Sunday, June 25, 2006

Road Rage

One thing that I love about my life right now is that I don't drive.I know that will have to change when I get done with school in December.But till then I don't have to handle some issues that I used to encounter when I used to drive in Kenya ie weaving across lanes, people who do sudden turns without indicating, idiots who jam on their brakes suddenly, people stopping in the middle of the road, people who drive at 5 miles per hour, idiots who create an extra lane etc.
But when I have to get back in the game I know I will encounter the same crew old idiots. I was on the net and I found these wonderful things called road rage cards!So instead of holding it in, I'll flash a card.Take a look!
ps:How come my life is so mundane but I hardly get blogger's block unlike some blogger's who have such fun lives but are now on hiatus?


egm said...

It's funny you posted this today. I was on a bus earlier, and there were two times when we almost got into an accident because of nitwit drivers. The first happened as we were going past some lights. Some idiot was not patient enough to wait for his green turn light, so he decided to cut right infront of the oncoming bus. Next, this lady saw a parking spot and immediately braked, causing the car behind her to stop suddenly, and the bus driver to slam on the brakes. Were it not for the quick thinking of the car immediately infront of the bus, the bus was surely going to hit that car. It was one of those surreal moments where you see the accident just about to happen in slow motion. Crazy day!

nick said...

LMAO kwanza i wish there was like a special horn that could bleep such thoughts LOL at nice car but u still a bitch.

Manze u post faster than Aggregator keep on keep keeepin on

Prousette said...

Are you wishing for a bloggers block?
Don't, you will not like it.
Lol at those cards... what if you get one right back?

POTASH said...

hehe, those cards are interesting but not in Kenya- i mean the humour will be lost here. Try make some of your on in local parlance... how is that for a challange Mr. I-Have-No-Blogger'-Block.

(BTW...that is a cool statement at the end there..HEAR HEAR!)

mocha! said... Do they come in sticker form?

As for your p.s., I think all my mojo went on the weekend post. Besides, this summer for me is so boring, that nothing exciting is happening on the daily grind. Hence me checking into 'Rehab' coz I have become addicting to this ISH.

I'm watching you keep it polite....tihihihihihihihi!!!

Archer said...

Totally hilarious! Sadly there are places where you dare not flash these cards! In Nai the recipient might just jump outta his car and thump your ass papo hapo! Here in Jo Burg chances are you'll receive a bullet in the face! (kwani every black dude has an AK47 under the driver's seat?)

Kenyangal said...

MAYBE The people with interesting lives are in blog hiatus BECAUSE they are... well...too busy having fun to blog

Thats KG trying to be smart :) :)

Acolyte said...

@ egm
I think some people turn off their brains when they drive!Thank God for that fast thinking bus driver!
@ Nick
I don't post fast, I just post outside the aggregator window so that my post is spotted an hour later!But seems I may join you in blogger's block soon!
@ prou
I have had it before so I dont want it.Well it is better to get one back than keeping the stress pent in!
It has always irritated me how sarcasm is lost on most Kenyans.I will get working on the Kenyan versions asap!
@ Mocha!
I think they do come in sticker form.I'll find out and holla at you.I'll behave myself since you're watching!
@ Kenyangal
Please share the fun with me!I am so bored!!!!

The Lone Beader said...

Don't use those in Boston....

Acolyte said...

@ lone beader
Thanks for the heads up!

kelitu said...

Aco trust me when you will get on the road, road rage is a must. If there's anthing i hate is driving behind a senior citizen, kwanza when it's an old lady...woi! torture of the worst kind.
The other thing i hate are peole whose idea of driving involved stepping on their brakes every 5 secs...ala si you shuka the mots and walk bana.Arrghhh i getting raoad rage just thinking about it.

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
I have seen those senior citizens in action and it is not funny at all!Anyway let me enjoy peace of mind for the few months that I still have it!

Girl next door said...

Road rage is so real; I just read a story about one dude shooting and killing another one this past weekend--they were arguing then #1 got out of his car to approach #2's pick-up, #2 unleashed a gun, shot him and drove away. There are times I feel like flipping off crazy drivers but I don't coz there are some psycho people all around. You must be on a creative high--keep the posts coming!

acolyte said...

@ Girl Next Door
I don't know why the same dude who is so nice to you outside turns into a psycho in his car?Like you said there are many psychos in this country and one has to be careful!

Anonymous said...

You forgot they can: do their nails with a pocket knife, they can go to the bathroom without a support group, and Christmas shopping can be completed for 25 people on the day before Christmas in 45 minutes.