Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Primary School Quiz!

Some muppet has been running around calling himself the flashback King and I think it is time that I took back my throne and put him back in his place.
Do ya'll remember the school quiz program that used to be on KBC way back when where two school would go up against each other and would answer loads of questions and at one point would even solve a math equation on two separate blackboards?Well it's time for our quiz on matters of way back when!Prizes will be announced later...........

1.Who were the Rare Watts?

2.Who was Babu Joe?

3.What was Super Orange Snack

4.Who was Bogi Benda?

5.What was Box?

6.What was Freemark?

7.What was Boflo?

8.On what show was "words to my favorite song" a segment?

9.What was mahindra?

10.What is/was Wepesi?

11.Who was Sebastian?

12.What was Babito?

13.What was Lawman

14.What show did Dennis Kashero star in?

15.What band had Bob Kioko and Victor Seii as members

16.Who were the members of Musikly speaking?

17.Who sang the song "Dereva, chunga maisha"

18.Who sang "Pump up the jam?"

19.What was boom?

20.Who wrote Kisima Cha Giningi?

21.Who was Cringer?

22.What was URTNA and what did it stand for?

23.What were Brilliant and Hollywood?

24.Which joint used to hold Jam Session?

25.Where was Oven Door?

26.Which joint sold the best Masala Chips in town?

27.What color was Krush?

28.What was on the cover of primary maths?

Well that's our quiz for today children!Best of luck!
ps:Visit the muppet's blog, seems he has something interesting going on...


Joseph Walking said...

Dude you have made my day

-Kwani oven door closed the french bread from there was timamu

-babito was the boom they still sell it in my shaggz.

-rare watts had nothing on jam city and do u remember cracker munyao am sure he is now a pastor somewhere .

-super orange snack that was primo to the core add fanta tropical and dextrosol to complete the picture

-i dont remember who sang dereva but i remember a song called koi and part 2 machokio ma koi/mariroand my dear nduko- yes am a shade grow up in the suburbs i had too much time to kill so a good way to improve my kuyk was kbc kyuk service music in the afti

-but can you remember gigi and challange of the gobots(leader one ,coppter head and scotter)

- but i have the winner that officially makes me the new official flashback king who remembers mama tofi-hapo zamani za kale eehe kulikuwa ehee...)


Shiroh said...

First here. Numero Uno. Since when?

Ngai doing a jig jig dance.

Off to read

Sitaki Gmail saa hii

Devious One said...

Me first..yaaaay

BABITO - was/is an acronym for Baba Bibi Toto...the soda was to be marketed as a family drink

SOS- the best chocolate EVER !

Bogi Benda - the kenyan version of Andy Capp sans the rugby..

Boflo - aka mkatho aka mkate !

Wepesi - buses that headed na humos Western at death defyin speeds with furniture and kukus ontop of the bus...and the ocassional billygoat also fell victim to being strapped up there next to the wall unit !

Lawman - I begged for the better version of Bata Bullets or Northstar.,..and I got me a purple pair !

Dennis Kashero - starred in Tushauriane..next ??

Pump up the Jam - why technotronic ofcourse !

Brillian & Hollywood - a gathering place for reggae loving blood shot eyed obohos - patrons beware !

Masala Chips - that pandre joint near City market - the name eludes me !

Jam Session - aka me going to practice youth chor was in the devils lair also known as F2..

URTNA - At one point I could tell Uy what it stood for but I can remember and Im not in a googling mood

Mahindra - our version of Kenyan Jeep Wranglers for the good boys in blue with AK47 Assault rifles !

Rare Watts - wuestion is where are they now ??

Movie Buff said...

LOL... Dude... you have alot of time on your hands, yes????

3. The best chocolate EVER

15. Oh Ndio Ndio... I still love you..... FIVE ALIVE!!!!

18. Technotronics

28. Two kids walking up steps.... LMAO...... We were talking about Malkiat Singh and N S Patel jana night... LOL... Good Times.

Well, I know more but this is all I care to answer... and I am giving other people a chance to answer.

Shiroh said...

9.What was mahindra?
Police cars
12.What was Babito?
A soda
15.What band had Bob Kioko and Victor Seii as members
Five Alive
19.What was boom?
Campus money
24.Which joint used to hold Jam Session?
Florida 2000
7.What was Boflo?

Illetracy continua..

Shiroh said...

Aai you Joseph,devious,movie buff all rigged!!!!!!

Movie Buff said...

ha ha ha Shiroh and Devious... umm... None of you are first.... LMAO......

Joseph Walking said...

NO RIGGING -can you all say 'kini macho' abrakadabra lol

Princess said...

Darn..got here too late...all the ones I would've answered are already answered.

egm said...

Like Princess, all those I could answer, gone! Ah well, for some of the others...

11 - Sebastian that gorilla at animal orphanage

20 - Mohamed S. Abdalla

Princess said...

@egm..I cannot believe I forgot about Sebastian considering the innumerable times I was dragged to the animal orphanage.

egm said...

princess, I don't even know how I remembered that one. While home this past Dec I visited the orphanage after ages without doing so. It has really changed from when I remember it last.

Anonymous said...

Rare watts- masaai runners up to jam city in the 1st win a fiat uno dance compe.
Bogi benda- pot bellied chain smoking alcoholic in a kaunda suit looking like prison garb.
Box-UON women's halls?
Freemark- Capitol centre, home of all the fake chinese designer wear.
Mahindra- Cheap indian jeeps with a max speed of 60 kph sold to kenya police.
Wepesi- western peugeot service..fastest way to get to the lakeside in one piece.
Sebastian- the lewd smoking mountain gorilla in the nairobi orphange...must be long dead of old age by now.
Babito- black currant soda in a 200ml bottle.
Lawman-1st sneakers on the kenyan market during the sandak days.
Dennis kashero- star in the kenyan soap tushauriane.
Bob kioko and fatso were in five alive.
Musicly speaking made of susan kibukosya, susan matiba and the bald headed Mboya chic.
Pump the jam- technotronics
URTNA- some stupid french name
Jam session- F2 days
best masala fries- 2 joints called exotica both near city market one on that posta building.
Krush- orange almost like fanta...but not quite
Primary math has all sorts of colors...the std 2 version was blue.

Mitzy said...

-URTNA - Union des Radiodiffusions et Televisions Nationales d'Afrique
-Sebastian used to smoke and was really naughty at the animal orphanage, he used to hit on little girls!
-Exotica masala fries were the bomb!
-Bowling Green around Parklands also had Sunday jam session
-BOX - That Bobby Brown/New Edition/Bell Biv Devoe wanna be haircut guys used to have. Kwanza the version with "stairs" was the shiznit

Acolyte said...

At All
Seems I will have to make the puzzle much harder coz most of you breezed through it with no effort at all!
-Babu Joe was a cartoon character much like Bogi Benda, came sometime after him.
-Box was the hostel for mamas at main but was also a retro haircut
-Words to my favourite song was on Saturday Night Show on KBC general service.
Full marks to EGM and Mitzy for answering the hard questions that no one touched!

nick said...

oh u cunniving backstabbin yaani u post this as we are chattin jana....mmm mmmm mmmm this muppet is not amused!!!!

torpedoes have been launched, missiles aimed and loaded

nick said...

LOL at shiroh and devoius one thinkn they were first LMAO LOL

let the master answer the stuff not answered

8:SNS:saturday night show

LOL rare watts what was that compe they took part in..it also brot the debut of kalenjin sisters right?

-yes masala chips:so so so freakin tasty...unfortunately the ones in twn closed only the one in westlands still remains

-damn kisima was our set book and i have no idea who the hell wrote it 10yrs back damn do u remember the detectives name...or the main chick that was killed at the kisima

-haki u stole urtna and primary maths from my post haki haki hai haki

-musikally speakin:joy mboya,suzanne matiba nad suzanne kibukosya(forgot her maiden name)

-five alive rememberthese songs
1.eh ndio
2.mashaka hunipata ..commissioner wants me to leave the streets coz am a menace to society...but until now ill tell u u mashaka hunipata eh eh eh mabhangi hunijaza
3.Empty grave?

leta compe

Anonymous said...

The only time I leave the office early and am rolling in at number 2000! Ah well.

Prousette said...

3.What was Super Orange Snack the best snack ever there is a new one in the shelves masquerading as the original.

6.What was Freemark? A market which burnt down.
23.What were Brilliant and Hollywood?

Enyewe where did the rare watts go to after winning the fiat Uno?

gishungwa said...

Do you all remember treetop?

0.5 said...

URTNA - Union of Radio and Television Networks of Africa.
Seems you guys did not attend those radio quizzes and lessons on KBC no...VoK in primo!

kelitu said...

what?? ati someone remembered URTNA!! LMAO!!
That show was very biased, it only showed West Africn music and those "Zankalewa guys". I wonder what they would show now with East Africa taking over the music scene...

Anonymous said...

1.What was nyabs?
2.Was it samaki or tamahaki?
3.Imagine Vuma is still popular mpaka they hold 'experiences' there?
4.Crackies nik payees!
5.Tree-top didn't taste like juice, it was better!
6.Yaani Jimmy Gathu sang a song about drivers or something?
7. How much rice did you steal to make kalongo wth your friends?
8. Ngoma's could pass for school uniform?
9. My sunday best was a rambo jale and jeans? You?
10. Nothing better than BOON! Ama its still boring?

kcrafter said...

who remembers "mix them gather them"

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