Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some people need a swift kick in the nuts!

I try to be nice!I really do!I try to accomodate other people and their habits, but sometimes people go too far!Ok I know you are wondering what I am ranting about now.Right now I have developed the throbbing vein at the side of my head (temple to be exact) that our folks used to have when they used to go to school for parents day and they were told the way Aco is a hellion or when they see you stole the car to go clubbing and ruined the lights plus paintwork.Yes it's that bad.
Anyway The Acolyte prefers to manage many of his bills on-line and only keeps the hard copies of the bill for record purposes.You see paper bills sometimes arrive late and you end up paying your bills late and that isn't good for your credit rating.Where was I, this morning amidst the pending exams and unwritten papers The Acolyte decides to log onto his cable account to see how much he owes and when the bill is due.The princely sum of $115.29!!!!!
I thought that the cable company were acting the fool as some of my extra movie channels weren't even working and getting through to an operator takes forever!
Anyway I look at the bill and wonder because the package that I signed up for was supposed to cost me around $55 so where did the extra charges come from?I dial the customer service help line and after doing the button dance ie press one for english, press 3 for billing, wait for my choice then press 3 again to talk to a customer care rep (lucky there was no wait time for once) and then I asked about the extra charges.It seems some kubaff decided to watch the following:-

1.Girl Gone Wild Mardi Gras - $14.95

2.Big Mommas House 2- $3.99

3.Ecw 1 Night Stand - $39.95

I recall my room mate telling me sometime last week that he had watched Girls Gone Wild but I thought he was talking about those infomercials that come on late night TV but it seemed that the bastard ordered the damn programme!
I mean this is the same kubaff whom it took me the better part of half an hour to explain to what a cable box is.So I think I did myself a major disservice of getting him one for his room after all little knowledge is a dangerous thing.Could he have done it by mistake?No!Because ordering a pay per view is not a one button click process.The cable company asks you if you want to order the programme or not.Those programmes are not free!Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!
Then what shocks me is the ECW pay per view!I find it hard to sit through one episode of wrestling!So it shocks me that he could go out of his way to order a whole pay per view!
And then Girls Gone Wild!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!First of all I don't do porn of any sort.I mean I have the derailer plus with my 1000gb mind I can make all the porn I want to in my mind (but I don't!).If you look at the informercials it's obvious that that series is total crap!If you want free porn you go on-line and get it for free!!!!
I blame this all on myself!I gave him the power of the cable remote before his pea brain could comprehend the great responisibility behind it!Sometimes the Derailer tells me that I am like the chic of the relationship as I am the one who does most of the causing.
Just wait till I get home tonight!I am going to give that boy a good hair drying ala Alex Ferguson at half time if Man U is losing!He will know just because I am laid back I am not to be taken lightly!And he is going to pay that bill and I am having that cable box sent back (now I am sounding like someone's dad!)
It felt good getting that rant off my chest!Now back to studying!Next time someone acts the fool, do yourself a favour and give them a swift kick in the crown jewels!


spicebear said...

he ordered wrestling?! si that stuff comes for free on sijui which channel and he paid $39.95? now that is too funny! and girls gone wild is just being gullible.

times like these i am happy i live with my brother and we understand each other when it comes to those things. i had a roomate last year and she used to irritate the hell out of me. ebu beat for us stories about how the scoldings went.

Acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Roho safi, I have tried to be nice and accomodating lakini the extra progis tore it!He didn't pay for it as the cable bill is in my name!
I thought maybe that I have mingi expectations when I live with people (which I don't) but when peeps pull stunts like this that is when I think living solo is the best thing!I will most def give you all an update about the msomo!

AK said...

Aco, that is annoying.

Give 'im an extra spunk on my behalf!

Movie Buff said...

I hope the bugger did not act all innocent at this.... kick him!

Acolyte said...

@ ak
I am going to deal with him after my exam today.That crap isn't amusing at all!
@ movie buff
If he tries to act innocent, that'll just give me more motivation to introduce my foot to his ass!Now I understand why people live alone!

Msanii_XL said...

Lol I would not want to be that guy...

Get em' Aco

is girls gone wild even porn?

Acolyte said...

@ msanii
That's what makes it even more irritating!Coz it's just gal flashing their tatas and snogging each other!(not that I've watched any of them!)

Joseph Walking said...

aco! what are you still doing with a roomie. we need o re-evaluate your finances work out some investments and move you into a roomie-less digz.-this is my rule .at 21 you must be out of the folks house and at 25 you must be living alone no roomies.4 years with roomies,5 years alone then maybe you can get the other kind of roomie(wifey)

acolyte said...

@ joseph
Given my financial state (I am a broke-ass grad student!) and the fact that I live in a small town (single room apts are hard to come by and are really costly!)That will have to wait for next year when I graduate and can afford to live on my own, which I really want to do!

egm said...

I live with 2 room mates, both of whom have cable boxes in their rooms, in addition to the one in the sitting room. I told them I wouldn't pay a dime extra above and beyond the bare minimum. And for one who doesn't watch tv much (unless it's a movie playing) or use the house phone (I primarily use my cell phone), basically all I'm paying for is the internet (we have one of those 3-way deals from RCN). I learnt my lesson (painfully, I must add) long ago about the horrors of inflated cable bills, so I am very vigilant about its proper use today. Good thing is, the current account is not under my name.

acolyte said...

@ egm
I wish I had your kind of foresight.It seems some people just don't think ahead of the immediate thrills.When the special offer ends I am downgrading to the most basic cable deal I can find!

Joseph Walking said...

Hence my offer to evaluate your finances. i lived alone through grad school dont ask me how but the thought of a roomate was enough for me to live on basics. you would be surprised how much cash you have on a planned budget and on basics like basic tv no cable. kwanza you are in the south i can totaly relate. i operated no cable no cell just a basic house phone (local)that alone is 100$ savings .But i jua its not for everyone. for me it was alesson in defered gratification ans peace of mind.

acolyte said...

@ joseph
Well getting a one room is out of the question and besides I have a fantastic deal on the rent.But I may do away with the cable and buy a pc and get an internet connection instead.More bang for my buck there!

Girl next door said...

I feel your pain, it sucks when the bill is in your name coz you have to make sure it's paid on time and I've been in that position of nagging people to give me the money right away--I hate it when people can't take responsibility. Girls gone wild is just crap.