Thursday, July 06, 2006

Now I know how you feel!

Today I got a slight respite from the summer heat, it has been drizzling today.In the morning I had the impression that I should be wearing a cap but I banished the thought and left anyway.All was good until I left the gym later on during the day and it started drizzling.For the everyday man this wouldn't be anything to worry about but since I got my locks and they were not water proof there was cause to worry.Locks aren't cheap and there was no way I was going to get them redone! So what Aco did was to take a magazine out of his back pack and cover his head with it as he walked.
As I did this it just hit me that I was doing the same thing I had seen my mum,sisters, girlfriends etc do whenever it started raining!
To make things more interesting the Derailer was at work and remembered that she had to get her braids redone.So she was talking to a friend about it and told her friend that she was calling me to get the number.So her friend is like, "You and your boyfriend go to the same hairdresser?That sounds so gay!"
I can see it now!Aco sitting down under a drier with the girls gossiping and talking about the new fashion trends.I would have the appropriate eye lash batting skills,be able to hold my right arm up palm out most of the time and walk with a killer swing!A long time ago that's what people used to think about men who went to the salon but now not so much thanks to the metrosexual craze.Moving on...
Yes yes I know that I owe ya'll a picture of the locks but since I cant find the one I last took here is one of the afro that came before it!
ps:I passed by where Nick's old blog used to be, you should see what's on that url now!I think God is sending Nick a divine sign!


Udi said...

weee, Daddy- u go to Salons?

Don_quixote's said...

Lots of questions i would like to ask but till i can find a fork lift to pry my jaw from the floor they will have to wait.

farmgal said...

I pulled that newspaper stunt jana. It rained so hard in the end I just let it soak me.

acolyte said...

@ udi
Not really coz I have one on one appointments with the mama who does my locks.
@ don
I'll still be here waiting!
@ farmgal
Pole sana and the way it rains sana in the Uk!

Don_quixote's said...

Magazine????? dryer????? EYE BATTING!!!!!!! By GEORGE!!!!!!!!!
eish now i even speak in tongues.
But seriously am of the mind that a good soaking never harmed a soul, but then there is the fact that i have never had locks.

Half 'n' half said...

LOL, I know the feeling I have dreads and maintaining them is tres expensive!!!!

About the newspaper experience, there was this girl/woman here in sudan, it started raining and she decided her hair was way too important, so what she did was she lifted her dress from the back and covered her hair. So her behind and her front was like totally naked. But her hair was covered. It was hilarious. But I hear you

acolyte said...

@ don
That was just a hypothetical situation coz I am usually alone with the mama doing my hair and we have no storos for each other!
@ halfkenyahalfsudan
For what I pay there is no way water was going to touch them!As for that chic there are levels that you give people marks for going to when it comes to the hair!

dangerously_shy said...

Acolyte na wewe Virus
whats with this statement:


"Thanks for passing by.I think she no longer feels welcome over here"

Lol..wewe Aco tiga wana (hell yes i wrote kyuk up in this piece lol) now you know me and you go way back, back into time (blackstreet)lakini with me changing careers nini nini ive lost my ranting mojo kabisa and repented my comment langaing ways!! So no i feel most welcome here and you know that I like reading your blog flossing aside (250k mansion, aii Aco!!! mwehehe) or the occassional blunders (baring your akatas flaws on blogsphere, waaa did i tut that day)

Wewe Virus, email me -, we have unfinished business me and you!

Ps - Acolyte weka a good word in with Kmusings i give her lesbian malovings, si u anza a petition for ur old pal D-Shy tee hee..

acolyte said...

@ Dshy
Now if you potea what am I supposed to think?
But I can see the way you dont field comments that you are one busy mama but pitia once in a while and holla!As for my flaws and blunders I will address them when they come up!
Now the time Kmusings needed you most you backtracked on plans to go to Kenya.Lakini Im sure with the rapport you two have, something can be worked out!

dangerously_shy said...

Lol i havent potead me i set up camp at kmusings, wacthing with mild amusement at the new mini wars emerging with every page refresh.

Alafu eti u will deal with your flaws as and when they come up? waaaa...when they come up???loool..hapo you have lied!! si you weka a poll i list the crimes that in my humble opinion you need to stand infront of a firing squad for lol, nonetheless you are a good shuma..

good shuma indeed

on a good day i could be persuaded to chapa you and your afro a quick one for the road.

As for going to nairofi, backtracked nothin! those plans have just been wekwad on pause mpaka dethember,come what may...hata kama i have to strap a suitcase to my mgongo and swim it, nairofi is the place i shall be, will you be there?

Lol@rapport,you seem to approve so yaaay thats one signature i can count on! lol..chias!!

Ps - have a nice weekenti

Pps - stay away from salons wewe

acolyte said...

@ Dshy
Things haev become moto at Kmusings blog mpaka even my name was chafuad huko?
Thanks for the compliment!Next time I am in town I shall jitetea for a quickie!
I hope your mpangos for going to Nai go well!
Have a sawa weekend too!

Kagz said...

ok i must admit, that afro is W for WHACK!!!

as for drama in KM's crib...i give up!

acolyte said...

@ kaggz
That Afro was always under wraps!It made way for the dreads!
As for KM's I am staying away!

Kagz said...

Ati you are staying away???

You can EAT back your words!!!

acolyte said...

@ kagz
I tried didnt I!

Prousette said...

lovely afro Aco now you emphathize a little with us.
LOL @that scenario by halfkenyahalfsudan.

Acolyte said...

@ prou
I moved on from the 'fro.Now mambo is the dreads.