Monday, November 13, 2006

30 is the new 20!

I don't know if I have written this post before but I have had it buzzing in my head for the last few months.

Anyway I got to thinking and I realised that 30 is the new 20. For most people nowadays it is because we do most of the things that our parents generation were doing at the age of 20 when we are 30. Don't believe me? Look at my examples;

Moving out of Home - In the old days when you were done with high school you were booted out of the family home to make a living for yourself. But nowadys loads of people are going to university and clearing their undergrad degrees in their early 20s and in many cases going for a master's which they finish in their mid to late 20s and by the time they move out they are in their late 20s. Of course there are those who are lucky enough to get jobs or live outside Kenya where they can meet their immediate financial needs and do so earlier.

Getting Married - During our parents' generation most people were married by the age of 25 and some as early as 18. It wasn't unheard of for a couple to get together, move into a one room house and work their way up the ladder.
Nowadays what most people want to do is finish college, get established proffesionaly and then get married. Of course outside the urban centres people still marry early but in the larger towns, people would rather get a foothold and then think about marriage. Add to the fact that is no longer the social priority that it once was, and you get more people getting married closer to the age of 30 or not at all.

Hobbies and Past-times - The past was somehow harsh on earlier generations with gender and class roles being very rigid. People of a certain age or gender were meant to do certain things. I remember a time when it was very rare to see a woman on her own in a bar because unless she was a hooker, she was supposed to be with her husband or boyfriend. But now that is no longer the case at all and girls nights out are the order of the day.
With more and more people being single in their 20s people have a lot more free time to do their own thing as opposed to doing activities that revolve around family and their proscribed roles. So it isnt uncommon to have people who are in their early 30s clubbing with college age students and the such.

I do know there is a whole lot that I have left out that has changed and I would appreciate you all adding them in the comments section. It's good to be 18!

Moving on, I think that some celebs should know that the limelight doesnt shine forever and just move on. LL Cool J was moaning about the poor sales of his last cd and blamed Def Jam, attributing it to their poor promotion. Let's be honest, people are getting tired of seeing a man close to 40 taking of his shirt and licking his lips. I think he should just move onto Hollywood seeing as he has a somewhat respectable acting career.
A great example of a person who failed to hear their curtain call is K-ci, Mary J Blige's ex from Jodeci. Below is him (far right) during Jodeci's heyday.

This is him now.

Some people need to stop smoking crack and listening to their groupies, no good comes from it at all! Sometimes all a comeback does is destroy any legacy of note you had in the first place.

I decided to go and look at the rest of the K-ci concert pics here. I came across this picture there.

I don't know about you, but there is something skanky about it. I think my monitor needs some Valtrex.

Have a nice monday, if that's possible.


brother said...

30 is indeed the new 20's...I agree 100%.
About comebacks, its saddening to see K-Ci looking that pathetic...almost unbelieveable! While comebacks more often than not destroy legacies, alot of the implicated artists are driven to it by sheer hunger (brokeness... if you wish!). Sad as it would be, I wouldn't be surprised if Whitney followed suit, she too needs to eat, and must have bills to pay...they all do!

Girl next door said...

When my Mom was my age, she already had 2 of us kids. Times have changed for us as you said where getting established is a priority. Both men and women have to hustle with school and careers so marriage takes a back seat. I'm glad a lot of society norms have been relaxed because I think every adult needs to live on their own and explore personal interests before being bonded to someone for life (if they choose to).

LL is fine but I don't feel his new music. His acting isn't bad. K-ci looks tired. And that pic is very skanky. Stars need to quit while they're up there, 'cause when the mighty fall it ain't pretty!

Shiroh said...

My mother wuz raising two kids by my age. I can't handle the thought of an infant now. You wud be shocked to know many twenty somethings still think of themselves as kids.

Well my ass still at home, hoping to be settled elsewhere but for now..i can't resist Daddy paying the rent.

Basically it has to do with longer learning periods, cost of living

My mother was done with college by 19, got a job immediately and next babies..that was expected

Me @19 wuz struggling with college do your math.

And obviously i will not settle in Mathare and move my way up..

mocha said...

30 is the new 20??? How come most chics are having 20age crisis when they are about to hit the big THREE O and they are bila jamaa, etc. Ati MOT is running out.

I am glad and blessed that I am not at home and out there trying to get my feet firmly in the ground. Its tough, but the thought of me not having achieved what I want to achieve before I have kids is kidogo scary.

So, I guess 30 is the the new 20.

Lakini if it goes on, movies like Children of Men will become reality I reckon.

Jadekitten said...

30 IS the new 20, I so agree.

Our generation is going against the grain and the more radical ones among us are totally flaunting societal norms. At my age my mum also had 2 toi's and fungad that chapter. Sometimes I'm sure she looks at my pals I and really wonders about us.

Then of course there's the whole rat race business which means that you never really stop studying/hassling etc, so natural 'progression' is delayed.

As for those K-ci pics, one word...yeeowwwww!!

Kenyangal said...

Yeah 30 is the new 20 but I think its a sad situation..we should leave the nest and hustle our own way.

bikozulu said...
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bikozulu said...

Things now are different though, kitambo you'd get a job soon after high school, a good job in fact.It was easier to move out even marry. Now, even a degree won't get you past the interview door.How you gonna leave home, much less get a wife who is crazy enough to marry your broke ass?

acolyte said...

@ brother
I do agree with you that poor money management is a major cause of ill advised comebacks.
As for Whitney, I think she artificially shortened her career. I still think she has some talent in her to share with us all.
@ girl next door
I think at my age my mum had brought 3 of us into the world.
As for LL, I think that rap is slowly passing him by.As for stars, too many of them listen to their own hype.
@ shiroh
I do agree that too many 20somethings are immature and need to grow up.
But as you said it, cost of living has alot to do with it. I mean not too many 19 years olds in Kenya can afford to move out or will if it means moving to a place like Mathare.

Movie Buff said...

I dont care if 30 is the new 15, if you are 30 yrs old and still living with your folks........ u r just immature. There I said it!

As for LL... he may have a point even though I believe he needs to stop licking his lips.
Seriously, think about it, did u see any media coverage?? I do believe that there was more coverage before and at this point, Jay Z is only thinking about Jay Z.
[Refer to the pushing back of Nas's album]

Anonymous said...

20 the new 30? Yes it may be but some have taken that as a cue to stay home even after 30 and working! Then again if i had the choice, would i move out of home? Rent, bills etc.

Msanii_XL said...

damn @ K-ci, shame crack is really harmful.

Friendly reminder

3-0??? bweheheheheheheh

dangerously_shy said...

“People are getting tired of seeing a man close to 40 taking of his shirt and licking his lips”

You sir are a liar and a dirty one at that!


Same thing happened to Janet Jackson despite the intense media coverage..IMHO it all boils down to this - people will simply not fork out cash-money when they can download music for free, as we speak I am currently downloading two albums and three movies and considering I only pay a fiver for my broadband..*trails off*

As for 30 year olds clubbing with 18 year olds, shame on your geriatric ass is all I say. I usually look at such people the same way a Jew would look at someone with a swastika painted on their forehead *phut*

Feels good to let off some bile

Acolyte said...

@ mocha
I think some of these mamas have crisis because it gets harder to get a dude or get married after 30.Some things are meant to be done early if you ask me.
It is good that at least you are making a step towards your goal.
@ jadekitten
I think this rat race has become too much and it isnt helping us one bit!
K-ci has issues....
@ kenyangal
I say if you can leave the nest leave as fast as possible!
@ bikozulu
Nowadays you dont get married on the fly.You have to have a steady base without one no woman is going to give you the time of day.
@ movie buff
There is a diff btween not wanting to move out of home and being unable to move out home.I thnk there are some kenyans who would love to move out but due to no $ can't.
I do agree that LLs cd did not get as much coverage as it could have but rap is also a fickle business.I think if you have been honored at VH 1 hip hop honors you should make only once cd every 6 years or so.
@ aegeus
Unless you cant afford to or are taking care of a sick parent you should be out of your folk's house asap!
@ msanii
Ebu stop aging me! I still have time!
@ D shy
I think in the case of LL and Janet time has passed them by.There is a new generation of fans and stars, ppl are looking at Chris Brown and Ciara now.
But I also agree that downloading has killed cd sales. Bila shame I think the limit is 10 years younger any more is just a shame!
Bile relase rules!

mdkims said...

delightful ... hope we live an additional ten years to cover for 30 being the new 20 ... but it is good to be young at heart and to be able to fit to a pair of trendy jeans when you are 40 ... alright, if 30 is 20, does that mean that i am 11 for i am 21?

Eclipse said...

Too true. 30 is the new 20. KCI shld grow up and act his age....

i think security is important na with women bein independent and all no one can afford to settle before they clear all the basics.

Kenyanchick said...

K-Ci and Jojo have always looked like car thieves. My two cents. And yeah, Dangerously Shy, it does feel good to get that out.

Anonymous said...

I guess you did not see the other pics of K-Ci. The one that is posted above is one of the worse ones. At any rate, K-Ci has not missed a beat vocally. I don't think he should give up singing. What he needs to do is clean up his act. To be honest, I think he has as much talent as Mary if not more. His image and reputation is tarnished.

Frugal African said...

Interesting! Been a fan of KCi & jojo so was wxcited when i heard they were coming to the UK in Feb (valentine). I don't like what I'm seeing!