Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I know I have been missing in the blogosphere but I had intermitent internet access and not bloggers block.So anyway I'm back!
Anyway the summer heat here is killing me!To make things worse I was at my sister's house and to save on cash they don't turn on the aircon.Some of the rooms have fans but not the whole house, so in addition to sweating outside I was sweating in the house!Eeeeeeeew!!!!!And it's not only my sis, we went to a couple's pre-wedding gathering and it was the same thing!Even though we were packed in the sitting room they didn't turn on the air-con.I know it is expensive to cool a $250k mansion but can't you just do it when guests are over so they can feel comfy?Then turn it off when we're gone?I promise I'll do the same when you come to my house!Really I do!
ps:Did anyone watch the Italy v Germany match?Germany didn't really lose, they just didn't win.But at least they went out giving their all!Can't wait for today's match!


KenyanMusings said...

LOL, woii, I hope you bake mpaka you turn into a ndao or tosti mayai.

tehe, How U be Aco?

4 more days, world cup is over and peace shall reign on earth. Peace on earth!! Peace on earth!! Yaay!

AK said...

aah! man! Germany lost!

the heatwave is kali this way too and am being asked if this is my kinda weather being an African.

at least u guys have aircon malls or other places one can hide, here we have dukas and no space for swimming pools, well..not counting the canals..

egm said...

I walked outside headed to work and it was like trying to swim! That's how thick the humidity is. Just a few short steps and sweat is tiririkaing all over! Thank God for AC!

Those goals were sweet. Kabisa. Yaani I think Italy had a plot. Hold that carrot infront of the Germans all the way, and just when they think they can have a juicy munch on it at the very end, snatch it away from them.

acolyte said...

@ Km
Now they way I am black already, I stay out any longer and I will start looking like a Sudanese chap!Otherwise I am sawa!It's good to be back.
Oh no!!!!!The soccer fun is almost over!sniff sniff!!!
@ ak
I so feel you on this heat!It is just way too much!Sorry for the lack of escape routes!
@ egm
Now imagine me who has no car and has to walk 4 blocks to work and school!There are times I dont even want to chomoka from the house!
I think Italy are turning out to be real contenders!Let's see how today's match goes!

egm said...

I don't have to imagine, I do it myself. I have to walk 2 miles after mwisho of bus route to office. I bought a small foldable bike they allow on the bus, so that makes things easier. But I usually ride all the way home (all 12 miles), so that I am one big waterfall by the time I get home straight into the shower.

acolyte said...

@ egm
In that case mad props to you!You must be one really fit brother to ride all that way!

Anonymous said...

Answer these simple question. Do u write this blog:
I can’t wait 2 see u deny youre own other blog, you write about being strong enough 2 stand up 2 anyone I will laugh. Because I will laugh 2 know as u write u know you lie. Can u here laughta all ova. The instigator is to scarycat to admit his third blog.

AK said...

Aco, anonymous nobodies seem to be after you!!

Joseph Walking said...

As per my prediction in the last game germany went down to italy. Today game is technically the world cup finals coz the winner as stated b4 will win the world cup. the worst part is i wont even get to watch it.jobo and all

Movie Buff said...

Aki watching those Germans crying tagged at my heart. I was feeling a ka big woishe.

Since its raining huku, its not as hot as its supposed to be. Lucky me.... NOT!

How u been lakini????

Msanii_XL said...

lol..that AC thing kills me everytime

watu waashe AC...

Msanii_XL said...

oops forgot boo..Italy

acolyte said...

@ anonymus
First of all let me answer your question.Yes I do write that blog.But I am not the mwafrika who has been harassing Kenyanmusings.Why would I establish a KBW membership,give the username and password to KBW admin to put in the html code for me and then use that same identity to harass people.At least my instigator identity was not a KBW member so why would I use my other KBW identity to harass people instead of doing it anonymously without starting a whole new blog?Plus several KBW member already know about that blog as I was planning on using it to hone my fine writing and analytical skills.Plus acolyte as a username on wordpress was taken.So do you still thinhk that I am that stupid to use an identity that points out to me to harass a friend of mine?It's obvious as an administrator that you know those things since only an administrator is privy to usernames mine being mwafrika as is my hotmail address which is mwafrika2.
I have been open enough, what I would like to know is if you are part of this identity theft or not?After all after my whole instigator shindig (which I owned up to by the way) who else would be easier to smear then me?The ball is in your court anonymus!Man or mouse?
@ ak
It also seems that this anonymus is out to smear my rep!
@ joseph
Nice prediction!I will also miss the game as I have an evening class!
@ movie buff
Semi finals and finals are always emotional!Rain doesnt always take away the heat.Other then the identity theft above, I have been fine!

acolyte said...

@ msanii
It gets to me too!It's good to save cash lakini there are limits!

Joseph Walking said...

acolyte i can see u are going through some issues. mind you the dail insults and email from KBW havent stopped on this end . the last one was challanging me to an open discussion on my beef with them. but you know what am through playing with kids and shadows i would rather deal with real people and real issues. my suggestion is feel free to ignore and pray for those souls

Whispering Inn said...

Wewe, ati "...Germany didn't really lose, they just didn't win..." - He he he he!!!

Otherwise A/C ni lazima mzee.

Acolyte said...

@ joseph
Thanks for the support.The accusation is so preposterous that I don't even want to deal with them again.I have said my piece and will most def give them the cold shoulder as from now.
@ whispering inn
I guess that is my way of acknowledging their efforts.Yup A/C is a must!

Kagz said...

Yaani the drama in KM's crib has followed you here???????

N'way, ati..."to save on cash they don't turn on the aircon.'

Je, huu ni ungwana???

Tell her and that couple friend of yours that they need to relocate to Kenya ASAP.
Me Still ROTFPMBO!!!

acolyte said...

@ kagz
Its that kind of drama at KM's that makes me know that there are some sick bored people out there!
As for those people cutting back on aircon even when guests are present I feel the same thing that you do!