Thursday, July 13, 2006

Songs I love (part deux)

I had so much fun doing the white 80's pop post yesterday that I have decided that I will make one of the chill out music that I love.Chill out/ambient music is a genre that not too many people are into but let me assure you that once you get in you are hooked for life.I have several gigs on my MP 3 player.Anyway here goes....

Chicane is a pseudonym used by UK-based electronic musician, DJ and record producer Nick Bracegirdle while Clannad is a famous Irish band whose music is a mixture of folk music, new age, and Celtic. Enya is a famous former member. The band won a Grammy Award in 1999 for Best New Age Album.

No chillout collection is complete without a song by Enigma!Enigma are the husband and wife team of Michael Cretu and his wife Sandra Cretu.

This also another song anyone who isn't a chillout fan should be able to identify with.Deep Forest is a musical group comprising of two French musicians, Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez. They compose world music, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds and they were nominated for a Grammy Award in 1993 for best world album, and in 1996 they won the award for the album, Boheme.

Thou shalt not have a chillout post without Moby!Moby is an American electronic musician. Moby's real name is Richard Melville Hall (born September 11, 1965 in Harlem, New York City) - he takes his performing name from his relative Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick.This is one of my favourite songs from the first Moby cd I ever owned.

Sarah Mchlachlan is one of my number one musicians!Life isn't the same without her in my music collection.I put in this video for Kenyanmusings, I think after all that blog drama and toothache ya need something nice!

Still Sarah Mchlachlan but 15 years later!I love this song and this video as it has a lesson.Seeing the clip of Kibera made me remember how far we have to go and how much there is to do.Kudos to Shiroh for making an effort!

Delerium feat Sarah Mchlachlan - Silence. I bet you now know I am a big fan of this Canadian Chic's work.This is also another song that is timeless for me!

Can't do chillout and forget Enya can we!

So that's a little something for you to relax to.I may toss out some audio samples soon for all of you to listen to if I can get time to do so!


KenyanMusings said...

Ahhhhh, Thanks Luuuuurrrrve.
I love Sarah of my fave,.

And Luvin your music taste as well...If you love Enigma, you gasta love Enya....

Thanks for the Music Aco. Bless.

Acolyte said...

@ Kenyanmusings
Thanks and you are so welcome!Sarah's music really rocks.I love Enya and I am going to add some of her videos there too!

Movie Buff said...

Do you know? The first time I watched that video for Sarah, I was standing.... then I had to sit down..... it was like.... SO GOOD!.......

ENYA..... *chill*... calms me down!

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
My dear friend, I have 3 sarah mclachlan vids up.Please tell me which one it is and I will concur with you asap!
Enya makes for good listening too!

Movie Buff said...

World on Fire!!!!!The one that shows the cost of everything.... the one with the clip of Kibera in it!!! I think the concept is what amazed me.

Another cool video concept was the roots one.... I know u know the one I am talking abt.... yes??? "What they do?"

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Yes World On Fire is a masterpiece.I think no Kenyan should watch it and not think about the people in Kibera.
I know about the roots video you are talking about, the sad thing is that rap videos have not swayed from the concept that the roots were satirising in that video!

Don_quixote's said...

WOW soo very very very very nice and chilling (recomposes self)
Nice songs.

spicebear said...

i absolutely love enya. i see that you have a wide ariety of tastes, very cool.

mocha! said...

I knew you wouldn't disappoint.

The 15 years later Sarah video is the best video I have ever seen. *WOW*

Have a nice weekend!!!

acolyte said...

@ don_q
Your most welcome!Enjoy the music!
@ spicebear
Enya is great!I try to vary my tastes.
@ mocha!
I try to please all.Sarah has great music.Have a great weekend too!

POTASH said...

Hehe, I am ashamed to admit that I grew up on white terms of music from the west- but not the soft stuff... I am a grunge and metal dude. Enya?...tut!tut!

Acolyte said...

@ potash
Ah my good friend.Aco still has something for you as I am a fan of hard rock,grunge and rap-rock.
I guess I listen to too much music!

mama mia said...

Ahh .. Sarah M .. unique style, musical genius.

acolyte said...

@ Mama Mia
Seems we're many Sarah M fans out here!