Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He Must Be Kidding, New Age Minstrels and "dead" Celebs

Like I have said before, I am among the last people you will see in a Gay Pride rally but on the other hand that doesnt mean that I am part and parcel of the fire and brimestone crowd; but I read this and didn't know what to say. I don't know if it was tongue in cheek or the writer was taking himself seriously. It seems that d.l hysteria is still at a high in the black American community.
But it gives me something to ponder on, if people in a liberal country like America feel like they have to be on the d.l in America it must be on a far larger scale in Kenya where the government has anti-gay laws in effect. I was once told about how some well known Kenyan socialite walked into her house unexpectedly as she was supposed to be at work and found her husband going at it with a young male family friend. But you never know how much stock to put in those stories so I don't take them seriously.
That reminds me, I would like to share DJ CK tales one of these fine days, I am sure anyone who has lived in Nai knows a few; remind me on Friday to make them part of my Pulse segment.

I have tolerated the I am African campaign thus far with minimal complaints, but I think it has been taken one degree too far for me to keep silent.

This is the latest image in their collection and it bears a disturbing resemblance to this kind of imagery. (Pic borrowed from Black Looks)

Call me alarmist if you will but blackface in that time was used to perpetuate and make fun of racist stereotypes. In this case I do think that the stereotype here is that Subsharan Africans have AIDS, this is how we look and we must help them. First of all we all know that not all people in Sub Saharan Africa are black or at least that black and all of them do not have AIDS.
They started out with a noble intent but I think this is a good thing taken a tad bit too far. Time for those ad execs to leave black face where it belongs...the past!

It seems the rumour mill "killed" someone. In this case it was Jaleel White better known as Steve Urkel. I find it amazing how many stars "die" each year. Hmmmmmm since we are not "killing" our Kenyan "celebs" does that show how lowly we think of them? Build Kenya, "kill" a local celeb today!


gishungwa said...

"one in ten men who claim to be straight also happen to have sex with other men." Yikes , am counting the guys in the office and wondering ho is Gay got two who act then a few suspects LOL too evil. If they knew then i owuld go home once and for all today [insert evil laghter]

Aegeus said...

Taking things too far they are. (the D.L. article) I have Maxwell's music and I love it, I like to be in good physical shape, ati that makes me gay? Worse still the attribution of these traits to HIV, ludicrous!

Cant wait for the DJ CK piece!

The I am African campaign may not be a new thing for the stars. But that cover takes it to a whole new level. True, all africans are not black, and we do not all have HIV or AIDS! Until we can get a self biased picture of Africa to the world we shall continue to be misrepresented by the money hungry NGO's that are looking for funding by painting an adverse,image of Africa to tug on the heart strings of donors.

There was talk of a project to launch an African News Network by the Amin foundation. Any news on that, anyone?

mocha said...

third...not bad!

Off to read

mocha said...

I don't know what to say or where to begin.

All I can say is 'God help us all'!

Movie Buff said...


That Jaleel storo is from tene. But yeah, I am on the internet wayyy too much... ha ha

I also know some DJ Ck storos... but I am not going to unleash them. ha ha....

As for the DL phenomena..... it has hounded the black community for such a long time. I agree that the situation is def worse in Kenya. But what to do???

As for the I am African campaign. It bugged me from Day One and this is just the straw that broke the camels back.

I ask again, WHAT TO DO?

egm said...

Eh, black faces... Someone should give those ad execs Bamboozled to watch. It looks like a case of attract attention and get money regardless of impact on the people.

Joseph Walking said...

lol is it true that guess,d-shy,kenyanchick and cute angel were having a kbw meet up in southern lebanon when the war started .(explaining their disappearance)and that they survived and are being held hostage by abdi kadir coz the kenyan government could get them out .. its not a rumour its a question

makanga said...

They keep checking to see if they can pass off a insult on the low without us making a big deal out of it.

Well men are men. The writer of that piece wasn't being serious. You can't do the dine-a-sista-at-the-house thing without Urban Hang Suite or Diary of a Mad Band. I'm yet to meet a playa who wooed a lady with some M.O.P.

Bump that, I know street certified gorillas with 6 baby mothers and jump-offs in 8 states who listen to nothing but r&b.

Half 'n' half said...

Lets Kill a Celeb! I vote for DJ CK then maybe esther and whatever the other one is called can look for a job where we dont have to hear them.

Jadekitten said...

WHAT? WHAT? I'm incensed, stupefied at the DL aricle. How does that brutha just go round attaching those labels to AIDS, and then he has the nerve to call it a 'common sense guide'???

*Too scandalised to remember what else it was I wanted to say*

pikachu said...

What can you do? Are you telling me a man can enter priesthood celibacy for more than a year in solitary confinement? I find that farfetched to believe. Just because they experimented with another man in prison doesn't make them gay. Just because you masturbated with a vibrator in school doesn't mean your sexual orientation is vibratorsexual, you just had to make do at the time when you had such limited options. I bet you even Nelson Mandela experimented when he was in solitary confinement.

1 in 10 is way too arbitrary, the percentage of homosexual orientation contrary to what the media says is not common. Less than 1% of the male population sounds more feasible.

Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with aids because women can contract aids. Whatever the press has generated about homosexuality linked with aids is malicious slander and it NOT true. If you engage in unprotective sex and one of the partners have the HIVirus then there is a possibility you will contract the virus too.

There aren't many genuine homosexuals, confused doesn't mean homosexual, homosexuals know they're homosexual since they hit as early as puberty their sexual orientation.

I noticed a lot of them are in the arts, I grew up as a classical musician and a number of my gay guy friends came out of the closet when hitting 18 but by then it wasn't surprising, you just knew.

It's a political statement, an appeal to ignorant wazungus to get their attention. Wazungus can identify with Kate Moss in the sense we need to paint ourselves 'black' in order to be in the right frame of mind appropriate to empathise.

People like me couldn't identify with a African African lady, what the magazine has done is a psychological tactic which they use commonly in adverts to identify with the reader to get to them. It's intelligent. It's nothing racial.

Kenyanchick said...

"People like me couldn't identify with a African African lady... It's nothing racial."

That tops my list of mind-numbingly convoluted ways to avoid/negate race. It's beautiful in its utter lack of logic.

Yes, Aco: I'M BACK!!!

Acolyte said...

@ Gish
I dont know how that stats add up in Kenya but rest assured they do hide well when they do.
@ Aegus
I do think that alot of that article was tongue in cheek but even so it wasn't funny.
I am sure you have a DJ CK story too!
The guilt appeal works only so far till people get tired of it, hence donor fatigue for famines in Africa and such.
I havent heard any news about the network.
@ Mocha
I say the same too!
@ movie buff
You have to share DJ CK storos!It's the right thing to do!
I do agree those two issues are rather convoluted.
@ egm
I havent watched that movie but I think I should look for it.
@ joseph walking
I have no idea where the ladies are but I think we should send out a search party!
@ makanga
I think people try and put others in boxes as the writer here was trying to do.
@ half n half
Who's esther?
@ jadekitten
when you do remember holla back!
@ pikachu
I do believe that complete and utter chastity is available. I did do it for sometime and it was a good experience.
Let's be honest if sleeping with men doesn't make you gay then sleeping with women doesn't make you straight, having warm blood doesn't make you a mammal and thinking you are alive doesn't mean you are alive.
As for who is really gay and who isn't to be honest I really don't care.
As for your statement on a black Kate Moss, I still think that it is was a myopic act.
@ Kenyanchick
Ditto and good to have you back!

m said...

@Gish -- LOL! I had to go and laugh and then come back at that one!

As for black faces I've always taken issue with the way black people are drawn in Tintin and Asterix (Yes, I still read them!)