Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kenya's Next Top Model and Memories....

We men have this wonderful thing that is called an ego.Ego makes us men feel that we are masters of the universe, when we can't even manage our bedroom. The same extends to the area of looks. Take a peak at the picture below.

I know some of you know him. What I would like to ask him is,
"Who the hell told you that you were sexy in that pic?!" alongside "What were you thinking?!"
That is not one of those mysterious brooding looks, seems more like a "where did all my muscle definition go?" pose. I am not going to comment on how he looks half asleep giving him that "Damn I'm so sleepy but I have to get dressed and bounce", kind of look.

Time for men like this to be schooled Aco style. First of all you have no business taking pics like that unless they are going to be on your cd cover. But if you must, make sure your chest is not parallel to your stomach! I know some of you are moaning about joining a gym, but that is the price that has to be paid for bragging rights. An easy start is making sure you do at least 30 press-ups every morning. A one pack isn't that good looking but at least his is flat, some sit ups are in order. Last piece of advice, don't keep friends who let you take such pictures and then distribute them over the internet.

Moving on, I love the ad below. Dude was busted so hard!!!!!!!!!!!

It reminds me of how I at times get myself in trouble for remembering funny stuff when I am walking somewhere on my own and smiling to myself. Lucky for me people here think I'm being friendly and smile at me, although it gets hard when I burst into laughter. When life gets boring nothing beats the good old memories.

Anyway I am halfway through my exams, so now it's back to the books!


Movie Buff said...


You are so wrong!
Wrong on so many levels...

I dont know what to say to you!

Anonymous said...

You keep coming up with pictures of kenyans around yet last time I checked you were in the US of A. The aa day(kenyanspeak),it was the smitta n now this kaguy.WHO IS YOUR MOLE HERE? EH?

Kenyanchick said...

I'd left a message, but blogger ate it!

Speaking of eating, I'm glad I hadn't had breakfast before seeing this sad, sad picture.

I am giving him a very profound and heartfelt moment of silence.

Girl next door said...

Don't know who this guy is, but hope he was drunk or inhaling something when he allowed this pic to be taken and posted.

Acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Some things have to be put in the light!
@ anon
Imagine I am all out!Want to be my new mole?
@ kenyanchick
Pole bout the blogger snafu. Please buy the young man a gym membeship!
This dude is one of our media personalities in Kenya.I hope he was drunk too!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Majonzi said...

he is bringing sexy back :)

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
sorry but this is a politically neutral zone.
@ majonzi
More like taking it back!

The Devious One said...


-Pectoral muscles

-Chest hairs, damn dude doesnt have to have the amazon on his muscleless chest but a hair or two is suffice..

- What is with that look on his face, was he tryin to be sexy ? or did he jus wake up from a night of binge drinking local brews ?

-last but not least...what is with potruding navel....

mocha said...

Aki you peeps are least he has the guts! LOL!!!

Aco...ebu weka a pic of your pack. We dont need to see the face, just what that gym membership has done for you.

And no, we won't salivate! tihihihihi

Archer said...

That dude at the top has nashed vibaya sana. Is he showing off his ribs or trying to be sexy? LOL!!

Archer said...

Hey cool avatar man! It moves!!

Ichiena said...

Mhmmm...30 press-ups in the morning. Anything's worth trying.

Couch Tato? Couch Tato!

Wacha I go call him to read this....

Chatterly said...

LOL!!! who is that dude bana? he looks like he just got back from a kumikumi den?

Proud Nyeuthi said...

Hehehe, enyewe that chap kaaz drunken. At least ngozi yake ni nyororo. Give him what is due.

Don_quixote said...

1.A sore sight for the eyes.
2.Egos aside erm i mean jokes aside.
4.some one call the MMPA(male models police agency.
Those are just but a few ways i can describe that picture. Me blames the photographer i mean seriously could he/she not just tell the guy, "hapana that just wount do".

Aco by the way where is my naruto link?

Acolyte said...

@ devious one
That dude took away sexy instead of bringing it back!
@ mocha
Ngoja! sema ngwe!
@ archer
dude thinks he's hot!Thanks!
@ ichiena
Do reach him chap chap!
@ chatterly
He is one of Kenya's media personalities.
@ proud nyeuthi
Lol at least you said something nice!
@ Don Q
Poignant points you have brought up!I have put the link as a comment on your latest post.

Couch 'tato said...

is that navel an outtie or an innie

couch tato be right here itchy-ena...achana na 30 push ups try askin him if he can lift that remote with the finese that i do

teej said...

His belly button is just nasty. Complete turnoff.
He looks to me like he just woke up and someone is roughing him up! Was that supposed to be a sexy pose? If he lipad the photographer, he should ask for his money back. I mean, really!

lol @ the person that said he's bringing sexy back! Thats mean!
What's the guyz name?