Monday, September 18, 2006

Cleaning out my picture closet

A few weeks ago an artist had an exhibition at the Arts Gallery and since I had a camera with me, I decided to take a few pics.To be honest I don't know if you can really call what she did art but what do I know?

After that while going to buy groceries I decided to take a few pics...

Agricultural Equipment Dealership

A convenience store with inconvenient prices!

The Uni's Basketball Auditorium and Athletic Centre

The late doggie (No time to rotate the pic!)

Doesn't our sitting room lighting look good?

Ta Daaaa!!!!!!!!

Where the poor white folk live

The projects.As you can see I am in a moving car, a fast moving car at that!

We're movin' up!We have an I-hop now!Not that I have ever gone there...

I just love their ribs!

Can't leave out Captain Dees!

A boat ride on the lake during our picnic and that dude in the back was shameless enough to wear an Arse - nal tee, hmph!

A good pal of mine who is now in Switzerland on exchange


When times get tight....

I think those are enough pics for today!Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

funny, in all your pics there is not a single piece of trash like used plastic bags on sight!when will Kenya be free from them?

Movie Buff said...

You know, I had this Blueband that was mbembelezwad like whoa.... it just malizikad.... damn shame!

Which reminds me, I need to go to I-HOP... Seriously!!
I miss Captain D's [by the way I have cut back on eating out.... but I still miss Captain D's]

How was ur weekend?

Chillis ribs?? I beg to differ. I think Applebees got the beat!!!!

Family Korner... MEMORIES... LMAO!! Dang!!!!

I hate dogs.....

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
I do agree that Kenya has alot to do when it comes to issues like trash all over the place but on the other hand our overall pollution isnt as bad.
@ movie buff
I am almost all out of Kenyan supplies.I need new Royco asap!
I havent eaten at I-hop yet and I am trying to cut down on eating out because my former 6 pack is now a 2 pack!
Weekend was sawa, went to a nice club in Macon.
I havent had Applebees ribs yet.I like dogs but I hated that dog, it was a punk!

Aegeus said...

The art represents the title very well! Stumped is an apt title.

Agricultural equipment. You must really be in shaggs. Heh heh!

You forget for whose convenience the convenience store is for; the owner!

Nice doggy, she was a beautiful dog. (Got a crick in my neck trying to look at her properly, almost had to turn my monitor on its side!)

Everything looks so..... neat and tidy! We have a long way to go in kenya. Ditto anon.

Devious One said...

So thats Bosco...cute K9...too bad about her a trashcan...sigh..

I saw that picha of IHOP and jus got hunry - SHAME ON YOU !

Princess said...

I suppose art is always subject to interpretation although the pic of that art exhibit does not elicit much thought, but that is just me. I used to go to IHOP for brunch after church until I was given hot chocolate in a cup that had lip stick stains on two separate occasions..that about did it for me...yughk!!! That dog reminds me of my co-workers dog that I hate because it jumps all over me all the time and I cannot stand such behavior.

egm said...

In small town US trash is well controlled. Kuja to the big city, and some places can make you think you are back in Nairobi. Especially some of the areas with a big student population on a Sunday morning!

It's been a while since I ate at IHOP. There was a Denny's down the road from where I work, but that has now been bought out by someone and converted into something else.

Me and art have just never meshed well.

Quintessence said...

i'm sitting here hungry thinking about my fave meal at I hop...three scrambled eggs with cheese and orange crepes...focus focus!

Anonymous said...

You do live in a ghost town...not a single soul in sight, besides afew legs, though I must admit I appreciate the serenity of small college towns. Nice basketball auditorium too.

The late doggie looked alright (its sad you had to scrape it off the road), though like any other dog...only good in a picture. Dogs belong to the outdoors gaurding their masters... beyond that they are nuisance of mammoth proportions.

Dev One said...

EGM...where art thou... tafutad U in the lab and U were MIA as well !!

egm said...

@D1, I am very around, Maisha na kazi imefanya raborotari iekwe kando kidogo. But I'm still all here... I didn't blow myself up :)

Girl next door said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. Art is a broad term that describes some very weird items. I don't always understand it. The late doggie was cute.

Kenyanchick said...

I didn't realise you were in such deep shags, bwana. Pole sana. (he he! When do you move to ATL?)

Although, if that's what the projects look like you might want to stay away from certain Northern cities... These look like Town Houses by comparison.

gishungwa said...

Love the pics. Keep them coming.