Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rumours, Celebs and Wikipedia

One thing that I love about many of my fellow Kenyans is their zeal for spreading unfounded rumours and here say. I am sure some of you have met someone who has defended a rumour like his life depended on it, or like she was at the scene.

I recall once being in a bar in Nairobi West and the topic of the moment was politics. So for some reason I remembered that Sheikh Khalid Balala (no relation to the former Mombasa mayor) had not been in the public eye for a very long time after his troubles during the Moi regime and asked what happened to him. That is when an older man at our table looked at me rather incredulously and said, "Balala was raped in prison on the President's orders! That is why he has hidden and shut up!" Now when someone tells you something like that with that amount of conviction what can you say? I think we all remember the Laura Irungu sex pics. Without a shadow of a doubt people had said it was her and even went out of their way to spread the pics. A keen study of some of the pics would have shown some discrepancies, which I noticed; but most people just ran with the story.

Like most Kenyans I do love a juicy story but only when it is true. It does little good to peddle falsehoods because sooner or later Karma will ensure that you are made subject of one. So like the good journalist I was trained to be, I make sure there are at least 2 reputable sources then I may consider sharing the story and that the story isn't as ludicrous as most out there, if not it stays under wraps!

Moving on,I am not a big fan of celeb news but there are some thing I have to talk about once in a while; if you have been following hip-hop news you do know that Nelly is dating Ashanti. What I always wonder is that in every picture Nelly always looks bored as hell. Is he trying to tell us something?

Nelly: Yawn!

Is it me or does that Britney's top look like it will give up under the pressure of holding up her "assets"?

Britney -" I'm free from K-fed! Now to find a real man!"

I have a wikipedia account and I do edit some of the Kenya pages when I can. I got really pissed off lately because of some anal administrator. It took me three attempts to put in Ukoo Fulani among the list of popular Kenyan artistes. Some muppet kept on taking it out, the last time I put it back in I added a sharp note with my edit description (and yes I had followed the correct format rules). So they took a hint and let it stay.
But what made me know that the administrator of that page or moment was really anal is when it took 2 edits and a sharp note for this change.The most recent effort is the Unilever sponsored "Sunlight quest for Kenya's National Dress" to The most recent effort was the Unilever sponsored "Sunlight quest for Kenya's National Dress" It took 2 edits to change one word because as far as I know the Sunlight quest is over and it failed.
Anyway you have to get used to such people, that's life.


mocha said...

so...are...ooppss were the soho pics for real???

LOL @ nelly and Brit.

As for wiki...love it!!!

mocha said...

yiipppiieeee...numero one and two.

Off on hiatus

Anonymous said...


Oh Britney! Those babies are fighting to get out and they are winning! Heh heh!

I think Nelly attemps to look cool, calm and collected but ends up looking like he does. (Yawn!)

Msanii_XL said...

Lol..its sideburns and the lazy eye man..

Wiki is for the people..

Movie Buff said...

You know, its a damn shame Ukoo was not in Wiki in the first place. People just like that commercial mambo jambo that comes out. Damn shame!

Nelly and Ashanti are boring...


But then again, Im a hater!

Prousette said...

On that rumors business there are people who just love shocking others with terrible stories. Most of the time you wonder why s/he is sharing that info, like it will add any value to your life!

saskarama said...

K-Fedex slacked his way to missing out not only on millions but on those scrumptuous melons as well. I pity the fool. May the melons provide unending pleasures to the man that she ends up with. And hopefully he won't screw up royally like K-Fed. But then again, that might have been the issue all along, not screwing Britney the right way!

Proud Nyeuthi said...

Lol. Rumours! That Lorna picture was so annoying! I sent an email to a pal and adviced him to resist sending me such crap in the future. People talk too much, is takes the heat off them for a moment. Lakini as you said, Karma yuko. The last thing you want is that b#@ch calling you by name.

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha
As far as I know they are!Wiki rocks!Njoy hiatus!
@ aegeus
Yup she is most def packing!
@ msanii
LMAO! Dude looks like he is going to fall asleep!Wiki ni yetu!
@ movie buff
Playa haters ni wengi!Ashanti needs to save her money coz she isnt going to make anymore soon!
@ prou
I do agree some rumours are a waste of time
@ saskarama
I agree that k-fed acted the fool, for sure if I had the chance I would hit that right!

Acolyte said...

@ proud nyeuthi
I do agree that too much time is wasted is wasted on useless rumours.

Half 'n' half said...

Brit is boring beyond words, but atleast she is known for actually doing something unlike Paris and company.
LOOOL at balala rumour!

seriously if you want with Ashanti you would also look bored! Still cant really get into wiki however hard I try...

StackOfStiffys said...

Missed the top 10.

Kenyans thrive on rumours, and it is probably why we've sustained our economy through thick and thin Herr. Kibaki & Co came along. Did anyone ever hear those rumours about Moi having many headmistresses of girl's schools as mistresses or was it just me?

I have never been able to get into wiki and Nelly is probably camera shy, ama Ashanti is tugging at his you-know-what-amidst all this!

Itchie Geezy said...

some of these rumours storos you are sayin might be craply rumours am sorry some aint.I happen to live some place i actually come acros these celebs and i cant quite regret seeing some storos about them.Mind u not all.

Shiroh said...

Rumours, rumours Jesus Christ. I don't know what we would do without rumours. If you wanna know anything; just ask and a rumour will pop up.

I love Britney we wacheni kuhate. As for Nelly and Ashanti aaaih mismatch in hell!!!

Rant's of an angry somali man said...

rumour's na bado zitakuja!.....sa the only way nikuzicheki tu......and another thing is that balala rumour...lolz!.....i bet u got pale jean's bar in Nairobi west...lolz!

Acolyte said...

@ half n half
Brit had her time in the sun when she was some good, now she's just B list material.
Give wiki time, it grows on you.
@ stack
I recall those Moi headmistress rumours rather well, ie state house headmistress.
If ashanti was tugging on his bolingo that would be the last expression on his face!
@ itchie g
I do know some of those storos are true but there is a liberal addition of B.S among them.
@ shiroh
I think there is a diff between a tidbit and an idol manufactured rumour.
Britney had her day and it is over.
@ Rant's of an angry somali man
Rumours are a way of life in the beers. Jean's isnt the only joint I pitia, rumours cant be held back!

coldtusker said...

I don't care wot u say but Brit's a MILF...

Girl next door said...

I'd never have put Nelly and Ashanti together, but they look cute.

Glad that Brit has kicked K-Fed to the curb. He is such a loser. And she's looking hot again! Giving birth makes boobs bigger.

Acolyte said...

@ coldtusker
I'd hit it too!
At least she is getting her act back together.Her mom rack is on it's own level!

coldtusker said...

FedX got lucky... She was smokin' got lil' chubby but back on course... tena... he was subsidized for having fun!

Wot's not 2like?

So Aco... u have Brit's namba for some real loving?