Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trying To Get Things Done and What Would You Do?

I did it! I did something I had procrastinated for almost 2 months! I got off my ass, did a fresh resume and sent it out so I can tie up an internship for next year! For some reason or other a pall of malaise and boredom has been hanging over me for sometime now. I think it has to do with the fact that I didn't take a summer holiday but went through strenous classes instead, add to the fact that I am broke most of the time, tired of this town and bored of my job. But I still have to finish reading a book for class tommorrow, pick a project for stats class, study budget figures for my other class and begin a term paper. But as the good book says, "It came to pass, " so I'll hang in there so one day I can be at peace.

One day this will be my pose of choice!

Anyway onto the second part of the post that's just for you. Suppose for some reason or other you became independantly wealthy and the money was taking care of itself ( no need to stay busy taking care of it). What would you do? Altruistic motives like giving to the church or the poor are out and so is world domination!This is all about you and spoiling yourself!

Imagine all the money you can play with!

Would you go on vacation with a friend?

Would you tell your significant other to stop working so that you can sleep in everyday?

Would you indulge your tastebuds with all things sweet and tasty?

Would you do something you have always wanted to do but never gotten the chance to?

Would you use your cash to impress the one who caught your eye but got away?

Would you go somewhere far away so as take time to be alone and decide what next with life?

Would you look for the best adrenaline rush you can find?

Would you buy all the fine clothes that you can find?

Would you indulge your taste for fine art?

Would you hire the best to teach you a new skill?

Would you spend your time searching for the "one"?

I know there are lots lots more choices that I haven't given here so feel free to indulge your minds and share. Even doves can dream of soaring like eagles you know.
Oh and you should know that one of the other things that I did was to get off my ass and begin resizing my stock of pictures. After all my blog shouldn't be only pleasing to the mind but the eyes too? What do you think? Anyway gotta leave, share the dreams people..........


egm said...

Congrats on getting stuff done. I know the feeling too of getting something you've procrastinated on for a long time finally out of the way.

As for what I'd do? Definitely travel the world over... and outside too. Gotta get me into one of those missions to space a la Shuttleworth. All the historical places, exotic places, famous places, etc. I'd also get me a Steinway and Sons piano as well as a full size multi-keyboard organ and get the best out there to teach me how to play it. Or just hire musicians to play at my beck and call.

deeply pertubed said...

Goods to have you back to nomalcy!
I think i would sleep in and sit on the dough at intervals can also throw in a few farts.

Half 'n' half said...

I would buy a yellow larmboghini ...seriously I have always always imagine driving that car in Nairobi. Am such a show off I would just drive it round and round nairobi especially during the safari sevens

Unyc said...

I would hire the Panari 4 2days and throw a bash for my peeps ..n hv full muenjoyos.
Spoil myself sily by buyin clad that i only wear once n ditch them. Hv a makeup artist, very goodlookin, well-built n sexy bodyguards...I'd have a private jet with a jacuzzi, sauna, massage parlour n all. Hv lunch at Paris, dinner in London and sex in vegas...
N hv a $1million music video on me even though i cant sing...n hire michuki as my cook.
These r the tymes we all wish 4...

Jadekitten said...

I would.....

Indulge my shoe fetish (From Anne Klein to Manolo Blahnik to Zucchini). Imelda kando. I would have a room, no, 2 rooms just for them.

Wanderlust : All the places I've never been, all the places I've been and have loved, everywhere - The Alps, Paris, Venice, Champagne, Rome, the Bahamas, Seychelles, et al... (with all my pals, the ones who I love to travel with. Esp V)

And all the other things I wanna do but haven't had the time for : Archery, horseriding, windsurfing, bungee jumping, deep sea diving..... I could go on...I think you just inspired a post :-)

69/\/\ said...

World domination is out! Then what's the point?


R said...

I'd take a leisurely trip around the world, sometimes by road, sometimes by air, sometimes by ship, visiting every nook and cranny I could think of and spending months in the places I was particularly charmed by.

And then, when I had my fill of travelling (ie when I'm circa 75 years old), I'd buy me an island, build me a charming island house, fill it with books, and ... sigh...

Careful, questions such as this can lead to a significant rise in level of discontent.

Movie Buff said...

Careful, questions such as this can lead to a significant rise in level of discontent.

I so agree...

I dont even want to think what I would do.

Dream on dreamer... thats all I can say.

I need to stop procrastinating on stuff to do..... DAMN.... Good for you tho. Good luck with the search....

Kenyanchick said...

Ati I'm independently wealthy?
oh man...

Travel throughout Africa, from the Cape to Cairo. Chilling out with Bedouins in the North, fishing/diving off the coast of Djibouti... tch.

Don't get me started. I'm starting to get pissed off

kelitu said...

I would have sex on top of the money...

Mutumia said...

Travel the world like a mutha! I'm talking Benin, Mongolia, Utar Pradesh, Uruguay- the whole shebang. And when the money ishad. I'd get some more and travel around the world again!

Majonzi said...

I love visuals... so I am loving your "what would would you do?"

I am assuming this money would not deplete :) I mean since I am dreaming I might as well go the whole nine yards, aye?
If I had all the money in the world: >I would fly to Kenya twice a year.
>I would do all the volunteering I want
>I would move all my siblings to one part of the world
>I would buy a cozy little house
>I would take two towns in Ke (mine and his) and give them a complete economic overhaul... will work myself to the other places in Kenya

And then I will notice that I am still busy working!!! So I will:
>go on vacation with him and sleep in... who am I kidding? neither one of us likes sleepin in... so we will go on tour or something
>BUT we will spend lotsa time together

dammit man, I am now officially in daydream world.

Princess said...

The possibilities would be endless to jot down.

Archer said...

LOL @ Kelitu's comment! Not bad!

I would buy all the cars on my wish list, from classics of the 60s and 70s to a stretch Rolls-Royce Phantom, M6 na kadhalika. I'd fly around the world with a few close friends, stay in 5 star hotels and eat like a pig! And I'd have to have my own custom made Boeing 747-400.

Adhis-toto said...

Beautiful post.

If I was fortunate enough not to have to work I'd become a socialite like Paris Hilton living the Simple life and eking more dough in the process eh!

mocha! said...

I would visit all the popular raves in the world. From Ayia Napa to Miami. Seriously....

Then, round the world trip visiting peeps I know....Australia, USA, Canada, St Lucia, Europe and finally Africa where I would take my sweet time.

Then my ultimate fulfilment would be to spoil my mum and bro!!!

As for procratination....shame on all of us who are weakened by this vice.

Girl next door said...

My imagination is going wild! First of all, I'd pay off all my debts then jetset home. I'd use a big portion of the money to make my family's dreams come true. I'd love to travel around the world, and experience all kinds of things. I'd buy a right-hand diamond ring, a beachside villa, a farm, and get all my shoes custom-made. And much more....

Mrembo said...

"If I had all the money in the world"..that is my best day dream.
I notice many peeps want to travel the world. I am soo jaded with travelling, I don't want to go anywhere. No thanks, I have had enough of it.

But if I had all the money in the world, I would ensure that my immediate family realise thier material dreams and get best medical treatment in the world.
I would set up my digs in shags and develop my own mrembosville, where there would be no famine, hunger or sickness and Mrembo would be Queen.
That's my dream

Kenyananalyst said...

U might die leaving millions down here, but take none of it upwards with u. - Oswald Chambers in his book THE CHALLENGE OF MISSIONS. For the glory of God, therefore, is the use to which I would put all He has and will have put under my care / stewardship. Thus far, am not certain pleasure will be part of it.

Shiroh said...

The pictures are awesome.Brilliant Aco..What are you eating, i wanna have some.

I would do all those things simultaneously. I mean i would.

Fine Clothes
Fine Art
Fine Holiday
Fine Romance

All the way down

mama mia said...

I'd buy several thousand acres in a place with beautiful natural features, in my fave part of the world, several thousand miles away from anywhere, and then build my dream mansion, completely self-contained, equipped with all the latest gadgets etc ... move in and forget the rest of the world.