Thursday, November 23, 2006

More Weight Tales and Other Things

2 or so posts back I embedded a video of some big mamas getting their groove on. Well yesterday I experienced first hand the aging effect extra pounds have on people. You see last week my sister went for a friend's bacholerette weekend in New Jersey with some of her old school pals and showed me the pictures. I took a look at some of the pictures and could recognize some of her old friends but there was one bigger, older looking lady in most of the pics.

So I ask my sis, "Is that your friend's auntie or something?" My sister looked at me like I had committed a sacriligous crime of sorts and then said, "Aco you're such a bitch! Don't you know who that is?"

It is at that point I peered closer at the picture and realised that it was one of her friends who used to come over to our house when we lived in Kenya. I remember her as person whom it took 3 black outs to learn that you eat before you go and catch pints and not afterwards! Point is that pounds add years to your looks (not to mention reduce your lifespan). So eat carefully!

Thanksgiving is here, I don't know what all the pomp and circumstance is; because if I was native-american I would remember this as the day things went downhill. A teacher in the States is teaching about the day from the native american point of view and not everyone is happy.

Moving on, do you ever watch roasts? Well one funny part of them is where the guests take pot shots at each other. Well Jamie Foxx was hosting one and after a guest took potshots at him, Jamie totally destroyed him! Take a look! If you love me, please don't throw a roast for me!

To those of you in the States, Happy Thanksgiving! To those in Kenya, get back to work!


StackOfStiffys said...

Fao! fao! Hope Archer checks in second!

StackOfStiffys said...

Those roasts are at times funny. Saw a few clips in a pal's computer. Weighty matters are tricky, and ait also makes one sluggish and a slow thinker. Happy thanksgiving Aco, now back to work!

Archer said...

Top 3!! And where is Mocha today? Hey stackofstiffys! Beaten mw today I see. Off to read!

Archer said...

"a person whom it took 3 black outs to learn that you eat before you go and catch pints and not afterwards!" the BOGOF (buy one get one free deal is on at the pub in an hour so I gotsta rush to McDonalds quick lest I follow suit!

About the roast, I can't hear it coz I'm bila headphones, but I know what they're about. I have one for Pamela Anderson, she had a roast with mob celebs, trying to raise money for PETA, some organization for animal rights or something like that. It was hilarious although nothing comes close to black comedians doing a roast coz they don't have to rehearse for it.

Happy thanksgiving.

The.Hanyeé said...

"I'm your conscience.."

Too deadly!

Girl next door said...

In defense of BBWs: There are some people who look good being big. And nobody wants to get in a fight with someone like that. Some can't lose the pounds no matter how hard they exercise coz it's in their genes.

I'm all for knowing the Native American side of the story and applaud teachers who teach about it.

I watched the Pamela Anderson roast too. It must take a really thick skinned person to be on it.

Acolyte said...

@ stack
Congrats, roasts always make my day! Too much fat messes things up.
@ Archer
Mocha is on hiatus and sadly you have been beaten.Hope you enjoyed the pints, yes the Pam roast rocked too!
@ hanyee
I chekad like a nonesense!
@ girl next door
I do agree some people look good big, but not whale big!
I disagree with that theory much as there are some people who shed fat slower, if we both ate the same food there should not be such a drastic difference in size and weight!
I too gave that teacher props.
As for me, I wouldnt tolerate a roast. I'm not that nice!

Majonzi said...

in colle, I used to be editor of the school mag, so one thanksgiving I wekad in the editorial the native american perspective.... yeps, I got a ton of irate letters from the jungus on campus.... . Administration, of course cudnt sensor me, but I got some quip remarks from them. ala!

Girl next door said...

The theory has lots of real-life examples. Like in boarding school, everyone can be eating the same crap but some people gain weight. And women who give birth are usually stuck with a lot of extra weight. Here in the States, though, it's mostly about lifestyle. But some people need drastic measures like gastric bypass surgery to get smaller coz drinking water, eating healthy, and jogging daily wouldn't do it for them.

Acolyte said...

@ majonzi
Freedom of speech rocks huh?
@ Girl Next Door
There is a sliver of truth to your theory as we all have different metabolic rates but on the other hand that doesnt explain the large disparity in size between many people here in America.
I believe with very very hard work and determination one can get the same results as gastric bypass, but most people dont have that kind of roho.