speak about a broad range of issues. Sure they sometimes curse, but sparingly, within context, and the jokes can stand alone. The Queens need to go back to school! Great blog, by the way.

gishungwa said...

Queens of comedy what a drag! kingsof comedy absolutely loved it you know the full LOL. Even funnier is rusell peters dont find chapelle all that funny.
Guy with boob-plead the 5th on that one.

acolyte said...

@ Mocha!
Queens did nothing for me and I am happy that I watched it for free!I will try and get some of those you have mentioned.Joining the booze free crew isnt hard, staying there is!
@ M
I agree with you 200%
@ Kenyanchick
I do feel you on that!Lady comedians need to widen their range to pull a wider audience!Thanks for passing by!
@ Gishungwa
The jury is in!Queens of comedy is crap!!

Couch 'tato said...

tato is quiet
i liked both very much....but most of this jokes are recycled

Russel Simmons ones are good kwanza old ones with Martin Lawrence, pierre, bill belamy etc

but cammon samora/adele/chubby monique(tho her rourine was the worse) it wasnt that bad

man boobs...ebu i take care of mine before i worry about others hahahahah

Acolyte said...

@ couch tato
Nice of you to pass by.I guess you are part of a minority as regards Queens of comedy.As for your man boobs, good luck!