Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vita kati ya wazee and the last lap

The last few weeks have been really intresting on the blogosphere.Why?Because I got to see KBW elders and their fellow technocrati go at it hammer and tongs over the Grahamstown Indaba or Impi depending on which side you look at it.
Seeing as I am a just an everyday casual blogger, other then one loose comment I didn't bother to enter the fray at all. I already have enough people in the blogosphere who think rather lowly of me so why add to the number? So I just sat back and watched eloquent, well polished barbs fly across the blogosphere. Accusations ranged from racism, selling out and elitism; I was waiting for one side to accuse the other of turning tricks for whitey but it didn't get that bad, thank God.
But since that is water under the bridge I am not going to say anymore, what I am going to ask is this simple question. After the uber bloggers finished their sessions, meetings, networking and presentations; what lessons were learnt for run of the mill bloggers such as myself? Because most of the people at that conference did not represent the everday African blogger but were there on their behalf.
So would any attendant please do a simple Conference Report on what was learnt there and how KBW members can put it to use?Yes we mortals too yearn for words of wisdom too even though we don't sound like it most of the time.
ps:This is not meant to be a racist remark but when I went through the flickr album of the conference all the white faces had the names but most of the black faces had DCI delegate and no names attached.

Moving on, why is the last lap always the longest?For some reason this semester's classes seem rather hard and it seems that I will have to sacrifice lounging over the weekend for studying unlike other semesters.I have an 800 page book on Abe Lincoln to read and review. I guess it's going to be one long productive weekend!

I also have to continue clearing my yahoo closet.I am sure there is still loads that I can share with ya'll...........


Msanii_XL said...

Yup the discussions surrounding the issue were pretty interesting..

You are

Irena said...

Acolyte: Tell em' Kumbe blogging has a "caste system " LOL ati Elitists, whitey, and what haave you LOL

egm said...

I need to develop eloquence so I too can tupa polished barbs when the need arises.

Msanii_XL said... have LAB coat already what you need polishing for?

jp said...

interesting observations acolyte.

why all this craze about blogger meet-ups, exclusive interviews and conferences. this will kill the blogging spirit.

Acolyte said...

@ msanii
You see alot of things when you arent involved!
@ irena
It is a sad fact but not all bloggers are created the same!
@ egm
You are on the way there already!
@ jp
I do agree that to some extent people take blogging far too seriously.

egm said...

@ Msanii... haven't you heard of that saying about empty debes? That lab coat might be covering one, so tis better to fill it with things of substance so people can be sure it is not just gas occupying that space.

Anonymous said...

i for one despite my dislike enjoyed the pics i could help that Ms mzalendo is kinda pretty and the papi really is an old papi lol hahaha!cant imagine that zaks harrasing poi lol

mocha said...

TOOOOO tired to whip out my dictionary to nyita what you said (too many big words..having a headache just seeing them)......lakini, I am with you 1000%. LOL!!!

Si someone writes a simplified version of events from that SA conference.

As for you and final lap......dont you worry, the finish line is in plain sight. Once you cross it you will be one happy chap.

Have a nice day Aco!!!

dangerously_shy said...

Great post Acolyte!

The bloggers that matter think highly of you.

@ Anon - I agree, Ory is really pretty.

bankelele said...

marazzmatazz has summarized lessons learnt (

alexcia said...

I seemed to have slipped and fell on this anthill. I need a hug. Anyone?