Thursday, October 19, 2006

Picture Time!

Here's the cream of the crop of last weekend's pics! The walk was loads of fun!
Since there are around 60 pics that were worth putting up I decided to put up a slide instead. From the pics you know where the walk was, we went out and around the park so I got to get some pics of Midtown Atlanta.

Let me tell you something funny, we passed an open bar and as I looked in I noticed loads of men in there but not one woman. So I thought, "must be a dry day for those poor bastards."
It is after walking a few metres and seeing another one that I thought to myself, "that's a gay bar, doh!"
I guess we learn something new everyday. So if I go to to a bar and there are no women whatsoever, I'll know what the deal is.

The AIDS Quilts displayed were very touchy and show that the effect of AIDS goes way past the infected individual and isn't that easy to forget.

My team was lots of fun, even though tempers almost frayed earlier that day when one group kept us waiting in the cold for 1 hour as they took their sweet time getting ready.

I also got to do a bit of networking and meet people from certain organisations that I would like to intern with next year. There was quite a mix of characters as you can see from the pics. I also give full props to the organisers for having the function go off without any hitches whatsoever. I think anyone who wants to get into events organisation in Kenya could learn a thing or two from these peeeps.
Anyway I think I have said enough, it's time to let the pictures speak for themselves! Feel free to comment.
ps: Happy Kenyatta Day!


mocha! said...

Me first!

Let me go look and read then will be back!

egm said...

Thanks for the pics!

On the gay bar thing, some buddies of mine and I went to a club and saw many men, few women. When realised where we were we hightailed it out of there speedy! Now we research on places kabla getting in there and finding things are thick.

On the AIDS issue, I was at a performance by Sinikithemba of South Africa this past Wednesday. All its members are HIV positive. They spread songs teaching about HIV and of hope. I like one song they sang, be tested, and if you are positive, be positive, but if negative, stay negative.

Happy Kenyatta Day to you too!

mocha! said...

Your captions are just too hilarious.

Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Happy Kenyatta Day to you too and have a nice weekend.

Movie Buff said...

I love

It just makes me want to take pictures and post on my blog.

I miss ATL.... it is so clean and the roads are so much better.
I need to take pics of B-more and post them sometime!

Joe said...

just for the traffic

The Devious One said...

Yani U had to drag my D One tanyes in there and fo all places 112..cant stand the place...angalao U'd have put Shout as my other home...thtas more feasible.
Nice pix though and kudoes to the effort for making it to the walk.

m said...

He he! Boss, I can bet money right now you took time off the walk and ingiad a joint for a chap chap drink!

Majonzi said...

@egm, I was also at a performance by Siyaya--> SA dance troupe.. altho the members are not HIV positive, they educate peeps in SA on AIDS. gr8 dance and music.

@aco, so u live in Atl? I was there at the end of Aug... love the downtown... so much bigger than Mpls!! Great pics, and LOLz on the captions!

Girl next door said...

Nice pics, original captions. Pulling off an event like that must take very good organization.

StackOfStiffys said...

Those pictures are super, and the captions superb, and were well worth the wait.

I lost my rugby pictures (Christie Sevens sob sob) and they way I was going to splash them around...

KymmBr said...

Those pics were the crux. that was a good calling yu had there.

aside that, glad to be back... and pole for yu'r escapades. I now know better. shove em!

see yu around. hope yu'r weekend was mzuri.

Kenyananalyst said...


Princess said...

Lovely pics of ATL!!