Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday sucks as usual......

As usual boring Monday is here with us. I went to see The Covenant this weekend. I won't say it is a bad movie but on the other hand it isnt a movie that I will remember 2 weeks from now. In some ways it is like The Craft but with men instead, a better story and far far better special effects.My best reccomendation is that unless you are are a major fan of fantasy movies, wait for it to come out on DVD.

What's worse than getting up in the middle of the sleep to go to the bathroom? Not being able to go back to sleep when you get back.I had a moment like this on Thursday night, ended up being up for 2 hours till 4 a.m. And predictably I was kind of worn out and grouchy half of Friday morning because 2 hours less sleep is alot of time for me.

It's only a couple of days till the Smallville season premier, good thing I had the 4400 to keep me busy till then.

I am feeling like a complete and utter idiot!There is a class I have on Public Finance and Budgeting. This class deals with how the budgetary process in the U.S on all levels. The class is as boring as heck and there textbook we have to review is long and boring. We had a test the other day and I went out of my way to read what I could of my notes and the textbook for several days before the paper. I did the exam and even though I dont think I'll fail, I dont see myself getting an A. But it turns out that the Prof had class notes posted on his website and if I had bothered to take a more thorough look at his site like I did this weekend I would have found them and gotten a far better grade. Seems I'll have to pull up my socks with the class project, participation and final exam. As Homer Simpson would say.....Doh!!!!

I was discussing with my sister the other day how hard it is to make good Kenyan friends here in the States as compared to back home. Not that I am saying that Kenyans here aren' t any good but that when you were back home you knew the places to go to find people like you.
What do I mean? What I mean is that if you go to certain joints, churches or places you are know where to find people who are from similar background as you, share the same interests, work similar jobs, went to the same schools and such.
But when you get here there is no such luck, the Kenyans you meet are from all over the country, all walks of life, different schools and different backgrounds. Given the fact that Kenyans are spread all over the States this makes it a tad bit harder to meet Kenyans whom you click with, or at least that's the case for me since I'm just not one of those 'man of the people' characters. Those are the people I give mad props, you know those people who seem to get along with everyone they meet. Oh well, life goes on....

Last but not least a new theory for you to disuss with friends!

Kmusings has been roused from hiatus for a minute.Philanderers, always keep your condoms in the car as the joke goes!
pps: There was some very interesting Drama brewed in Meru in the house this weekend!Remind me to blog about it kesho!


Devious One said...

Bah humbug...its Monday....but Im first off to get a cup of coffee !

*sticks tongue out at Mocha and Buff...and Nick..and EGM....

Jadekitten said...

First Monday for me that wasn't/isn't boring (Yeah, had t rub that in). N plus I can't remember the last time sleep related problems; insomnia nini, nothing. (You don't like me very much right now?)

I feel you on the not being able t make the kind of friends you would want away from home. I have pals who always end up in the wrong company, disastrous relationships, very sad that. Being an introvert, I would pro'lly have the raff-est time if I went away for a long time. I don't easily take to strangers, and it's virtually impossible for me to approach someone and talk t them.

Well, good luck....


Aegeus said...

It is difficult to make friends anywhere. Just that much harder when they are spread out and in much less concentration. Insomnia, welcome to the club. Though I have found some dawa, turn on 'the best mix...' and they will bore you to sleep! heh heh! (ducks under desk while awaiting the flurry of various implements launched at him)

egm said...

Pole about the insomnia.

Yup, the Monday is here. I find weekends short, but this one flew by so quick, I don't know how it happened. When I woke up this morning, I was willing with all my might that it would be Sunday, bila help. At least my Monday is not as blue as I thought it would be. Yesterday was an interesting day, so I'll have to recount my tales. Maybe that's why I thought the weekend was shorter than I thought.

@D1, I hope that kahawa teremkad vifit! :)

Acolyte said...

@ devious one
Good morning to you too!
@ jadekitten
I never do have sleep issues but I guess that night was a first.
I do guess I am not alone in the taking time to warm up to people group!
@ aegeus
Insomnia isnt a regular thing, this was the first time that it happened at it isnt any fun!
@ egm
I fast weekend usually means a fun weekend!
I am most definitely waiting for that post!

gishungwa said...

i feel you on the insomina have a bottle of water next to the bed so that i can just drink it with my eyes closed LOL hence no loss of sleep. nfortunately have to get out of bed to pee which is pissing that i have to find a souliton for even peeing before bed as my mamam taught is just not working
making friendsis not what it used to be.
whats with blogger my Word verification was legtsk so will i be lucky tut tut tut

Acolyte said...

@ Gish
I also have a bottle of water next to my bed when I get thirsty but as you said, you have to get up to go to the
I think making friends gets harder and harder the older you get.

Movie Buff said...

U know ur post did not show on the aggregator?? [Neither did mine but thats besides the point]. I was sitting here wondering why u had not posted.

How are you????

"In a relationship".... ha ha ha..... just playing!

Ok.. now about the post, I hear you about making friends. Sometimes I feel that we make "friends" here just to make them. NOt coz we think we have anything in common. Thats my word!

Have a superb week!

Acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Good to see that I am not the only one that the aggregator has spurned. I wondered what the probo was and even sent kbw admin a nice ka-polite e-mail about it.
I feel you on the friends thing because I dont have any real tight pals over here.
Have a good week too!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, am of the opinion that to have friends, one must he himself be friendly. Seems to me its a vicious cycle, everyone is is saying that no one is fit enough to be a friend. So that reflects right back at you because you are part of the 'no-one' that everyone is not finding fit(and you are also part of the 'everyone' that is having a problem with the no-ones- did I say its a vicious cycle?).Maybe if we tried hard enough to give to others what we would want to receive, we would find it not so hard to make some new friends. The wanted ad reads something like this; Friends wanted: must be fun-loving, loyal, forgiving,must have a sense of humor,like hanging out, enjoy [insert your genre of music]music...etc Whiners,complainers,backstabbers,loners,critics,putter-downers,have-no-time-for-others,need-my-own-space-rs,control-freaks and selfish people need not apply
Now the question is,which part of the ad just described you?

Acolyte said...

@ Anonymous
Your advice would have really applied in the case of me being in Kenya with all sorts of Kenyans. But at the moment where I am there are very few Kenyans so the odds of finding a fit are low because we have to admit not everyone gets along with everyone.
Because like you said at times we want to give to others what we want to receive but we never find those whom we know we'd want to give to.
Nice comment none the less.

Girl next door said...

Losing sleep makes me grouchy too!
The budget class does sound boring. Good luck with it.
It is hard to make good Kenyan friends here for all the reasons you stated. My closest buddies are still the one's I knew way back. When I first got here, I used to be so enthusiastic about meeting anyone from home. After some bad experiences, I've become skeptical.

Girl next door said...

@ Anon,
You can be a certain kind of person, but there are a lot of other factors in play. Location is key as Aco mentioned. What % of the population is your age. In some states, specific tribes dominate and it's harder to fit in if you're not one of their own. Also, life situation: I think it's easier to meet people in college vs. work. And the lifestyle of this country means people work odd hours with conflicting schedules.

makanga said...

Usijali, hustlers sleep only with difficulty.

Just make friends, be they Swede, Redneck or Tuareg. Play with the cards dealt.

And as far as the Storm Trooper effect, look no further than a Steven Seagal flick. He will chafua goon squads that are like 30 deep without as much as creasing his tuxedo.

Acolyte said...

@ Girl next door
Thank you for underlining my point for me.It also doesnt help that most of the grad students here commute so I dont have too many people to hang out with as undergrads have their own schedules and most are far too young to hang out with.
As for the tribal issue, I wont even touch that one...
@ Makanga
I do try my best but another probo is that a large number of the intl students are exchange so it gets tiring making new pals at the beginning of every sem only to lose them at the end of the sem and to have to do it all over.
Yes Seagal is the perfect example of that theory!No sweat or creases!