Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just About The Ladies!

I came across this article on the BBC website and it seems women are changing with the times. I mean when it gets to the level where some establishments that sell alcohol do not welcome large groups of women, then you know it is an issue. Another article I read had this bouncer who said drunk women are harder than men to deal with because despite him being far larger than them, they will still try and fight him and in the process of restraining them it is far easier to hurt a woman. He went on to say in his years some of the most violent acts he has seen by drunk people have been at the hands of women. I have this Kenyan chic pal whom I stopped clubbing with because she rarely failed to get into a fight or confrontation of sorts as soon as she had some alcohol in her. This thanksgiving the only fight I saw was between two chics. Not to say that men don't fight but this whole issue of women diving into the fray is somewhat disturbing!

Moving on we all know that a month or so ago, MYWO (Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation), Kenya's national organisation for women had elections. For some reason or other I didn't read feminist blogs harping about it. Why wouldn't they? This was the perfect example for women to show that they are far more savvy and civil when it comes to politics as compared to men. Those blogs always go on about how things will get much better when women are given a chance to take the reins. Why then didn't I see the issue of the elections on the blogs?
Well for one reason. They were no different then what goes on in the "patriachal" parties. First things first, the elections were 2 years late. They were also marred by violence and corruption.
Complaints are still being heard about the election. So what have we learned today? That women in themselves are not a panacea for the ills that bedevil Kenyan politics. The rot goes far deeper than gender people.

On a more humourus note. There was this chic I was in uni with in Kenya who gave two guys an STD. She was also a member of the university basketball team. After the news got round about her condition, there was this one dude who took it upon himself to warn the others. When she got on the court with the rest of the team, he would run around the court screaming; "tutachomeka tutachomeka!" Basically meaning that everyone is going to catch her STD (burn).
Needless to say after this happening 2-3 times she quit playing. I think it had something to do with the stares and the laughter.
Stay safe and don't burn!


StackOfStiffys said...

Fao! Archer, it's your turn!

Well written Aco. The ladies, as you all know, get-off by being too idealistic rather than practical. Those with the gift of the gab are viewed as urbane by the female masses, hence they would get no votes. Whilst they would make good leaders, most ladies do not know how to campaign for a start. I know a lady politician whose first words on a podium at public rally were 'We are tired of men who are corrupt'. Looking around most of the attendees were men. The MYWO elections were a sham, and I'll be sure to stay safe this Christmas season, not from STD but the violent ladies....

Anonymous said...

where did you come from. thought i was fao!

Anonymous said...

Drunk women turning violent is indeed disconcerting since as the bouncer said, its pretty difficult to restrain one without injuring her. (They bruise easily).

That MYWO was embarassing. Seeing peoples mothers behave like that! Aii!

ROTFL at the Basketball 'fan' campaigner against 'burning'!

Archer said...

Walalalalalalalala! Damn you Stackofstiffys! Pole sana Aegeus! Still in top 5 though. Off to read!

Itchie Geezy said...

i think ladies weren't made for beer.The MYWO saga on the other hand was so hurting if i think it in the context of mothers to be the sole drivers of the nation i mean that scenario was so pathetic,so pathetic by exemplar.

bantutu said...


Archer said...

I also expected the women over at MYWO to set an example to the rest by carrying out peaceful, organised free and fair elections but guess what? They didn't. Why am I not surprised.

About STDs, there was this chic with loose morals here two years ago and it was suspected that she had an STD. So one night she was chatting up a boy of mine in the pub, and just as they were leaving the club, guys called him back, put their hands above their heads forming an X and started singing ("notorious" by BIG and Lil Kim?) but as "Gonorrhoea! She has! She has! Go...go...go...go...gonorrhoea!" That was just nasty! Forgive me for polluting your blog with such filth!

Gathara said...

Those chicks who chokoza the bouncer probably wacha their jamaas to "pick up the tab"! Personally, I fear going out with such mamas. All they do is earn you beatings from the chaps they chokoza. And if you toroka, they (and their buddies, and all chicks watching and their pals)call you a wimp...or worse. Bottom line: No sex for you for a long time.

Ichiena said...

Even bouncers fear them and ati they are called the "weaker sex"? (wink, wink)

Re the STD - a year or so back a story was doing the rounds about an HIV +ve mama in a public university who went round deliberately infecting 200 jamaas and then posted their names on the notice board. Chaos. Good (if you can call it that), is several people started using the head on their shoulders after that.

Acolyte said...

@ stack
Congrats! I do see the difference between idealism and reality. As for chics, jihadhari!
@ aegeus
I heard it was a hoot!As for the fan, that dude was crazy!
@ itchie g
Women and hard liqour are a lethal combo
@ bantutu
That woman always shines! Don't play with fire now!lol!
@ archer
There is no diff between Kenyan men and women at the end of the day.Corruption tele!
Your boys are on a level of their own, they have beat the fire dude!
@ gathara
I dont waste my time with such chics, I enjoy being able to talk and walk. I guess it's a lose lose deal with such mamas.
@ ichiena
Strength isnt always in size!
I think I did blog about that story, a sad state of affairs really.

GND said...

Almost got into a fight at Rugby 7s in L.A. when some random chic (who we didn't even know) tried to pick a fight with my buddy. Luckily my friend's bro was close by. I'm not a violent person, but I can't stay silent if someone crosses the line.

Haven't kept up with the MYWO saga. I believe women should be part of the leadership. But one shouldn't be a leader only because they're a woman--they need to have skills.

That incident was so embarassing for the chic with the STD!