Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another 80's and 90's Music Post

I think by now all of you know my disdain for most contemporary music, so I won't add to that. I was going through Youtube and came across some videos of songs that I enjoyed way back when and still do!This is a long post so you may want to watch those videos over a two day period.

Here goes nothing.........

There is something so 80's about this song that I can't pin down!One of the best songs to start your day in my opinion.

I think the owners of Carnivore owe Blondie royalties because this song was played every night during Rock night. A great song nonetheless that is on my 80's playlist.Who can forget the immortal line, "she walks like she don't care, walking on imported air"?

Freddie Mercury cracked me up in that mini skirt and wig!

This was vintage Grace Jones before she became the mess she is today!

I love Billy Ocean's music and even have all his greatest hits! Now a small quiz, what popular tv program way back when used one of his songs as it's theme music?

No way I could mention Billy Ocean and leave out Rick Astley.

This song was another 80's regular. This woman has a great voice!

No 80's hit list is complete without Lionel Richie! Too many songs of his to choose from. Don't you love the way his clique dance their way into the wedding reception?The choreograhy in this video is great. Interesting fact, Lionel Richie is loved in the middle east, when L.A Reid was busted for drugs there; he called the Sultan as a character witness for L.A Reid helping get him released as a result.

I think I had included this song in a post I did last year but this song never gets old for me!Men at Work have great lyrics and the video is pretty good too!

This is another song that I just love to bits. It first came back to me when I listened to it on the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack and later on in the movie "The Breakup." I also think it has deep lyrics.

Depeche Mode rocks! Yes they still do make music but this remains one of my all time fave tracks by them!

I now know what I am going to dress as for next year's Halloween...Cameo!That red jock strap was unforgettable!

This song takes me way back! I remember the good old days when women didn't have to sex themselves up to sell their music.

Lip synching accusations aside this was a great song!It never fails to get my head bobbing!

Another one of my fave musicians. Sting is one of the few artistes who has a playlist all to himself on my MP3 player. I love this song and it's lolita-esque story!

Another great track! This song was also on the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas soundtrack, yes I actually did used to listen to all the music you could play on the car's radio in that game.

This was one of those mood setting songs way back when. Compare this song to all these, "take off your underwear so I can screw you" songs ; and you have an idea of how low the bar has fallen.

Whenever I hear the drumbeats that start the song a big smile always breaks out on my face! Who can forget the immortal line, "never trust a big butt and a smile!" BBD rocked!

This was before the crack kicked in messing up his face,teeth and career.

Seeing as I have featured all the New Edition membes I might have as well put in a video of all of them together.Damn I miss the days when people could actually sing and didn't fill their videos with half naked women.

Anyway I have gotten to my own self imposed 20 video limit. After doing this post, I have just come to the realisation how crappy most music nowadays is. I think I am going to protest by never buying a cd again! Oh wait, I don't buy cds...........

Have a nice day!


viki said...

I really feel you Aco. Music is realy crappy these days.Anyway there are some good one's out there.check out Kem and Corinne Bailey Rae...

>d® said...

Good stuff. It's refreshing to listen to throwbacks like this. Isn't it surprising how you find out you know all the words?

Couch 'tato said...

damn if only i could access the videos

1.but yes BBD rocks remember "DO ME" smack it flip it rub it own oh no...i need a body bag

t time was six oclock on the swatch watch

2.LOL Cameo

3.Did u talk about milli vanilli...girl u know its true and its a tragedy for e to sy the drea is over....mmm mmm mm

we shud collabo on a flashback as well

The Devious One said...

waaaaa. which archive did u get this vids from ? lol
awesome...def took me back memory lane
Tato resurfaces too ???

egm said...

Ah, Aco, so the secret to bring folks out of the woodwork was posting 80s and 90s videos? Eh, okay, even me let me go dig up some.

Lakini these tunes bring back memories. Good stuff!

Acolyte said...

@ viki
Thanks for passing by! Kem and corinne are good! I have some of their music.
Throwbacks rock!Yes it's amazing how good the memory is!
@ couch tato
What's wrong?Slow net connection?
@ Devious One
It's amazing what turns up if you search hard enough!
@ egm
By all means necessary you know!

m said...

That's the stuff boss!! I think the older you get the more you appreciate the classics. Especially since siku hizi kuna upuzi kama "Shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy..." Aaargh!!!

bankelele said...

As for contemporary music, can't remember when I last bought a CD (probably Blueprint II) - now am just satified with what's on radio. The modern R&B is so flat, you can't tell who's who, while most new rap songs are blinged out/half naked/unbelievable tales
- Grace Jones was a singer?
- Billy Ocean & Lionel Richie classics are still timeless

Anonymous said...

I wish i could watch the videos. Takes me back to much more carefree days. Great stuff!

Acolyte said...

@ M
I see we are pamoja.Music nowadays is the shambles!
@ Bankelele
I see I am not alone in my contempt.
Shocking but true, Grace Jones was a singer!
@ aegeus
Sorry about the poor connection.

Anonymous said...

when Going gets tough..Billy ocean...
Gillette world sports

Self Control ..Laura brannigan
Hot stuff...Donna summer

Ride on Time...bb
Strike it up...Black Box

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
You are so correct! I was wondering what was taking so long!Next post I will add those tracks!

Drumer said...

Very interesting
I'm adding in RSS reader