Thursday, November 16, 2006

Throw Back Thursday!

It's just one of those days when the thought of doing a long involved post makes me tired even before I have laid a finger on the keyboard. So I'm going to make this quick and easy.

90% of the music made today is crap. Yes there are still some jewels out there like Matisayahu, Anthony Hamilton et al, but on the whole most of what is out sucks. This year's record sales have echoed my point, you could talk about downloading but not as many people download music as people think. It is usually the same culprits who stock pile gigabytes of data. Last year's music sales compared to the same time this year are very different, anyway that is a discussion for another day.

Anyway here are some songs from way back when that are always in my many playlists.

1.New Edition - If it isn't love. From back in the day when they made good music before egos got in the way.

2. Billie Myers - Kiss The Rain. I think this was her only hit. I saw a video of her singing live and I wasn't terribly impressed. But that song was really good!

3.Ace of Base - The Sign and Happy Nation. The Swedes used to churn out these super pop groups like they were being paid sometime back. I have all their greatest hits somewhere and they never fail to make for good listening.

4.Whispers - And The Beat Goes On. To me this is the quintessential soul song. It brings back many memories of buzzer beating (trying to get to Carnivore for soul before 9pm for free entry) and other fun soul playing joints I have been to!

5. Snow - Informer. Way before Eminem showed his face on the block, there was this other white boy on the block. This song rocked! I can recall it being played over and over and over on Rastrut.

6.The Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me? When people think of the Culture Club, they always think of Karma Chameleon. Well these dudes were more than one hit wonders!

7.Zhane - Request Line. This track was from their second album which in my opinion wasn't as good as their first but is still far better than alot of what is on offer these days; these chics has class, style and a unique image.

Anyway that's today's offering of music. If you have any ideas or requests for next week, holla and I'll try to find 'em.


mocha said...

Damn...that is a good list.

Sure brought back good memories!

Movie Buff said...

l love do you really want to hurt me ..... Oh my damn...


I cant explain how much I love that song

mama mia said...

I loved Karma Chameleon.
The thing about really good music is its potential to create associations in the mind/heart - people, places, ... a lot of music nowadays is crappy coz it doesnt have that power..

Movie Buff said...

@ mama mia... you are so right. I associate so many things and peoples with songs and surprise surprise its old school songs.....

Don_quixote said...

When they say music is the food of the soul they are not wrong. Problem with today music is that most of them lack originality, and all every one is geared to is the big bucks.
Nice list i cant wait to see the next one.

Acolyte said...

@ mocha
I agree, making this list was a walk down memory lane.
@ movie buff
I think babyback ribs at Applebees will explain it to me.
@ mama mia
Karma chameleon was a good song too but I thought a change was in order.
@ mama mia
I agree with you 200% people don't feel like they can connect with most music nowadays.Unless they too wear grills and roll on 20 inches.
@ Don Q
I agree with you, nowadays music is just hit driven, no substance at all!

Girl next door said...

Thanks for sharing the music. Some of the people who call themselves musicians these days (Pussycat dolls, etc) will have no longevity coz they're all about image and no content.

Half 'n' half said...

music this days should not even be called music. That is why we all need to support that thing of next tuesday being "NO MUSIC DAY"

That song of snow Informer was sooo hilarious because all everyone could sing was "informer......" then the rest of the words were a blur

Archer said...

You forgot Wheel of Fortune by Ace of Base!!

Acolyte said...

@ girl next door
I live to share!Nowadays like you said, it's image first!
@ half n half
I support you completely. I too used to mumble the rest of the words.
@ archer
I have them all, talk nicely and I will share!

mama mia said...

LOL@ roll on 20 inches...
@girl next door
i have to rush to Pussycat dolls' defence :) considering 'Sway' is one of my all-time faves ... ok, well, i can't say I enjoy their other songs, but 'Sway' hit the mark... beautifully executed