Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving bashes and other things

During the past week ATL played host to the usual Kenyan thanksgiving. It seems that as the years pass the groups hosting bashes seem to increase by number, this year there were several nights that had 3 bashes.

I only went out on Saturday and Sunday night. In fact Saturday was more of a technical appearance because I was not there for more than 3 hours. I went for the 2kat bash which was held in of all places, a hindu worship hall. On the "wheels of steel" were Movie Buff's beloved Take Over DJs. I was not terribly impressed by them that night, I think it had something to do with the acoustics, whoever was spinning and the aircon (or lack of). In typical Kenyan fashion people started really coming in at around 1am. I have always wondered what people do before that time. I come from the old school where most of the time I come early so I can get a stool and leave in the middle of the night before the drama begins. From being airy the joint turned rather stuffy when it got packed, there was this room they had that there were selling pints that shocked me! I stepped in to try and get a drink later on in the night and I felt like I was making up for the sauna sessions I should be doing. But on the plus side I got to see a few people that I hadn't seen since high school and uni, there was even this chic I met who remembered that class we used to share, she was looking fwine! Almost made me wish I had tried to get with her way back when. I left before the Longombas and Prezzo performed so if anyone saw them please give a brother an update, my ride had to go to work in the morning so no overstaying the agreed hour.

On Sunday I went for the 80's party, ya'll know how much I love 80's sounds so that one I wasn't going to miss at all! I was with my small sis, her pal from high school and their black american neighbour. My sis rushed us so we ended up being there 30 mins after the party was to start and guess what we were like the first group there, so we got in for free and helped set up the speakers (just kidding!) We did get in for free and got great seats, so we just had a few drinks and talked.My sister's pal's neighbour (yes that's a mouthful) was really interesting as he was really open minded and had done alot of travel, Kenya included. Of course Kenyans started streaming in from midnight, I wonder why they even put 10pm on the flyer because no-one comes in at that time!The crowd was pretty large and my new pal gave Kenyans marks because there were these two dudes who wanted to fight, so what they did is walk out of the club together; he said that if it was black americans they would have gotten it on there and then! He was also impressed with the eye candy, so much so that he tried to call his brother to get him out of bed. Yes much as we Kenyans have beef with each other genderwise, I must admit that from a broad view point Kenyan mamas are doing pretty well. Consider the low level of obesity we have and the fact that Kenyan mamas tend to be more natural than mamas out here, what you see is usually what you get most of the time; unlike with American women.

I also must admit that Take Over Djs impressed me thoroughly with the mixing, music choice and even synching the tracks with the music videos at one point during the night. If they can overcome the horde of Dj outfits out here they stand a chance. But on the other hand there were some people, I don't know if they were part of Take Over Djs who were selling t-shirts. I have never seen a more whack, bootleg, monochrome Tusker t-shirt in my life. If you can't get the colors right, don't jock the logo; pure and simple. Talking about clothes, there are some people who tried, some who tried too hard and some who must have been teleported from the Wangige bus stop because I don't think Bata Prefects and Jeans that look like Savco are sold in the States.I also wonder if some people have friends, there was this mama who had a somewhat big gut who chose to wear a thick bright red belt around her waist; sheesh! I also realised how few Kenyans I know because so many people seemed to know each other. But I think that has it's pluses because you know how we Kenyans love to get up in each other business, so the less people I know the simpler my life is.

Will I do next year's Thanksgiving? Most probably in the same laid back manner like this year, 3 hour maximum stay and with a laid back clique. Let me close with an interesting story, there are some people who come into GA for Thanksgiving with no idea of where they will crash and do not want to spend money on a motel; so they go with the flow. Anyway my pal had a bash and some out of state dudes who were friends of friends came over and he had agreed to host a few of them whom he knew from way back when. So the festivities and alcohol flowed that night and people went to sleep. The next day my pal gets up in the morning and the smell of bacon wafts into his room, he walks into the kitchen to see who is cooking. He steps in and a dude he has never seen before tells him, "Niaje msee!Utakula bacon na mayai?"
The dude had gone out of his way to also make coffee. My pal just looked at him and decided there was no need for causing drama because the dude tried to make himself useful.I can imagine getting up in the morning and finding a stranger in my kitchen, dang!
I remember how my sister last year was deluged with requests for accomodation by her pals who were coming into town by people whom she rarely hears from the other 11 months of the year. It's amazing that people can drive from states away, spend loads on drinking and clubbing but don't want to pony up for a $50 motel room! People never fail to amaze me!
ps: I called in sick today, it is amazing how the gruff voice that comes from shouting and drinking corroborates the excuse of illness!
pps: I will not be accomodating anyone next year unless you have come from another continent!LMAO!


Girl next door said...

I am yet to make it to a Thanksgiving in ATL; I hear great things about it. Kenyans do know how to party!

The story of the guy frying bacon in your buddy's kitchen is so funny! It was definitely the smart thing to do 'cause it's irritating to have some random people crash at your place then hover around the next morning.

Everyone's been running late or calling in sick today. I woke up with a sore throat but made it through the day.

Half 'n' half said...

I would like to say something profound about thanksgiving in sudan but there is really nothing to be thankful for, and secondly after by blonde moment, Iam hiding in my duvet for about 3 days.

the bacon guy was just being kind.

Babes said...

hey babe,

i can see you had a nice thanksgiving. where are the pics?

Oh yeah, I have returned since now you are back on the train. You were seriously missed.


egm said...

The ATL TG is something I have yet to do. Looks like it was quite the fun time.

mocha said...

Here is maybe what you missed from the Logombas Tour....in mingi parts!


Thank God for YouTube!

Udi said...

Yaani people still go to ATL for thanksgiving. Me and the local bar are not separated during thanksgiving. I need to be close to my own bed so that I can pass out nicely

Majonzi said...

Been hearing about the ATL, but I know for sure I will never make it. Going for the Sevens, only bcoz the Man wants me to meet his peeps. Went to Dallas Memorial few yrs back, and like u Aco I felt the sauna... there was no room to move... in fact the only thing I enjoyed was the day in the park :) always gr8 seeing Kenyans. TakeOver Djs are most timam-- they will b here in the cities nxt wknd!

Kenyangal said...

Now I know what I will be doing next year in November!! I will be in Atlanta for the Kenyan Thanksgiving bash(es). I've always wanted to do it and see what goes on.

Don_quixote said...

ATl is a really nice place to be even with out the many bashes, being allergic to huge crowds i never see myself coming for them bashes tho, family reunions freak me as it is, but i disgress. Hope your thanksgivving was full of thanksgiving lol.

kelitu said...

I've never been to an ATL Thanx-giving bash...as UDI said i need to be near my bed. Storoz of enging up in strange beds (be it a hotel room or otherwise) uh-uh.
Also too many Kenyans in one area for extended hours doesn't fdo me justice and only God knows how long it will take me to detox them from my system.

Acolyte said...

@ Girl Next Door
If you like partying then ATL Thanksgiving is the thing for you.
I see you are a strong person!I was bila roho for work on Monday.
@ half n half
Thanksgiving is an American thing so you have nothing to worry about coz peeps in Kenya dont care for it too.
@ babe
In some way, it's good to be back!
@ egm
I think if you have a nice crew you will enjoy it.
@ mocha
Thanks for the link!
@ udi
I feel you 200%!
@ majonzi
I think you will enjoy sevens, I have heard good things about it; I want to go next year for sure!
The DJs are sawa, I will go see them next time they pop in.
@ kenyangal
Get in touch with your pals and start saving!
@ Don Q
I too am not a big fan of big crowds, hence the technical appearances.
@ kelitu
I am much like you, I have never been in the kenyan mix; so I find it hard to fit in.

Proud Nyeuthi said...

I was a fresher in Atl this Thanksgiving and I must say I loved it. One thing though Aco, izao the crowd at the bashes is so different? We tried the Kenyaniyetu bash on Thursday and decided wacha ikae. too many weirdos. The 2kat bashes had more decent raia. No strangers trying to grind on the dancefloor. That Sunday bash is very hazy to me. I was there physically, but fatigue had kicked in and I just wanted to sleep. I am officially aging!!

gishungwa said...

Aco, seeing that i have accomodation for ATL next year si you said people from another continent Yaay thats me!
Seeing that you enjoyed yourself extremely. as word verification says goohh!

Anonymous said...



Acolyte said...

@ Anon
This comment is one year late! Lol!