Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How Soon, How Sad and How Interesting

A question for the ladies. How soon is too soon when finally agreeing to go to bed with a man? I know most of you will say the first night is too soon, but I have met women who have said that if the connection is there it could happen. This is a tricky question that often adds to the issues between men and women, we all like to have firm resolves as regards it but that isn't often the case. I'd like to get people's thoughts on this (both male and female), and please be honest!

Moving on Mushir Salem Jawher, born Leonard Mucheru is screwed! After giving up his Kenyan citizenship to become a Bahraini national, he had his citizenship revoked after running in an Israeli marathon. It seems that he didn't read the small print on the dotted line. To add insult to injury Kenyan authorities have refused to give him back Kenyan nationality thus rendering him stateless. I like many other Kenyans am a big supporter of dual citizenship but since the current constitution doesn't allow it, Mushir/Leonard chose to become Bahraini to pad his wallet and uplift his living standards. But I doubt the law books ever envisioned his current quandry, his next course of action? The Terminal I guess.

For those of you who harbour and interest in African news but would like an African opinion devoid of the Western bias; I came across African Path. As a reader I find it very convienient to be able to get African sports, business, politics and current affairs on one page; as opposed to jumping from page to page and being restricted to only "major" events on many other sites. In addition to the up to date reporting, the site also hosts links to several African based or centered blogs and has several bloggers whose work appears on the site ( I intend on doing a weekly commentary of sorts sometime in the future). I do think that this fledgling site is a good platform for African bloggers and examination of issues relevant to Africa as a whole, so do pass by it when you can! By Africa for Africans!


Joshua Wanyama said...

I thought this runners story was the funniest thing. Now will JKIA or Dubai International be the best place for him to set up shop. Lord knows Bahrain ain't gonna let him land in their country. He did the Jew thing.

Acolyte said...

@ joshua
If I was him I would stick in Dubai, the facilities are much more cleaner and so are the cells!

Kenyanchick said...

There are people teteyaing for that stupid runner, ati Gava should give him his citizenship back because deep inside he's still Kenyan, ati he has also invested heavily in Kenya, blah, blah...

Nonsense. He barely looked back when he was dashing towards petrodollars, (even changing his name, a move that would astonish even hardcore langas). He's an idiot and I feel no pity for him what the F%*& soever.

WanjaKihii said...

On the sex issue, i think if it feels right drop the pants and get on with it there and then, lust is very fickle

but if looking for love..its a different ball game all together.

Thats my honest 2cent worth comment

Half 'n' half said...

That sheehen (whatever) story was quiet hilarious! He does deserve it really!

On the sex issue, if a chick sees boyfriend potential in the guy, then the first date sex might seem a bit slutty but if not, then first date sex is okay

Anonymous said...

hahaha @leornard, . .i dought this guy has watched the Terminal!!!
If I were him I would stay in Kenya,.that way,..if u follow the script of the film, hell hook up with a mama,..local one I might add . haha

abt the first issue,..if ti feels right n the chic is wifey material then i think u should chill, but if its just for kicks, then go for it

Itchie Geezy said...

I dont quite really blame kenyan escapists on the issue since its an opinionated one.But on the side of enjoying the national cake,may be they just need to rethink.

Getting laid is nowadays easier,i bet.

aegeus said...

I am still undecided on the issue since the relationships that lasted longest were ones where sex was on the tray pronto. The ones where sex came into play later on did not last very wrong.
So i vote, drop them knickers and work on the other stuff as it comes. That is my two cents.

Movie Buff said...

LOL @ the terminal.

See... Ignorance is bliss. PERFECT Example.

How soon is too soon? I think its a personal thing. People have different notions on the matter. What may work for one person doesnt work for another......

mocha said...

LOL...at how soon? What made you ask?

At 'dual nationality'....ole wake!!! I think we should be granted that priviledge though.

Thanks for the path-link. Very interesting indeed. Friendly layout as well.

How be you?

bomseh said...

TZ have now allowed dual citizenship.he should polish his swa and go to TZ. anyway, wacha akule ngumu ili iwe fundisho kwake na wenzie wanaoikimbia nchi.

on how soon,the sooner the better, so that you know whether you are compatible rather than wasting time and resources only to find out later that you are not.

Quintessence said...

Interesting Q...I think if ppl are real with each other you can oft tell from the get go if it's a clande or blossoming of a relationship...for the former as long as you're both on the same page the sooner the better...and guys PLS don't play games, buy flowers/stuffed animals nyep nyep, women are liberal enough to make the decision/choice to be engaged in a clande...the key is you both have to haaaave to be on the same page (and for christs sake make sure you're reading the same book)...can't comment much on IF it's a relationship blossoming!!!

isibingo said...

what happened to DUAL citizenship Act?

Anonymous said...

Black Panther

isibingo said...

c4IDEA.com is a resource network that helps individuals and organizations exchange innovative and proactive ideas; to develop world-class Kenyan leaders in different professions and disciplines.

acolyte said...

@ Kenyanchick
I guess he has learnt the hard way that all that glitters is not gold!
@ wanjak
I guess things get complicated once feelings get into the picture huh?
@ half n half
Damn, seems there are differences even in first day sex views.
@ anon
I dont think the chap is in Kenya at the moment, that is part of the problem.
@ itchie g
Please share your adventures so we can see if it is as simple as you say it is.
@ aegeus
Well it is true that long waiting time builds false expectations but on the other hand can't it happen too fast too soon?
@ movie buff
To each his/her own it seems!
@ mocha
I am sawa, enjoy the site!
@ bomeseh
I think we should learn from TZ and follow suit asap! Seems more people here are pro sooner rather than later.
@ quint
unfortunately at times being blunt makes women run away, some want to be taken round in circles.
@ isibingo
Probably gathering dust on some Minister's desk.Thanks for the link!
@ anon
Thanks for the link

Proud Nyeuthi said...

First, "Getting laid is nowadays easier." Is the most random thing I had read today. Thanks Itchie.

On getting laid, clande things are in order, as long as there is a mutual agreement that they are just that. I have heard of too many cases where one person was in a relationship while the other was 'passing by'. Giving it up at first glance is kidogo pushing it, but if both parties are game, hey...

That Shaheen fellow amekaa mbaya. I'm still ruminating on whether we want him back as a nation, but I know one thing, kuuliza si ujinga. He should have asked how come others have not gone before him to that tourna.

Odegle said...

what do we lose as a country by allowing the man back to kenya? in fact i think its bahrain which has lost in this saga!

Gay Nairobi Man said...

The gava has now allowed the dude back in. Before this, i was of the opinion that we let him back him like a mwana mpotevu.

On the first issue, i think the first night is too soon although my position is from a different perspective. Often in our society, one night stands are the way coz long relationships are not common or even easy to sustain

Majonzi said...

hmm, great links-- the African path one is great! Here's another one. Kenya Imagine This one looks like a collection of writers on political and social issues in Kenya.

Amber said...

It is normally better to get the sex out of the way,then see if you have anything else in common. As aegeus said, those kind of relationships last longer because there is no nonsense of playing games, with her holding out for the 'L' word (or something like it) and him plying her with whatever it takes to get laid then taking off. If it is first night,so be it,sometimes you end up with life-long friends as a result.

Anonymous said...

First date sex is not so good as such...but then again if u intend to date for long u need to exactly know what kind of sex ul b getting.Ud wait for so long and get disappointed clioke crazy...so for me second date...if pants r to go down...they go down then

gishungwa said...

to be laid or not to be laid, go with your your gut.
Sheheen should marrya kenyan mama and get his citizenship back easy stuff. Kchick LOL "a move that would astonish even hardcore langas"

Prousette said...

I feel nothing for the mkosa nchi he should have read the small print!

That's a hard question how soon, from experience as soon as comfortably possible definitely; not on the first date especially when looking at a longtime relationship.