Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Songs I love.......

"I always forget how white you are until I look at the playlists on your MP3 player," No Aco did not bleach himself during the week.The Derailer tends to refer to me as white because alongside what you what you would call "black" music ie rap,hip-hop,raggae,ragga, r 'n' b,soul; I tend to listen to a whole lot of alternative,techno,pop etc.The kind of music some people don't expect a black man to be listening to (yes I know that's short sighted) but onwards (I should tell you how once back home when my Uncle came on holiday from the states her tore into me royally for listening to rock music, I was told that that music wasn't for me but for unruly young white folk).I do agree that there are racist musicians out there but I dont listen to everythuing that hits my ear, that and the fact that I cant stand country music too!
Anyhoo just thought I would tell you that things havent changed much but I still have a major love for the old stuff I used to listen to because most of what is out nowadays is pure and total crap!Is it just me or is creativity in music a totally obsolete concept?Remember those days when you could buy a tape (yes I'm that old!) and all the tracks on it would be slamming and would have a completely new sound?The good old days wghen boy and girl bands actually knew how to sing and dance?
Here are some songs of videos that I have loved and still do...

White Town - Your Woman.I don't know how many of you heard this song?But I love it to this day!

Alphaville - Big in Japan.I can't recall when I first heard this song but it makes my day.But looking at what the singers are wearing, it's amazing what people used to wear them days!

Culture Club- Karma Chameleon.Another wonderful relic of the past but those bastards at CArnivore used to play it every Rock Night.This is not a rock song, bastards!
This post is till in progress.More songs on the way!

Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart.This song feels so 80's!But I must confess that it had slipped my mind and it is only GTA (Grand Theft Auto: San Anreas)That put me onto it.Yes I actually listen to the songs that play in the game!

Kid Frost - La Raza. This is what we had before reggaeton!Makes for better listening if you ask me.

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight.Before he started making crappy songs for Disney movies this man was a guru.This track has been sampled by rappers ad nauseum but the original still sounds the best!

Human League - Don't You Want Me Baby. As Udi would say,"That song shikas like a nonesense!"

Men At Work - Down Under.Please please lie to me that you do not know this song!You are only excused if you were born after 1985!This song is a masterpiece!

Toto - Africa.This song just takes me way back plus it's a nice song!
Anway lest I stay here and give videos for all the good old songs I have to get back to work.Happy Birthday Milo!


Movie Buff said...

Culture Club rocks.... PERIOD.

Shiroh said...

Hey Aco,

I am then the WHITE person in your life. I hate hard core rap, i don't like ragga, reggae.

I am a sucker for country (though they say that it is not meant for Blacks; but they can't close my ears right)

Every morning i would a long time ago put on my Techno CD and skip with a rope.

I love white music simply put.

And those rappers have nothing else to sing about apart from "I am a pimp", pimping, whores,.aaiiih

If you sing for me "I can feel it coming in the air tonight" Aaai, Don't i miss the night before Valentine when they unleash all these songs.

My great songs list goes like this

Seal-Kiss from a song
Red Red Wine - UB40

And another one that goes like this
" when you say uuh aah when i hit your juicy bum baby i wanna hear you moan and groan in delight.

And i am a sucker for MJ too.

Yaani you are right, these days guys sing what?

Sawa i listen to Rihanna & Co. i realize though i like the songs, their shelf life is little. They are just not great artists.

Then the greatest song of all times have to be this one

Malaika by Fadhili Williams

That song has lasted.

The only rap or whatever it was i ever appreciated was from Ludacris. Though he belittles mamaz was tite

acolyte said...

@ Movie Buff
Culture Club rocks big time!
@ Shiroh
Good to know I am not the only one with what are called "white" tendancies!
I have over 200 different techno and dance songs.Ongea nicely when I come home for vacation and you will never want for anything to skip to!
Rap is a faint shadow of what it used to be.If I ever have kids they are never going to listen to it till they are of age!
I am a major seal fan and I am putting together a collection of all his albums!I know that song you are talking about, give me a few days and I'll find it for you!I think it was by someone like Aaron Hall if I am not wrong.
Malaika is a very tight song!Not my best but a very sawa song nonetheless!
Ngoja I will be doing a video thread once a week.Lazima wazee wajienjoy!

Archer said...

My guy you forgot Automatic by Pointer Sisters & Night Shift by Commodores! They don't make classics any more. I'd listen to Techno over hip hop any day. At least no one's obsessed with what Techno artists wear, drink or drive unlike the current celeb worship for artists who make albums full of 5 bob bullshit.

Acolyte said...

@ Archer
This what the white soul joint.I am still going to do on for black soul videos very soon!Much as I used to love rap and hip hop all the material sounds the same and the videos look the same.So I would rather blast to the past!

Movie Buff said...

You added stuff....... but I think Archer is my new pal.... I LOVE AUTOMATIC... OMG.... Im your new groupie from leo. NIMESEMA!!!!!!!

Ok... I feel u on the "Do you come from the land down under?".....

Aco... evidenced from this post, we might have different taste in movies.... but in music... TUKO PAMOJA!

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Archer is a timam dude from what I know so far!But as long as you dont sahau me we're all good!
Good to know that there is at least one thing that we agree on!

nick said...

@Archer:Please or as KM wud say PRIS dont get me started on Night Shift..too late..."theyll be some sweet times coming down on the night oh on the night shift...MArvin....hey what u doin now..."

@Shiroh:PRis pris for the sake of other bloggers dont get me started on MJ as well

@aco:let them call us white and we are proud-screw rap this is good music. like toto is wonderful. kitambo i had bought a phil collins tape and treasured it..with classica like somethin happened on the way to heaven.... i hear he is becomin deaf by the day but his old songs were classic

again u may have inspired a post for me

acolyte said...

@ Nick
This is just 80's white soul or pop whatever you wanna call it!I am going to unleash a super one of black soul with the videos to go with it!Coz there was some timam music dem days!At this rate I don't think I am going to be listening to current music much longer!
Black MJ rocked!Its sad about Phil Collins but at least he gave us his best when we had him!
When you chomoa that post toss in some vids if it's about music, there are loads of them on youtube!

Don_quixote's said...

Phil is just devine....karma chameloen is just a classic that might never fade....nice choices.
I cant stand rap reason #1 being lack of a message.
I adore country so much, well some of them any ways, call me an oldie but i penda groups like the eagles and songs like desparado, hotel california etc all the way to beethoven and mozart.
By the by mj is a musical genuis of sorts even though he is a social wako.
Regge is good but most ragga/dancehall music is just about shaking this or that blah blah.
By the by mj is a musical genuis of sorts even though he is a social wako.

mutumia said...

Wacheni zenyu! Contemporary rap is still tight!!! What about kina Mos Def, Common, Outkast? Nasir Jones? Talib Kweli? Old school guys kina Public Enemy? Eh? they be rapping--- ingalau this is Msanii territory I'm straying in :( But the song list you mentioned? Tight! Toto's Africa! Wah as for 'night shift' I'm with the Tato & Archer on this... Tight like a mofo! Tight!!!

spicebear said...

that song that goes "oooh, ahh, when i hit your g-spot baby, i wanna hear you moan and groan in delight ... " is by wayne marshall. i may be born in '84 lakini me i know my music!

kwanza the way people like pat benatar and steve winwood (that song song of his higher love was in heavy rotation back in the day on kbc) i keep being told i was born in the wrong decade. for those people who say its white music i say its variety that counts.

now let me defend hip hop. there are like 4 major labels when it comes to that genre (all those rappers claiming to have a label all have a parent company) and they are run with the sole intention of making money and yuk music. what im trying to say is as much as hip hop is loking rather eek right now if you want the real stuff you'll have to look abit harder, dont rely on the radio. people like the roots, k'naan, dead prez etc are not about hoes, pimping and bling but you'll never hear their songs on the air.

aco, you are a godsend. your woman by white town had been playing at the back of my head for ages but i could never remember what it was. thanks man!

acolyte said...

@ don
I wont say all rap is bad but most of it is very wanting!
Other than Kenny Rogers and Roger Whittaker, I have no love for country at all!
Raggae does have some good tracks but not the deep roots and culture stuff.As for MJ he only rocked when he was black.
@ Mutumia
That is old school rap which I still have mad props for, but most of what is made nowadays is crap!As Humanity Critic would say, rap/hip hop is in a coma right now!Let me give you a list and let's see you defend them..
2.Dem Franchise Boys
3.50 cent
4.36 Mafia
5.Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys
6.Lil Flip
7.Yin yang twins
8.Puff Daddy aka Diddy
I'm waiting!But night shift is a tight track!

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
I thought so!But his voice sounds so much like Aaron Hall's.Thanks!
I am not saying hip hop as a genre is dead but what is on the fore front is a shame to the fore fathers.That you have to admit no matter how much you love hip hop/rap.But we have the big record companies and radio stations to blame for that.
You're welcome!That White Town song rocks!I'm going to compile a cd soon!

nick said...

black or white mj rocked. but i got to listening to Off the wall and thriller albums-wacha tu.
-dont stop till u get enough
i was hooo-hoooooing like the best of them
-u wanna be starting something
-P.Y.T:where did u come from baby and uuu wont u take me there right away...

i think i need a moment...i'll return when i have regained my composure

acolyte said...

@ Nick
I stand by black MJ!Only good thing white MJ did was dangerous.After that it has been downhill!
I just hope you dont sing dem MJ songs when you're with your mamas!

Archer said...

Araaa?! Compliments flying my way in my absence? I'm flattered. Thanks y'all
@ Movie Buff: well in! Lakiniii...are there any groupie benefits? (sorry Aco, it aint my fault!)
@ Nick: Baas,tuko pamoja on Night Shift. I'm playing it right now!
All you MJ fans (except Nick whose taste is similar to mine) forgot about PYT and Human Nature which is by far my favourite MJ track ever! That instrumental!!

acolyte said...

@ Archer
Now I am sure you know that you have mingi fans.So please don't take advantage of the love we have for you!
I will leave the MJ post to Nick!

Don_quixote's said...

There is this song that goes "ohh baby i love the way/your way blah blah i really wana be with you night and day" any one who knows the singer and the name of the song it would be of great help.
Pole Aco didnt mean to post an advert but i did not jua where else to get help.

spicebear said...

@ don
the song is by big mountain its called "baby i love your way"

@ aco
do i get something special for figuring these songs out? and no, aco dollars don't count!

Don_quixote's said...

Thanks spicebear appreciete it, i hear royko is the best way to pay ama pics of kuku stripper a.k.a kenchik.....

mocha! said...

DAYUM......these videos do bring back alot of memories. On occassion I go to jungu pubs where they tend to play these songs and surprisingly find myself singing along to majority of them. GOOD TIMES!!!

Anything before the mid nineties is AWESOME in my books. Siku hizi its just covers of what was done then.

Thanks Aco....!!!

acolyte said...

@ don_q
I see spicebear has answered your question!But you came to the right place for help.
@ spicebear
Aaaah!I knew the answer to that one!But here, have an Aco hug and don Q will give you some royko!
@ Mocha!
I always aim to please ma fans!Yes stuff made them days was wonderful!

Girl next door said...

Who gave white people ownership over music? I say we can all listen to what we like. It's great that you listen to such a wide range of music. Now, I'm off to watch those videos.

acolyte said...

@ Girl Next Door
You know how people love to categorise ie music done by white folk is for white folk vis a vis music done by black people is for black people only.I believe that good music transcends race.I try to have a wide range of tastes.Enjoy the videos!

Mtukufu said...

After only coming to America that I realized there is difference between black & white music. While in Kenya I used love all this songs regardless of who was singing them. I have old video of us traveling & sundowner is on KBC I used to love them including Saturday Night Show with Jeff Mwangemi, that’s before the FM station started. Email to me please this so called white stuff and I can make a DVD collection.