Monday, October 16, 2006

The Return to Normal and the Rules

Today marks a return to regular programming in Aco Land. No more crusades, blogwars and beef. Life back to normal!
The last few weeks had been so hectic that I actually contemplated taking a long hiatus from blogging because it had become no fun at all! But I was threatened by physical violence so I will take my hiatus later but for some time I won't be blogging daily, pole sana.

Now since I am no longer an active member of a blogging community I have to set down some ground rules on my blog.

1. This is my blog and I am god here - Now that there is no longer a body that I am responsible to and whose reputation I have to uphold, I can pretty much do whatever I want with this space. If you can't deal with it; please move on.

2. Don't Be Such a Tight Ass! - Most of the posts on my blog are what we call tongue in cheek. Don't get hot and bothered about them because I know that I am not. I blog a means of expression, release and fun. That's all and I like the fact that most of your respect that. I am not trying to bring back the Illuminati or empower the Patriarchy, I tried to do some serious blogging and look what happened; an international incident and a blog war of sorts.It's amazing how much bile people can carry on the blogosphere, so I am not going to be trying to change the world or opinions here!

3. Respect me and I will respect you - If you come to my comments section talking smack, odds are that I'll hit back, ignore you or if I'm really tired delete your comment. And yes there is a difference between talking smack and being critical, you can be critical and still be respectful. I know we won't always agree so let's agree to disagree in a mature manner.

4. Don't carry arguments to other posts - If we disagree and engage each other over a certain post and you keep on carrying on a mundane and obsolete argument, odds are that I wont reply. I mean come on now, I have no time to keep on discussing a two week old post! With that said that doesn't mean that you should bust into the comments section of the Friday fun segment with that argument! Let it go and let's move on!

5. If you are going to argue with me about something I wrote, at least read it! - What last week taught me is that people don't read what you are saying, some read what they think you are saying or what they want you to be saying. So if you say something like, "It's like your last post where you said something like....."
Uh uh, read the post and then comment!

6. The judges decision is final and no further correspondence shall be entered into - I've just always wanted to say that!

Other than that I went for an AIDS walk and I have loads of pics to share!Around 100 give or take! Woo hoo!!!!!


bomseh said...

hahahaha. leo ni leo. i am undisputedly the first and i've already read the post and understood all the 6rules. wapi watu wengine? hangover za weekend ama nini? welcome back to normal posting Aco. i'll try to observe the rules.

StackOfStiffys said...

Me too, those rules are so easy to observe, and hebu unleash the pictures!

Half 'n' half said...

Yeah!!! looking forward to the pics and much more. And yes I will try to follow all the rules (eeeeh were they 5 or six? LOL)

pikachu said...

they pay the winner 20?/-, why deal with cheap skank blog community. Aco I'll sponsor a reward of a hundred bucks for your most frequent commenter for each year which i'll top up, because I think you rock and KBW smells of cheap skank with no intellectual content. i'll be in touch so hopefully you can advertise that on your blog.

Kenyanchick said...

Aaand we're back!!

Me personally myself, I want more pictures of Nameless and Esther "the furniture slayer" Wahome.

gishungwa said...

Aye aye capitan!

Anonymous said...

you still owes us some friday pics right?..... had to ask

mwasjd said...

I thought rules were meant to be broken? Just kiddin, got them clear as crystal. Keep the blog spirit, we (the real bloging community) have your back.

Rista said...

Yay! you're back (daps and hugs). "not trying to bring back the Illuminati or empower the Patriarchy" darn! i was kinda hoping you'd be back to do something big like that... :-D

mocha said...

FINALLY....regular programming resumes!!!!

AND I SAY IT AGAIN....FINALLY, but this is in responce to the fact you took more than 100 pics. Congrats 'cameraphobe' have done well my son...LOL!!!

Ebu unleash them chap chap!!!

And yes, that was my voice on the genge mix!

The.Hanyeé said...

Chief! Kweli you "layeth the smacketh down". Back to the good ol' regulo!

Reta pisha za Pulse tuone!

Princess said...

Eagerly awaiting those pics!!

Acolyte said...

@ Bomseh
Congrats! I believe in simple rules!
@ stack
Pics are coming soonest!
@ half n half
You could say 5.5 rules!
@ pikachu
Those are storos that have passed, maisha is back to normal in Aco land.
@ kenyanchick
I'll see what I can dig up!
@ gish
Good to have you on board!
@ Anon
YOu do have the right to ask!
@ mwasdj
Good to hear that I have back up!
@ Rista
Heck no!I'm a simple man!
@ mocha!
I am overcoming my fears, bit by bit!
@ the.hanyee
Life is back to normal!Woo hoo!
@ princess
They will be up soonest!

alexcia said...

Welcome back. Lol

After being held down, put down and shut out by rules its only natural for you to rise up and come up fighting with rules of your own.

Same knife kill goat will kill sheep

egm said...

Me, I just want the pics.

Afro said...

email me please? afromusing at gmail...


Anonymous said...

Hi a silmple chick down in the bundus in Kenya(nakuru) n i discovered yo blog a few weeks ago n trust me they really put a smile on my face. U have to keep bloggin frequently like you used to...please Aco...anyway hop to read an interestin blog rules r meant to b bent miss them blogs trust me

modoathii said...

oooookay, since i'm just the new kahomie on the square, nitasema tu, ni poa kuona hu-give up na utaendelea kututibu na mambo freshiii.

there're touchy dudes and dudelettes out there. but just keep it real, mtu akiwa na shida...wacha awe nayo.

rules nimesoma nimeelewa. haiya. pictures.

Nakeel said...

I agree so let the ball start.

Poet Mutiso said...

d-_-b Mmmmm interesting, kumbe there can also be an Acomania in the blogosphere?
Sijui niseme...

dangerously_shy said...

Rules? *Boo Hiss Boo* you very well know there be no rules among rebels hehe..nonetheless this is your space and as such it will be respected. I should hasten to point out a minor paradox, your title states 'return to normal' yet your post states that you will not be blogging daily; yes i know the judges decision is final but still why do the readers have to suffer?

*throws one last rock at the rules*..

kenyananalyst said...

Will be reading you.

Acolyte said...

@ alexcia
That was lazima!
@ afro
Have hollad at you!
@ anon
The posts will keep on coming!
@ modoathii
Kupost lazima, pics next week as usual!
@ poet mutiso
Always good to have visitors!
@ D Shy
Masomo has caught up with me so time for posting is at a premium.
@ Kenyananalyst
good to know that!