Monday, December 04, 2006

Security, Spamming and Too Many Bashes!

Mozilla hung, so the first part of this post is gone, so I guess I'll have to wing it.
I was reading this, and it was a rather sad story. It just got me to thinking how bad the security situation has gotten in Kenya. I have also been wondering, whatever happened to the Police stations that were meant to be set up and staffed by police trained to deal with crimes like rape, which are usually not handled very well by the present police force? Or was that just the usual empty promises that the government gives Kenyans?

Talking about politics, there has been someone who has been spam commenting my blog with politically laced comments. When I restarted blogging after "The Battle for Freedom" I set up some rules. One of those rules was to comment on the post in question. If the anon who is doing this wants to comment on politics and tell us why Kibaki is good and Raila is bad, then there are the correct blogs and forums for that. When I want to read about politics those are the blogs that I visit as do most other Kenyan bloggers, when I want some casual reading ; I read blogs like mine. So please keep your comments to yourself, unless they are relevant.

Moving on, I can't live like this anymore!!!! The Russians next door have had parties every Saturday night for the last 3 weeks! Add to this the fact that a pal of mine had her birthday bash on Friday night. 2 parties in a row have made it so that I have been waking up at noon. Why oh why do people have to start having parties when finals are around the corner?! It just isn't right!
Anyway during Saturday's bash I met this chic whom my room mate had been harping on and on about, and I must say that I was impressed. Needless to say, I was not the only one; irregardless of her boyfriend's presence the hyena's were in full force. Later in the night she had an arguement with her boyfriend and he left without her, he doesn't go to school here so the distance seems to be a problem. That sight elated my roomie to no end.

Talking about hyena's reminded me of Friday's bash. A lesbian chic pal of mine was celebrating her birthday so I popped in. The crowd was a bit thin at one point so I gave a p-file (read first para for explanation) a call and she came over with a friend. She was looking great and we were having a ball. Thing is that my pal thought my p-file was hot too and tried to get in one the action twice! Pulling her off my lap (there was a shortage of seats!) and horning in on the dancefloor. But that was all that happened and mwenjoyo continued.And yes my p-file only likes boys or as nakeel would say, she likes dickson; I had to make sure I wasn't going to bark up the wrong tree!

When do lesbians rock?

Because when you check out a chic, she checks out the chic with you!
When do lesbians not rock?
When they try to get with the chic you are trying to get with!

Don't ya'll just love this song? It just shows how good music used to be! I have a post ready full of great songs of the 80's and 90's for tommorrow so you can know what I am talking about.

Anyway now because of all that fun I am behind in my term papers, project and studying. Damn these bashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Girl next door said...

This womans experience is horrifying. I'm amazed she had the courage to share it. Rape is such a serious crime and should get the harshest punishments. The victims need so much support so it's a shame police stations don't have people to deal with this sensitive issue.

It sucks that so much exciting stuff happens when it's time for finals. I'm also trying to finish papers but there are too many distractions.

Half 'n' half said...

Sad. Kenyan politicians and public servants will never do anything if they dont benefit directly. Rape is such a harrowing experience.

Well term papers are payback for all the fun you have during the ENTIRE year!

Movie Buff said...

You know, that rape story is very sad. I think its time that Kenyans help themselves because it is obvious that the government is not going to do anything.

Im troubled about this.

Let me go think about it!

Don_quixote said...

A rape is the worst thing that can happen to some one, saddest thing is in the society there is soo much shame associated with being a victim of rape, that anyone who has been raped is victimised twice, first by the actual rape and second by society. Its sad that our goverment is yet to see the severity of the whole scenerio, all they know is how to make are empty promises during election time.

by the way let me sema eh, NARUTO COOL!!!!!!!!! thats like my favourite manga right now.

Acolyte said...

@ Girl Next Door
I commend that lady for her strength. Finals time sucks!
@ half n half
That pisses me off, Kenya politicians are all talk and no action.I hate finals!
@ movie buff
I think Nairobi Women's Hospital was a step in the right direction, now all we need is for more to be done in regards prevention and punishment.
Do blog about it.
@ Don Q
It serves no purpose to punish a victim at all!
As for Naruto, if you are interested and dont mind reading sub titles; I could direct you to a site that has episode 1 - 206 (the latest).

§anaa said...

Aco, kwani you got "axed" from the KBW list? I was looking for ur blog wapi.

Acolyte said...

Sanaa umekuwa wapi! That was a cause of a lot of drama and some heated posts. Just sign up for my feed if you want to read my blog.

mutumia said...

sasa Aco. Dropping in to say hi to youusedtobemyhomieyou usedtobemyexfuturebabydaddy.

How's it going? yeah, that story is doubly scary for the sheer lenthg of time they had to be together with the rapists. Happy writings and musings of the academic knid...

Udi said...

Yaani i wish i was there if there are bashes every sato. Me i have been kunywaing at local bar all weekend

egm said...

That is indeed a horrifying thing to have to go through. What would make a human being inflict such harm on another, I fail to understand. It is sad that, as Charlotte puts it, such cases of rape continue to rise. And the fact that one of the men was claiming that their time was nigh, thus their spree of rape makes for an even scarier situation. Since with nothing to lose, they figure they can get away with anything. Pole to all that have gone through this nightmare.

As for the music, yup, the 80s and 90s had good stuff. Asante for that flashback moment!

All the best on your papers and exams.

Proud Nyeuthi said...

Women have become an endangered species. Maybe it is time to do what we do when animals are endagered. Create programmes to educate men on how to nurture and care for women again. National campains on the importance of protecting women. How about that?

Don_quixote said...

Sawa hook me up.

gishungwa said...

Now that is courage, having heard Dr. Sam of Nairobi Womens Hosp talk of the rape and its damages am appalled that the govt has done little to sensitize the people on this. It drives me mad that in the govt didnt have alot to do in the 16days against gender violence.Even worse that now that the me are also being raped when do we intend to do something about this like allocate some funds to centres like this that do so much for these poor women at no cost at all.
Dont you worry about the term papers, you will find a way to get them done. Do try and enjoy as much.

egm said...

Most have written that the government needs to set up centers to sensitize men on this issue. That is all good, however, we too can play a role in this. How about teaching our sons that this is wrong? Have them realise that they should treat other human beings with dignity? I remember a post KM had one time where she talked of how one of her brothers was given quite the charazo by their father after he had pushed her or something to that effect, and was told to never ever lay his hand on a woman. Things like these where parents take an active role in shaping their sons' attitudes towards women will go much much farther than anything the government could ever do.

Proud Nyeuthi said...

@Egm, you are absolutely right. Serikali is not the only entity that can fix this. We all have a social responsibility to each other to do something about the problem.