Monday, January 08, 2007

Skewed Statistics and Nuptials Nonsense

Lesson of the week. Save, save, save. I lost 2 posts last week, I should have learned to save the draft after I lost the first one. Moving on.....

Some bored journalists at the Nation decided sometime last week to post an article saying that 63% of Kenyan women will never get married. I think that is a big bag of money back gauranteed cow dung!

There is this saying that goes, "there's lies, lies and damn statistics!". I would like to see the size of the sample they used, if it went across all social classes, religions and parts of Kenya. I do agree that the number of marriages may be going down among the middle class but we all know that Kenya isn't a middle class nation at all. There is a large percentage of Kenyans who are pushing the 1 dollar day budget, but the fact that they are doing so doesn't prevent them from getting hitched and having kids. More of them may opt for traditional ceremonies or come we stay but they still get hitched. It's the middle class folk among us who are experiencing the down turn in wedding matrimony numbers. There are a number of factors ranging from men wanting to get the money to "maintain" women, women wanting to hook up with "established" men, people spending more time on their careers and the lessening pressure to get married in many quarters.

Anyway I feel talking anymore about that shambles of a survey will give it's findings some legitimacy. Besides what's this hulaballo about marriage about anyhow? People seem to be so into giving relationship advice, finding you the "one", telling you how to keep the one and all sorts of half assed advice. That reminds me of sometime during the days when I thought that the Acolyte could be guided by organised religion and went for a church meeting. Yes, I had my church days. Anyway after the meeting we got to chatting and that topic came about (is it me or are church folk just in love with the concept of getting married?); anyhow the girl I was talking to says, "you are not whole until you find the other person God has created for you" at that point I gave her the Acolyte eyebrow and said, " I was not created half a person" and then proceeded to add insult to injury by saying that if what she said made sense there would be one man for every woman born. We all know that mortality rates according to gender differ. Some other churches even have Singles Ministries, how come I didn't see Singles mentioned among the groups that should be ministered to and among the first ministries that were created in the early church. Anyone out there would like to answer that for me?

The End is nigh...........

50 cent and book deal? Now those are 2 words I didn't expect to see in the same sentence, I never thought that the average G-unit fan read books that didn't have pictures or pin-ups in them. Coming soon.... G-unit Boys Academy!


Udi said...

LMAO- Fiddy is milking everything in this planet. Next month, watch out for G-Unit vegetables at your local supermarket

The Devious One said...

Hahahahaha ...well said on what U told the chick about everyone finding that "one" person...kubafness galore...

Now as for G-Unit or as this paler than pale donno jack about jungu who once asked me what gunit is ( he read the whole jina as one !!)..I too agree...books and g-unit are not terms that come synonymous to mind !

Now wacha I go find my worse half as Im the better half, since I dont feel whole..tsk tsk

egm said...

That headline caused chaos I tell you. Many are the tales I heard of mothers brandishing that paper at their children as they asked them about why they were not getting married. Hrrmpf!

G-Unit does Shakespeare. Go figure.

Archer said...

Fourth place isn't too bad. Yaani I got beaten by a very jet-lagged EGM? I blame Safaricom and its moody GPRS. Lemme read the post and I'll be back!

Archer said...

1. Acolyte had a Church phase? Sheesh. In that case I should seriously consider getting saved!

2. " that point I gave her the Acolyte eyebrow and said 'I was not created a half person'..." eish Chief!

3. "...there would be one man for every woman born..." Sometimes I think that perhaps it was in God's plan that men should be polygamous. Really. Coz why else would the ratio of men to women be so vast?

You're not the only one who was irked by that article. I just lacked the words to express my thoughts but I have a post on that coming up very soon, as soon as the link between brain and fingers is restored to perfect working condition. But you have a very interesting insight about how the survey was conducted.

About G Unit, how I laughed at all these idiots who went out and bought the full range of attire feeling all G'd up in those tired Air Force One like sneakers. But does 50 have anything more to tell anyone other than "my mama was a drug dealer, I was raised in the projects and GOT SHOT NINE TIMES?" Surely, we sympathise, but if that's the only thing that defines you as a person, aki I'm bila words. So what's next, GOONIT nursery for aspiring wack ass rappers?

Itchie Geezy said...

At tyms i wonder whether polygamy in any sense weird but bearing the current situation am tending to understand the wisdom in the practice.

rumours are that G-unit will be herbalised;gues G-unit herbal. Aniwe the name is groWing household and am just sick of hearing anything about it.

Klara said...

U know what., I think that article helped promote promisiquity, with guys thinkin they are far 2 many women 4 em..U know that ratio thing! & those stastics I never believed em
away with that; Happy Belated New year

Ichiena said...

Aco, after all this time you want to tell me you still dont save your posts! Haidhuru, you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

The latest argument i heard was that those mamas were paid or drugged - who else would be silly enough to pose in a Sunday Nation and make such proclamations!

Ati 50Cent book - lol! Lakini, I always thought the book comes before the movie.

aegeus said...

Total bull! Anyhew, that newspaper is lining one of my shelfs now. I buy 3 papers in the week and they had to put that article in one of them!

And fity, from collabos to books now, Udi, guess what, they may already have the designs ready!

Acolyte said...

@ udi
I used to like g-unit but now it has become too much!
@ Devious one
You would be surprised at how many women take that gospel to heart!Gunit now that's a good one!Good luck!
@ egm
LMAO this was one time I was happy to be in Kenya I tell you!
@ archer
I am not an avid supporter of monogamy or polygamy but I had to deal with that load of bollocks!
I do hear that Kenyans are in love with G-unit clad.
@ itchie
Youre crazy!Looooooooooool!
@ klara
I think the article promoted desparation in the ladies, that's what it did.
Happy 2007 to you too!
@ ichiena
At times I tend to forget but posting will continue irregardless!
@ aegeus
I think that is where that paper belongs, nowhere else apart from the trash maybe.