Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bugs, Big Girls and Bills

I know some of you have already sent me to hell but I couldn't resist sharing that cartoon, it really cracked me up. It reminded me of a phenomenon in American universities called B.U.G, that is bisexual until graduation.Girls and some guys would get it on whichever way they want to but as soon as they walk across the stage and get their diploma it's back to the straight and narrow. I guess some people can have their cake and eat it too.

Moving on, people on this blog seemed to be stunned by the big girls dancing rumbling to Ciara. Well guess what? They're back! Enjoy!

In other mind numbing news, my on-line cable bill arrived. This month I am only paying $24, I had a few deductions due to me but I think they overdid it.That is the price that people pay for basic cable, which I dont have but as the saying goes don't look the gift horse down the mouth; so I'm going to pay that bill ASAP. One thing you have to admire about the West is the efficiency of the billing process. These people cover all avenues in most cases, you can pay by mail, internet, wire transfer, cheque,cash and money order.As the saying goes, money is money. I think more companies in Kenya should take this up esp the utility companies. Have you ever had to queue in City Hall and Electricity House two times in one day to pay your bills? Not a fun experience at all!Yes there are people who can line up for you for a fee but not all of us have that extra money. I think giving money should be made as fast and efficiet as possible, as a man in a Co-op bank super line once said, "We shouldn't beg you to take our money!"


Half 'n' half said...

LMAO! that cartoon is tres hilarious. At the risk of catching stick those lesbian liaisons used to be in most girls borading schools! sheesh, atleast in mine it was.

True true about the payment modes in kenya, you beg them to take your money and when you finally give up they come disconnect your elec!

Aegeus said...

ROTFL that cartoon bana!

I hate queing so i try and pay my bills long before the due date at odd times eg KPLC pay at Stima Plaza at 8.30 ish and if i can i pay double and a little over so i dont have to be back for a couple of months.

Majonzi said...

Yes, the BUG phenomenon... .And try as I might, I still do not understand the whole thing about jamaas being turned on by lesbians.

Hmm, I cuda sworn I saw an ad on Nation on paying ur elec bill online. Lucky u!! take that deal and run!!!

Rant's of an angry somali man said...

damn!!........thats cartoon laughaliciously crazy!.....lolz....halafu those youtube ladies wacha tu!......overall i'm loving ur blogz!

Acolyte said...

@ half n half
I have always wondered if the boarding school thingie was out of convenience or those were real lesbos.
I have been in the no power boat before and it wasnt funny at all!
@ aegeus
Seems you are balling! Si you come pay my bill for me in advance?
@ majonzi
I think watching 2 hot chics get at it works for most jamaas. I saw that ad too but I dont know if it really works.
@ rants of a somali man
Thanks for the support!

egm said...

Ah, that cartoon. What a satirical depiction of humanity's fickleness!

Online convenience is the one thing I'll miss about this place the day I eventually move back home. That is if they won't have put in place systems like these there. The only thing I write cheques for nowadays is rent, and that's only because my landlord is small scale, thus hasn't set up online payment.

Girl next door said...

The cartoon's funny =)

Online payments are brilliant. And I like direct deposit too. There's less confusion about things getting lost in the mail and no hassle of lining up. Like Egm,the main cheque I write regularly is for rent.

Acolyte said...

@ egm
That cartoon was pithy and funny at the same time!
I too use my check/cheque book for rent mostly.
@ Girl next door
I guess you, me and egm are in the same boat as regards cheque use.I have yet to get through one whole book!