Sunday, August 13, 2006

A sore loser, foot in mouth plus chopped and screwed....

First piece of silverware for the year and hopefully not the last!

The Community Shield was on this Sunday.To cover his ass in case he lost Chelsea's coach and head moaner Jose Moaninho claimed that if Liverpool lost to his "50%" Chelsea side, it would be a major blow to their self confidence.Chelsea's 50% team had talents like Essien, Lampard, Ballack and Shevchenko playing in it, so their 50% is far and beyond most other teams' 100%!
Of course those of you who followed the match know that Chelsea lost 2-1.As usual Moaninho refused to shake Benitez ' hand unlike the time when Chelsea played Man-U and he shared a bottle of wine with Alex Ferguson as his team won.
This time round he at least conceeded defeat in front of the reporters but went on to say that Liverpool doesnt have what it takes to win the title.That may or may not be the case but the issue at hand was today's match and nothing else!
He then went on to offer this jewel, "When you play them you can win, lose or draw...."
No duh Sherlock!Those are the only 3 outcomes of any soccer game.There's no fourth outcome that I am aware of!

I came by foot in mouth this weekend.No not the disease but the blog.It chronicles how Kenyan politicians put their feet in their mouth everytime they speak and if you aren't into politics; it has some great cartoons too!There is alot of upcoming cartooning talent in Kenya apart from Maddo, Kham and Gado whom seem to have most of the limelight.

It's amazing the inane things that pass as trends nowadays.Anyone in the States if they listen to hip hop will not fail to come across chopped and screwed versions of songs. The fancy Wiki definition aside it's just basically dragging music and adding one or two DJ effects.What's the big frigging deal?!Ever-ready Batteries and the old Sanyo radio we had when I was growing up (don't deny it!Anyone who grew up in a middle class family in Kenya has a Sanyo radio gathering dust somewhere!) used to chop and screw up music tapes all the time.After long hours of listening to the mix tape I had been made, the BBD or whatever song would be playing just great and then in a second it would start slowing in tempo like DJ Screw is on the turn table, the beats would come out warped like it was an effort by the DJ and then a garbled sound would come out of the speaker and then I knew my tape had been screwed!If that isn't the original chopped and screwed, I don't know what is?!
I still think this trend has been overhyped!


Anonymous said...

well...well, am i getting hooked or what! anyway, Moaninho is one arrogant twit, and just to get gravity to act on him, I hope the loosing trend continues (not that i have anything against the talented lads playing for him...or any of you diehard blues fans out there).whichever way, looks like we are up for some exciting soccer this season...go Man Utd!

Archer said...

Disappointed that I am that my champions lost today, I have to admit that we played far beyond our peak and that Mourinho's anger can be attributed to the fact that Liverfool is the only team that has managed to outwit Chelsea repeatedly. We can do without the Community Shield coz we're aiming for the top three trophies this season. Watch this space!

Kenyanchick said...

'Sup Aco! Hope you had a good weekend (mine was... long story).
Thanks for the Foot in Mouth link, the drawings are hilarious, and really good.
Oh, were you talking about football...? Sigh. My thoughts about the English Premier League are not fit for publication.

Half 'n' half said...

Aco, I do believe that liverpool should really cherish that silverware, it my be the last for a while.
Archer, 3 trophies, not happening. History and arrogance is against you

mocha said...

LOL....yaani football is back!!! EEIISSHHH....

Anyway, good to see Liverpool beat Chelsea. Their manager(whats his face) is one arrogant ?@*%"£....!!!

I hope you had a nice weekend Aco!

Adrian said...

though i'd feel sorry for the players and fans, i hope chelsea don't pick up any silverware this year...

akiey said...

Writing this while on the go so ignore any typos Aco,

You're on point about cassette players 'screwing' beats & vocals, umenichekesha saaana,lol!

Chopped & Screwed became a huge phenomenon in the dirrty south around 2001 not becoz it was a new concept but bcoz like the psychadellic music of the 60s & 70s it gave it's listeners a natural high errr while they were getting stoned.
For the Houston area where it originated it was the music to while getting high on that green dro,hehe!

acolyte said...

@ anonymous
I'd rather you be hooked on this than on stronger stuff!It does seem that the EPL will be a tad bit more interesting this time round!
@ Archer
I do agree that Liverpool is turning out to be Chelski's bogey side.Let's see if the CL will see Chelski go any further this year round?
@ Kenyanchick!
Hey!I had an ok weekend.Foot in mouth is pretty good.I am sure you are already rueing the hours that are going to be spent in bars watching EPL with your pals!
@ half 'n' half
As the saying goes, football is a game of two halves; so I still think that more silverware is possible!
@ Mocha!
Ebu behave yourself!Footie rocks!I do hope that this isnt Chelski's last loss!I had an ok weekend, what about you?
@ adrian
If I were you I would feel sorry for the players coz Chelski has too many fair weather fans!
@ akiey
I see you are in a rush as usual, I am not surprised.Thanks for the history lesson but as I said earlier it don't impress me much!

Movie Buff said...

I watched that game. Very unwillingly. I dont even want to discuss that issue!

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Let's leave it at that then.....

mocha! said...

LOL @ movie buff!!! I have been there and i feel your pain!!!

As for footie....I will behave myself when I see ManU back on top.

My weekend was timam to say the least, as you have read.

acolyte said...

@ Mocha!
Then you have a long period of misbehaviour ahead of you!

Archer said...

I think my mind was elsewhere as I typed that comment. I meant to say "disappointed as I am" and that "Chelsea played far below our peak." anyway I love laughing at all the Chelsea haters as we prove them wrong at the end of each season. This season won't be any different, whipping ass as usual...

acolyte said...

@ Archer
The season is still young and you are seeing victory?I think not, give it time; things arent as easy as they seem!

mwasjd said...

I have the Reds at heart and kwanza that 1st goal was to die for! But I still think Chelski are good for the title with Sheva putting in 30.

acolyte said...

@ mwasdj
That match was vintage Liverpool but I do agree that Chelsea can't be counted out at this stage.