Saturday, July 15, 2006

The locks

I'm in a bit of a rush but I have loads of new pics to share!For those of you who have been asking me, this is how my hair looks now.The Afro died a few months back!Now back to weekend activities!


Archer said...

Sup Aco. I had similar baby dreads last year but I was forced to shave them off when I got back to Nairobi in November. Thats coz of the perception that I'd started doing drugs and shit like that. People start looking at you differently. It's ridiculous.

nick said...

hmmmmm so u wear specs?

Nakeel said...

They are lovely kaka ooh can i brush my fingers over... lol

Kagz said...

Lakini this KBW world is just funny.Bloggers work HARD to remain anonymous (e.g Aco just showing us his dreds bila face :) then they attend a meet-up !!!

Ok. Baby dreds look good. THANK GOD for the death of that Afro. It was W-for Whack!!!

Lakini see we are still friends :)

@ Archer...never mind what people say. My dred-pals have been called Mungiki but so what? My bro had BRAIDS at one point in his life in Kenya and guess what...the guys interviewing him were sooooo shocked that he succeeded at getting a job in the entertainment industry where he was being paid Ksh 2000 per 30 min.

Archer said...

@Kagz: however much you try to ignore the sentiments, you begin to realize that the Kenyan society is still very conservative and judgemental. Somehow you just find yourself bowing down to the pressure and conforming to avoid problems.

kenyananalyst said...

My guy, u certainly look much better than when we last met...them years when we were still lovers of student journalism. Whatever you do with your head and hair, don't you lose that acerbic touch :-)

mama mia said...

thot I was the only one who saw the specs before the dreads :)

acolyte said...

@ archer
I feel your pain.I always wanted to get some when I was in nai but due to the mungiki connection I never did.
It takes someone who is determined and hard headed to keep them in spite the pressure to conform.
@ nick
Them and contacts too!
@ nakeel
Come on down!
@ kagz
I think I work less at anonymity than most bloggers.I constantly post pics of my home town,digs,pals etc.
It's a good thing that your bro had the strength of character to suceed despite what people thought.
@ kenyananalyst
I guess time changes people but I am still as acerbic as ever!
@ mama mia
Is there something about the specs I am not being told?

Prousette said...

Must admit that I did not see the specs, lovely hair you got there.

acolyte said...

@ Prou
Ya'll need to stop bout the specs!Thanks for the compliment.

The.Hanyeé said...

Aha! An ash-grey/gray t-shirt! What a dead giveaway!

acolyte said...

@ the.hanyee
Give away?What am I giving away by wearing a t-shirt that color?

The Devious One said...

I like the nywele but U know dear thats the demise of me and you...WHY you ask ? I'll tell you why.. thy does not share hair glo nor dax nor beeswax nor gel or any hair product not mentioned with fighting for some mirror time ( kio kio on the wall whos the fairest of them all ) and stocking ya kulala aaaaand going to the same hairdresser salala !

what will the people of the kijiji say ???

All in all..napendeko nywere !!

Mimi Si Wako

The.Hanyeé said...

all said with the tongue somewhere in the cheek, dude!

mocha! said...

NGOMONGO WEWE!!!! Aki your dreads are looking hot.

*sticking out tongue to Aco*

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Now dearest my locks are au naturale only thing I use is that chemical for putting in the shine but yes having two heads wearing headgear in one bed looks kinda weird.Glad you like it!
@ the.hanyee
Cool!I just thought you were charging up a diss or sumthin!
@ Mocha!
Thanks, I knew this hard hair would pay off sometime!

Kagz said...

Ha Ha Ha

Lakini this Hanyee dude is kidogo fired...

When all else are focusing on the locks & the specs he chooses to focus on the ash-grey/gray t-shirt.

Once again...ha ha ha

acolyte said...

@ kagz
Different strokes for different folks I guess?Or maybe I stole his t-shirt?