Tuesday, November 14, 2006

R.I.P Instigator Jan 2006 - June 2006

This post is dedicated to the memory of my wonderful alter ego The Instigator. Why did I get an alter ego? Well the problem with being a long time blogger is that people get used to you and your personality. You form relationships with people and they expect you to conform to certain norms and interact with them a certain way.

This is all fine and dandy but a time came when I felt like that was intruding on my sense of individuality and set up the alter ego to be able to act outside the box and ask the hard questions; and no not to insult people. If I wanted to do so I would have just gone anonymous like most lurkers do. So I set up The Instigator to get things going.

I remember the days of yore when there were loads of feminist blogs on KBW blaming men for everything from global warming to FGM. I do agree that men have a role to play as regards some issues but I thought it had gone overboard so what I did was at first poke fun at the Western feminism that many African feminists try to model themselves after without seeing the consequences. There was also a large amount of pro-gay rhetoric and I decided to try and present the other side of the story. But of course what happens when you do something like that you risk being called a chauvinist of sorts. But that was a risk I was ready to take as long as it got people thinking and had fun playing the devil's advocate.

But that wasn't the case because even men got blasted on the blog. I called out all those good for nothing fathers who go around making babies but doing nothing when it comes to taking care of them. Since I was busy with this blog I wouldn't even write alot of the stuff but just post interesting stuff from other blogs and websites. Like this post on how if you must work in an office that is dominated by one gender choose one that is male dominated because where many women are working there is bound to be drama, a fact that was backed up by 2 of the people who commented.

I remember writing this piece on male rape after reading the stats in an article on male rape in Nairobi. Rape is no joke, be the victim male or female. That and the fact that I wish to maintain my anal virginity for life!

I do love how some people forget the fact that their words will convict them. I did this piece about why the Instigator wasn't going mainstream ala KBW because of the large amount of going with the flow that was going on there. Not that I was advocating all out war Mashada style but at that time there was no contention whatsoever going on there, giving the impression we all think the same. This is where the infamous "seal clapping" statement I made which put the nail in my good standing when it was found out it was me who wrote it. Anyway when the whole "Battle Against Censorship (better names are welcome) " was going on; one blogger talked about that statement and said they would throw me out if they were in charge. This same blogger called it a "nice post" when they first read it. Talk about being stabbed in the back and short memories!

This blog was where the first muppet queen pic and post were put up. Good Times! (tm Movie Buff 2006). I also liked this piece calling out yuppies who were driving themselves into debt just to give the impression they were balling.

Whenever I look at that pic I always smile. Those were the days! There was also serious conversation like when I put up this post about how the legislation for gay marriage may open up a door for polygamy in Western countries.

This was also one of my best pieces (in my opinion). A tongue in piece cheek about my interview with a reporter from a Gay magazine. A fine piece of satire if I say so myself!

Anyway post promoting aside. Instigator wasnt a secret as such, I shared his existance with some bloggers close to me and whenever they saw a comment they knew it was mine. As the Instigator, I met some worthy opponents. I recall having an exchange with a certain Europe basted blogger that went upto 90 something comments back and forth. We had so many heated exchanges that some wise asses just said that we should get a room and screw each other. Ha ha ha ha!!!! That was funny! But we did become good pals after that especially after Milo sold me out as Instigator. Then there was another Euro based blogger who after tussling with Instigator several times must be dancing with joy when he died, because she hated him to the core. I won't even talk about Mshairi and her grudge after our run in.

Even when Instigator retired from blogging me and some bloggers would have fun once in a while with him. I remember once with Nick's blessing we used him to get Devious One all hot and bothered. It was fun chatting on yahoo and deciding what we would say next to get her riled up! Those were the days! But Devious One is a good sport because when she found out that it was me, she didn't hunt me down and chop me up.

But as it goes, all good things must come to an end. I became too busy to maintain 2 blogs and decided that Instigator should be put out to rest. I am sure he is happy in Blog Valhalla. He will be missed greatly by those who loved and hated him!


Anonymous said...

Yipeee I don't miss him!!! I'm dancing with joy though coz i'm first... hmm maybe not coz this is a post about the instigator

mdkims said...

better name 'war of the bloggers' .. sounds close to 'war of the roses' .. i had no prior idea of the instigator ... it is a lovely blog ... where do you get the time to jot down all those masterpieces? .. anyway, since i met him dead there is no need for moi to mourn ... i also have an alter ego that slips into my blog once in a while .. only that in this case he or she is not clearly defined so as to stand on his or her own .. do you have another alter ego you wish to share with us?.. nways, you have really opened some of us to the wide possibilities of expression in the blogging world .. for that i thank you!

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
:( He will be missed
@ Mdkims
That name sounds better I must admit. The Instigator wasnt all over the place.He would just visit a few select blogs where he was needed.
At that point I had time to write and find relevant stuff for the blog but now time is at a premium.
I do have another alter ego but I rarely use it so no need to out him here!I am sure now you know many new ways to express yourself via an alter ego.

aegeus said...

So disappointed i missed all the action on instigator. Too bad he has to retire. Valhalla must be a better place now that he is there. I only came across the references between you two when the beef with KBW admin came to a head. I read it through and was entertained to no end.

RIP Instigator, go prepare a place for the rest of the warriors to come rest.

mocha said...


Itchie Geezy said...

The hardest thing!,the hardest thing is sayin goodbye.I wasnt all that a blogger but def. have heard storos of Mshairi and the Instigator a.k.a. ...

Girl next door said...

You were the Instigator? I wondered what had happened to him. Sad to see him go. You did bring up a lot of thought provoking issues.

Wanjiru said...

I was just reading instigator yesterday so that is a bit of a coincidence.

Well R.I.P mostly in hell where the instigator is burning currently he he he.

You touched a raw nerve there

alexcia said...

i see remnant of instigator on the photo you chose for Aco-that photo has gay written all over it-but that is another story.

Acolyte said...

@ alexcia
You aren't the only person to make that observation but I'm just to plain lazy to change the pic.

alexcia said...

@ Aco
Yah right! That explains everything