Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On Reading

I read M's post the other day regarding the attack of the literati. One question I would like to ask, what is more important? What you read? Or the fact that you read? A reading habit in itself is hard to cultivate, and I think anyone who goes out of their way to read when they don't have to should be lauded. But it is apparent others feel different.

I examine what I read most of the time and I think according to the criteria M's critics set up, I am an epitome of failure. My reading is very varied, I have a copy of Dante's Inferno at home and a Fantastic Four comic nearby. This is what I have been reading lately apart from school stuff, you be the Judge.

Details Magazine - This is not one of those lad mags that are full of pictures of half naked women and how to sleep with them. This magazine actually has some interesting articles and pieces of trivia. But I doubt it meets some people's standards of reading.

Wolverine Origins - I borrowed this graphic novel from the local library. Nothing beats some good art and a roaring tale to finish up the day. Another failure in some many people's eyes.

Certain Prey is one of those crime thrillers that is part of a series with the same protagonist throughout. It made for good reading, what I liked most is the fact that the villain(ess) is human, flawed, likeable and gets away at the end of the book! I doubt it meets the intellectual standards expected of literature though.

Men's Health - I guess now you all know that I love to read mens' magazines (after all I am a man!). I do enjoy the health tips and general advice that is given in this magazine (I don't mean the dress for more sex article!). I don't think it is as good as the South African version due to all the adverts (my small bro tears them all out).

Things Fall Apart - I do think that I have found redemption by reading Chinua Achebe's yarn about the rise and fall of Okonkwo. Or maybe it is too little too late because according to the literati schedule I should have read this 15 years ago.

On writing - No I am not jocking M's style, just his pic. I came with this book from Kenya and forgot all about it. It makes for good reading and an even better learning experience.

Moving on, when I finished watching the video below, I swear there was a faint smell of weed in the room.

Important Announcement! I should be leaving town soon and that means I will be staying at my sister's till I set myself up in my own place. As a result my muses will not be with me and instead of subjecting you and me to substandard blogging, I will blog 3 times a week instead. Don't be sad, Tato and I have H.I.P.P.I.E part 2 - 4 on the way!
Happy Jamuhuri Day!


Archer said...

FAO!! Mocha, Devious, Movie Buff, Stackofstiffys, Aegeus etc EAT MY DUST!

Girl next door said...

I love discussions about books and reading. It's a great habit to have. One of these days, I'll display the contents of my bookshelf on my blog.

stackofstiffys said...

@Archer: The dust has settled I can't even eat it!

@Aco: I think judging by M's standards, I am a failure too and probably have been a failure since I discoverd e-books, and I now do most of my reading on the computer. The redaing is mainly technical and I am currently deciphering info from some programming manuals. Howe ver, my more than 1 GB collection of e-books even has a few novels, journals and magazines motivational, health and fitness books etc. The only problem is that when you read a book on your computer, you rarely finish it, the internet always beckons,ama is it just me? Happy Jamhuri Day too.

Acolyte said...

@ archer
My reading constantly evolves, so I guess next month I will have a new post to put up.
@ stack
I used to do e-books but I find reading from the monitor very tiring even if it is a flat screen.I will try to get back to them, I still have to finish my photoshop tutorials.

mocha said...

LOL @ Archer!

Enjoy your time at your sister's place...LOL! I am sure you will be back in full form with mingi stories.

As for reading books or any other form of literature, let me read M's post and I may get back to you!

Happy Jamhuri to you too!!!

amber said...

Aco, you are right it is more the reading habit rather than the actual material that makes sense. A reading habit for me means a curious mind, and that can even extend to billboards and bumper stickers!
A lot of people who read 'serious' stuff, are just posers,in that even the most 'serious' of readers have a closet 'non-serious reading habit', be it Barbara Cartland or the Harlequin series. As long as one reads, even if it is porn or the Bible, the whole point is that one reads.

Acolyte said...

@ mocha!
I dont know if that is possible but I will try my best!
@ amber
I think as long as one is reading, they can work their way up to somethng lofty. We all didnt start out with the classics I think.

Anonymous said...

Which dust? You are so far in front your tracks have already disappeared!

Reading is reading, it does not matter, labels too - amazing what info lies there! As with exercise, you start slow and then build up to more tedious regimens.

CH8008 said...

Interesting article in the Details magazine: So is your girlfriend plotting to get pregnant behind your back? Who's the daddy? And what do you have to say about this whole matter? Live Strong!

xx said...

hey there,
I have been lurking about your blog for a while. This is really good reading and entertainment material....kenya style.

Keep it up!

Ichiena said...

All the best at sis's. And so you chapa a pic of that telly stand you had.

I recently migrated to e-books. and realised there's no way i gonna read an entire book online. So i print out and read at leisure.

Acolyte said...

@ aegeus
A book is a book, no matter the name huh?
@ ch8008
Well that article does not refer to single me! I will blog about similar issues soon!
@ xx
Always good to know that I have someone new reading my blog! Thanks for the vote of confidence!
@ ichiena
Too late, the stand has been disassembled. I too retired from e-books a long time back.

Dr. C. Sophia said...

I am just reading this post (as I never like throwing out mail before I've had a chance to view it) causing my in box to have a continues 10,000+ pieces of mai. Yet, I wanted to add this one book to your list that I've read and found it enthralling. The book is titled "Word Made Flesh" by Jack O'Connell. I would not recommend it those who are sensitive or faint of heart as the book is painfully descriptive. But, it would be an excellent assignment for those whose majors are Ethics, Philosophy, Theology...