Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Kubaff, A Mboch and My worst grade....

This kubaff decided to go around UK spreading AIDS and in typical British fashion they had to highlight the fact that he was African. I have noticed that in British media they never fail to mention the fact that someone is African or Caribbean whenever someone of color is involved in an AIDS issue but don't seem to talk about it much whenever it is a white Briton,American or someone from another country.
So what happens?Everyone begins to connect Africans with AIDS.But on the other hand that kubaff needs to be arrested and put behind bars!This crap of people spreading AIDS willingly shouldn't be tolerated at all!But on the other hand some people sleep around so much that pin pointing exactly who gave it to you is a task and a half, so what happens is that everyone you slept with gets hauled in for testing?
I can imagine the drama at someone's office if the public health office call and tell the receptionist to ask you to report to your nearest clinic for HIV testing. Okay I do know that they are more tactful than that most of the time.
By the way, how easy are UK women? That dude looked like one hot mess in his leopard skin jacket!

On to today's theme song!I am sure most of us grew up with a house girl in the house. Their importance to Kenyans is vastly under appreciated. One only has to look at America where only the rich can afford to have hired help and have instead to use mod cons to get the work done and stay at home to look after their children for the formative years at least, if they want to go out they have to hire a babysitter or send their children to daycare which in many cases resembles a warehouse for children. Studies have proven that daycare is rarely beneficial for children, but back to the subject at hand. In Kenya if a mother gets a good house girl they can go back to work much faster after having children, give a bit more concentration to work and have a life outside their homes.
But in return few house girls get fair pay, are overworked and forced to live in poor conditions. Then of course there is always the ever present specter of seduction by the man or men of the house. I do recall a friend of mine whose mum would only hire very ugly old women to be the mboches of the house because they were a family of 3 teenage boys.
I do recall a friend of mine who told me how an aunt to his cousin came from upcountry with a pretty young girl to be their house maid. His cousin and the brother took one look at her and were delirious.
The next day without giving any reason the girl said she could not work in that house and went back with the aunt, what had actually happened is that the cousin and his brother had subjected the girl to some tag team action since she was sleeping in the room next to theirs and the aunt was sleeping downstairs.
I also had a neighbor whose wife used to travel often leaving him in town with their young children and the house girl. For some reason house girls never used to last in that house and the wife thought it was because they were bad workers. The truth was that he would bed them and when he got bored or they refused to be seduced he would fire them.
I am sure that we all know some other story like that of the abuse of domestic workers in Kenya, which is shameful because of the great service they do us as a society.

I got my lowest grade in grad school. A C grade. Yes a C in my uni is 75% and above so in one way I do feel less appalled. But what makes me smile is because it was in Quantitative Analysis. That is higher level statistics. Here you don't only solve the statistical quandry but you analyse the results and how they relate to your hypothesis. Memorising formulas ala 8-4-4 is of no help at all here! So the fact that this gentleman here who used to get Ds in high school math managed to get that grade is nothing short of a miracle. But on the other hand I do have the feeling I could have gotten a B if I put my head down a bit earlier. Oh well you live and you learn. Now to wait on the other grades to confirm that I am done with the 'ville!
Anyone remember this tune?
Someni vijana, someni kwa bidii; kisha kwa kusoma. Mtapta kazi nzuri sana!


mocha said...

With friends in high places....I beat y'all this time!


Now, off to soma!

mocha said...

That HIV dude is one of many! Its a shame that the kind of publicity such selfish stunts poses on Africans who have the guts to visit a GUM clinic to be tested for STDs. Just be on the safe side.

As for mboches....its true how under valued their services are. Then, when did it start being fashionable to lay one on the hush hush? This is one phenomenon that is quiet puzzling.

As for your grades...let me come back!

Acolyte said...

@ mocha
Those ppl who perpetuate stereotypes piss me off!
People have been shagging their mboches for years!
I am waiting on my final grade.
@ Anonymous
You have read my warnings about spam comments of a political nature.One more time and I block your ip.

Mimmz said...

Tug team for the mboch? Seriously? I have laughed hard.

As for the HIV positive African, bubudiu tupu hiyo.

And a C in Qualitative Analysis (shudders with recollection) is not ati to be considered atiiii shabbyyy atiii... zee.

Movie Buff said...

These mboch storos dont even shock me anymore. I have heard so many that I have no words....

a C???
A C???

I have an exam in less than one hour... I have done nothing so far....... lol......... As in this semester has chokeshad me I am just ready for it to END!

Acolyte said...

@ mimmz
I tell you, it is a harsh world out there for mboches!
That course was not a joke at all!
@ movie buff
Ebu share those storos! My dear friend a C is 70% and over. From one who used to get 25% in maths I feel that is well earned!
Best of luck with the paper!

GND said...

It is so annoying that when one black dude does something, it's extended to the entire African continent!

So much drama revolves around housegirls. They're under appreciated as you said. They're usually powerless so they end up taking crap from their employers.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the hoity toity brits all in keeping up appearences, at whatever cost, that they are better than anyone else, esp. colored folk, indian, african, etc.

Mboches wana shida nyingi. Too many stories on that one, may do a post one of these days.

Congratulations on the C in gathafu.

Kenyanchick said...

Ati "the dude looked like a hot mess." I was thinking the same thing! I mean, damn, how much alcohol would you need to have consumed to find that dude even remotely attractive?

And yeah, it pisses me off when people like him do that kind of crap, and then the papers insist on referring to them as "Africans." It's only deep into the story that they mention that he's Zimbabwean.

bantutu said...

Ok I lost my comment....
I feel you on the mboches...Altho am of the opinion that they shuld wisen up, if the mbuyu of the house shaggs them and the bring forth offspring....they should claim their rights!! Mboch yuu chapwa buti na anaambiwa ati ameiba doe...the she's left with the mkidi....So sad!!
The ka-mdudu saga is sad!

acolyte said...

That stereotyping pisses me off to no end!
@ aegeus
That white is right crap bores me! As for those tales, do share!
@ kenyanchick
I think those gals had jungle fever or sumthin!

Acolyte said...

@ bantutu
The plight of some of these workers is long and hard.

coldtusker said...

LOL... I remember that tune from the primary school quizzes & debates!

Ichiena said...

LOL! Aco, it's:

Waliokosa kusoma. Wafanye kazi kwa bidii. Waambie watoto. Kusoma kweli kunafaidisha

Someni vijana. Mwongeze pia bidii. Mwisho wa kusoma. Mtapata kazi nzuri sana.

Prousette said...

That banda guy does merit a second look only after several drinks but then again it is a question of different strokes (pun intended) for different folks.

This business of getting down with househelps is really a recent phenomenon or is it that people talk about it nowadays.

I hated that song with a passion as we would be made to listen to it severally a quest to make us work harder.

Dp said...

That song and another one that went something like "amka kemukucha kamata jembe na panga twende kazi... hata wewe kijana amka kumekucha..." and to imagine you've just come back from your night outings ARGH!!

Acolyte said...

@ coldtusker
Yep that was one of our golden oldies!
@ Ichiena
now you are on another level! You even know the lyrics!
@ prou
I guess you have hit the nail on the head coz that dude looks hideous to me!
That song is totally irrelevant nowdays!
@ dp
Not the best tune when you are going home from Nairobi West is it?