Friday, September 29, 2006

The Usual Friday Segment..............

A Friday isn't a Friday without our usual Celeb segment!Enjoy and add more captions where applicable!

I do think she was one of the most hated celebs at one point in time! She calls herself a diva but for some reason I have never heard any of her songs. Have you?

Why lie, this mami is fly!!!!I don't know what Mwisho was thinking when he was playing her....

Yet another cheap couch met it's demise for the sake of clothing!

Sijui niseme...

118 Wangige na Kinoo!Watu watatu tuendee!!!!!!

No please no!!!The horror!!!!!!!!

Gift wrapped boobies?? No thank you....

Archer in full undercover mhanyaji mode!

No-one here has cleavage as great as mine!

Laura, who says Crayola can't be used to dye hair?I look great!!!! - Ya'll knew I had to do this!

The pic you have all been waiting for! The Smitta drool shot!

Nice abs, shame about the rest...

Our favourite lecherous moghul in action!

And your mum let you walk out of the house wearing that tee?

The CK tales will be published next week, I am a bit swamped at the moment!Nice weekend all!


Shiroh said...

Me First. Yet, doing jigs

Those pics, My God. Smitta drooling. aai


Half 'n' half said...

Finally: FAO, FAO!

LOL- you have made my week.

1. the last thing we heard from Kaz must be at project fame. She is sort of like Paris Hilton- famous for being a famous airhead.

2. No words for wahome....always makes me cringe. Wonder if there is maternity leather clothes? she seems to love leather

3. Smitta not so great, the toil of writing smitta and having to think in Russian and translating to swahili than english then bask to ruski!!!!

4. Which one is more lechourous? the moghul or the dudette?

Msanii_XL said...

"Nice abs, shame about the rest..."
bwehehehehehe truth... a flashee's nightmare I must say

LOL...this i must say is hilarity especially tha caption the one with cat drooling

spicebear said...

i didn't know that was kaz till i read the comments - me and my sieve like memory.

ahem, it should be numba 30 kinoo mwisho, i forget which ones go to wangige. yes i lived in shags!

i never did undersatand the big deal about smitta, does he still add -ski to all his words?

Movie Buff said...

U know u r so wrong Aco... ati nice abs... LMAO. U r a kumbaff.....

mocha said...

LOL.....@ being swamped. Just sema you are busy taking meds after dusting out these classics. LMAO!!!

I don't even know what to sema about our so called celebs. Why lie, I miss caught out. Shame about the subscription thingy.

Now....ebu I attempt a few captions of my own.

Pic 1: I am still Kenyan, right? Lemmie pose with a cheesy smile to get the haters off my back. Kaz....last I heard she left diggs for further studies. I hope she comes back bila chuki for her country peeps.

Pic 2: Ray C is hott!!! Lakini wassup with the video and her hussy, Mwisho. That bathroom shot is too much....eeiissshhh. (Check my djmocha blog for the video under TZ vids)

Pic 3: Esther needs a personal dresser/shopper or she needs to sack the one she has for special events (that's if she has one). Better yet.....stop wearing PVC clothing all together.

Pic 4: Angle of this Wahu pic may make it look bad...lakini the hat and purse need to go.

Pic 5: *Speechless* Haiya, si typo...

Pic 6: Manyake....ALL SIZES!

Pic 7: EEEWWWWW....milk jugs under new packaging.

Pic 8: BJ taking a much deserved break.....incognito!!! LOL!

Pic 9: Weeeeee....toa hiyo ama nitavua! (An ancient DJ bogus track chant being revived/remixed)

Pic 10: crayons, ni cloth dye. Thought I experiment. Afterall, si my hair is natural like sisal. (This will click is you dyed sisal during drama festivals for the skirts)

Pic 11: Funny how drunks never poor their drink, esp when they have blacked out. Smitta Smittout!!!

Pic 12: (LMAO Aco) A bulimic/anorexic nightmare in my opinion.

Pic 13: CK thinking: Oooohhh...she has a nice ass. Why am I dancing with Mercy while I should be dancing with that? Oooohhh!!!

Pic 14: That smile says it all. My mum will be so proud.

That is get off my case.

Have a nice weekend y'all!!!

CA said...

Hehehe...been awhile since I visited your blog and I must say those pics have made me smile. Our Kenyan celebs are in a class all their own.

PS. Busy this weekend, ama you got a minute for a phone call? :)

mocha said...

That's my attempt...

(Shame there is no editing on blogger)

Udi said...

Who has contacts for Mama Number 2. I am sure Udi would show her what he can do with those tit-tays

Movie Buff said...

Udi... YOU is a FOOL... LMKAO!

[LMKAO - Laugh my Kenyan Ass off]

Aegeus said...

Super brilliant! Cant wait for next Friday! ROTFL

Half 'n' half said...

Aco, just to give you a heads up! have you read the entry by "Jikomboe"? Its in swahili and I must confess that swahili is not one of my major strengths so I didnt quiet understand all of it but the gist of the story is that you had no business to write write about Kikwete and Tanzanians blah blah blah. Read it you may understand it better than I.
Have a good week

Kenyanchick said...

Wah Aco! I SWEAR you are never taking my picture. Look, I've got nothing but love for Nameless (even though he wants to be my saliva, I still can't get over that song...) but truly, truly, he looks like he works the Kinoo route. He'll never look the same again. I have a headache.

Acolyte said...

@ half n half
Thanks for the heads up!I am dealing with that post ASAP!
@ kenyanchick
Looooooooooooooooool!Yes that is a damning picture!

Archer said...

1.Kaz: Ati diva? Never heard anything from her either! I only remember the capital fm talent search thing where she and nameless won. Her rap was tight. Think it was called who be representing K.A.Z.
2.Aiyaiyaiyaiyaaaa….words fail me! Hotness!
3.What the hell? Is that Esther Wahome? I was told she was a shagzmodo kabisa but this time she’s gone overboard! What’s up with the make up?
4.The jacket! THE JACKET!!
5.Who’s that unleashing love handles for the world to see?
6.I don’t even wanna look! Good thing the face was censored. Saves her some erambassment.
7.Aco you got jokes, eh? Kubaff!
8.Mmm…who’s that?
9.Nini loves to attract attention for all the wrong reasons.
10.Kwani he’s from the shagz? That outfit!!
11.This chica needs to be fed.
12.Ndeenjay CK… I’ll wait for the Friday post!
13.I hope her mother is reading this!

Bottom line: I think our local "celebs" need lessons/tips on dressing. Why hasn't someone come up with the idea of being a celebrity stylist in Kenya?