Friday, July 07, 2006

Saving for later....

I have a bad habit.I have packrat tendancies.It takes me forever to dump things or replace them.Once my brother made fun of me that I make sure I kill my clothes so as to get my money's worth.That is kind of true as my mom used to have compel me to part with clothes.I once had some courdroys that I got in 1997.They were so nice and comfy that I kept on wearing them till in many places the grooves had been worn smooth.I finally did give them away.Like many men I often have this bad habit of getting a fashion that I am comfy in and sticking to it, so you know what I did next?
I got a new pair of the same design!Not to say that I dont buy new clothes.That I used to do but when I was alone in the privacy of my own home I would put on the golden oldies.I have a nike polo shirt that is about to hit the decade mark in Feb 2007.But when things pile up I always pass them onto the poorer relatives,our watchmen,make beds for the dog etc.
Same thing goes with paperwork before I throw away anything I have to make sure that it isnt anything that I may need later.Trust me this has come in handy in the case of receipts,deposit slips etc.So I often have a shoe box or a pile of papers somewhere always pending.But I usually have a clear out before the next pile comes in.But come moving time everything that isnt important must go!
I also have this bad habit of at times taking forever to open things esp when I have overshopped.I have a pair of shorts that I first wore after 4 months, I have a t-shirt that I bought last year that I have never worn!
But here is the clincher, I had my mum bring me some Tusker cans, I put them away only to discover that they had expired 2 months ago.I drank one yesterday hoping that I wouldnt have a milo-esque encounter with the porcelain thrown.The beer just tasted more potent and I'm fine, I just guess that is as a result of having imbibed things like cham,kenyan cane and safari cane in the past.I know some of you are shaking your heads but it was Tusker!Thous shalt not waste Tusker!
ps:My boasts of consistency aside.Blogging is becoming real hard!I think I am going to go MIA ala Guess,Nick,Milo (OK he came back),Mocha and the rest who are on the subs bench.I may be on my way.What should I bring you?


The Devious One said...

me fa me fao !
ok Aco..if we dont hear from U in a day or two we need to call for help...two month exported expired beer..not to mention the day old ugali and skunje it mingled with in ur kitambi....

Have some peptobismol nearby at all times !

nick said...

yup this sub bench is ready and warm waiting for u...ama u tap me i ingia into the game...labda nimepumzika sana

ubaya ur sheeky ur hiatuses are like a day and a half hahahahahaha

take care dude-tuko hapa

Udi said...

daddy, i guess u r not a mlevi like me. coz tusker woouldnt have lasted 2 days.

akiey said...

Rhaahhahhaa:)), LOL & a double LOL!! Aco, you are the man!!hehe,

Buying a similar corduroys to replace the grudgingly retired ones? If they killed folks for that you wouldn't be the only guy facing the firing squad,lol!

The "Wash n Wear" attire is the best for chillaxing around the house or running quick errands in town. Doesn't matter how tattered huh?lol!

Enjoy hiatus. Get me some Royco to replace the long-expired one I have.

Archer said...

How do you keep Tuskers until they expire? Its a good thing you didnt dispose of them Tuskers coz KBL can sue your arse for mishandling a national treasure.

acolyte said...

@ deviousone
I had one today and I am just fine!
I have a stash of eno from digs so I am more then ready.
@ nick
When steam ishas I will be with you chap chap!
@ udi
It is not that I dont penda pints I just stashed them and forgot about them.
@ akiey
Good to know that I am not the only one who practices wash and wear with operating the same old labels.I have some roiko at digs so ongea nicely!
@ archer
I realised my error and I am making up for it by drinking them no matter what happens to my body!Duty before dishonor!

Kagz said...


looks like there is another hodder like me in KBW.

Just like you, its HARD for me to throw anything away.
As for clothes, that could take a prayer meeting!

However, in March this year, i bravely packed all the clothes i'd not worn in 2005-6 and took them to Goodwill. A very slow & painful process :)

As for royco & whatnot...i'm fully stocked till i go back home this dec so Akiey will need to ongea nicely by HIMSELF(LOL!)

Don_quixote's said...

Lol at the expired tuskers, i have some stuff from when i was like seven years old i swear i will never even contemplate selling that pair of dungerees(sp) it was a classic CN PN KN yani chafuka nikuoshe pasuka nikushone kauka nikuvae.... and my first writting book in kindergaten and class one, sic the memories.....Now about the royco nicely is one supposed to talk

acolyte said...

@ kaggz
Seeing as I dont have that many clothes at the moment, it will be sometime before I go to goodwill!
But I feel your pain!
@ don
Now you're on your own level if youre talking about clothes and other things kept from the age of 7!I bow down to you!

Milonare said...


Corduroy? Corduroy? LMAO

I have the same probi with paperwork. Sometimes I have to funga macho and washa kiberiti...

Milo-esque nini? Twas a pal that gave me that storo LOL

acolyte said...

@ Milo
As regards your storo.If you keep on saying that you may eventually believe it, but we know the truth!wink wink nudge nudge!

Stunuh Jay said...

In other words if you think you can fix something it just lies around waiting instead of being tossed? Where do you find all that space?

akiey said...

Ndugu Aco, how nicer could a brotha be to get some Royco? Pray tell...

Since I am paying Kagz in pictures maybe you could name your price as well?

Ok, I just put the pot on the 3-stone stove as I chill for Royco...

Valedon said...

nice post!

acolyte said...

@ stunuh
Space can always be found!But I try to fix as many things as possible!
@ akiey
Now with the distance from mid GA to where you at I think you should turn down the heat and wait till you hear from the mailman!
@ valedon

Kagz said...

Akiey : Can that food of yours substitute Royco for Pilau/Garam Masala coz my stock of Royco is enough for me but i'm willing to offer the rest.

Aco : Dyou have BlueBand???

Girl next door said...

It's hard to throw out stuff coz you never know when you'll need it. When I've had to move, I just had to get rid of things. Wasting Tusker would be sinful, you must have quite a stash...

acolyte said...

@ kagz
I see you and akiey can get a trade going!
As for BB that is a big bilas!LMAO!
Moving is when hard choices have to be made.I am moving in Dec and am not looking forward to it at all!As for Tusker stash, I wish!