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Drama Post 7

I have done 4 draft posts today which had nothing to do with the drama post but the Gods of blogging won't let me finish until I get the Drama Post out of my system. So here it is, you'd better enjoy it or I'll be cracking heads!

Kendi sat in her cousin's car and remembered her upcoming appointment with Dr Patel, for a small fee he would be able to buy her some time. She didn't have much money left but at least she would be able to get a way out of her current predicament. Since she was not going to be in town much longer she told her cousin to drive her to Linda's place. She didn't know Linda very well but they had a cordial relationship and it wouldn't hurt to say hello.

Linda and Mary stared at each other wondering what they would have to do. Linda was not seeing her sharing a bed with Mary at all, she always thought Mary's hygiene was suspect and from what she had heard that some girls do when alone in bed with others; she wasn't taking any risks. She considered calling on of her church friends to come over and take Mary to Walmart where she could buy something to sleep on when she head a knock on the door. She asked whoever it was to come in and noticed it was Kendi. One thoughts came to her which wasn't very pleasing, she hoped that Kendi didn't want a favour from her like spending the night; one guest was more than enough. Linda looked closer at Kendi and noticed how tired she looked and loosened up. They exchanged niceties and it seemed that she just wanted to say hello before leaving town for a while, it was then that the thought hit her; maybe she could give Mary a ride to Walmart. She asked Kendi if that was possible and she agreed. They left leaving Linda clearing the sitting room floor for Mary.

An hour later Mary walked into the house with Kendi helping her with her shopping; they were almost overwhelmed by the shopping bags they were carrying. Mary put down the bag she had a pulled out the airbed she had bought from the store and plugged it into the power outlet while Kendi helped put the food that Mary had bought into the freezer. Looking at the sheer amount of food that was being stuffed into the fridge Linda began to think that Mary's stay was going to be longer than she initially requested. She decided not to think to hard about it as she escorted Kendi outside to her cousin's car, went back in and entered her room leaving Mary getting comfortable in her new airbed.

8 or so hours later Kamau woke up with an aching neck and an equally irritated back. He made his way to the washroom in the clubhouse where he brushed his teeth and freshened up, making himself look as fresh as possible. He stepped out into the cool morning air and waited for the shuttle back to the main campus. After what seemed to be a long 15 minutes the Shuttle arrived, Kamau lugged his bag in and took a seat among the other students who had early classes. He laid back on the seat and began to think about where he would stay. He hadn't gotten a job yet and still had fees to pay, it also didn't help that he did not know too many of the other international students. His reverie was interrupted by the sounds of hissing brakes as the Shuttle stopped outstide Main Campus. Kamau disembarked and walked slowly to his class with his bag weighing him down.

At that same time Mary felt like she was sleeping on air which made sense when she realised she was sleeping on an airbed. She turned and looked at her alarm clock, it was 8 am; she knew she didnt have a class till late afternoon so she was in no rush whatsoever. As she pondered what she would do with her time, Lily came out of her room dressed in the usual Uni student wear of a jeans and a t-shirt. Mary said good morning and was anwered by a barely audible grunt, it was obvious to her that someone was not a morning person; Lily took a tub of yoghurt out of the fridge and appeared to be in a rush to leave and all of a sudden turned and looked at Mary.
"When are you going to start looking for an apartment?" she asked.

"Er, today before I go to class, " Mary replied, shocked at how fast the welcome mat was being pulled from under her feet.

"Sawa," Lily replied as she walked out of the front door.

A few minutes later Linda walked out of her room into the kitchen part of the house and made herself a quick cup of coffee. She asked Mary how her night was and what her plans were, like Lily she also enquired about her housing prospects; Mary fended her off by telling her that she was going to start as soon as possible. Linda seemed glad on hearing that news and before leaving told Mary that she had left her room open so that she could watch some cable there before she left to search for an apartment and to go to class.

A few hundred miles away Kendi convinced her cousin to take her to see Dr Patel. Her cousin didn't want to go to that part of downtown Atlanta but she talked her into it after 30 minutes of pleading. The directions for the Doctor's office had them drive past the swanky parts of midtown Atlanta and into the seedier rundown parts of Atlanta where tax payers money allocated to urban renewal seemed to have as much effect as trying to drown a fish. They pulled up outside a grimy 3 story building, Kendi asked her cousin if she was coming out of the car. Kendi's cousin's eyes darted back and forth looking at the foreboding environment full of seemingly destitute characters and she told Kendi that she would wait for her in the car. Kendi rushed up the steps into the building. She looked at the buildings directory and struggled to read it as it was barely legible but it confirmed what she already knew after talking to the Doctor, his office was on the third floor. She looked for the lift and pressed the button, after that she could hear the mechanism that pulled and dropped the lift wheezing and grinding, after a furtive minute the lift's doors opened. Kendi was about to step into it when a sharp smell assaulted her sinuses, it seemed that someone had decided to use the lift as a urinal. When she remembered the bums she saw sitting outside the building she was not surprised at all, she stepped back and found the staircase and sprinted up three steps at a time.

Back in the 'ville Mary decided to step out of the luxury of her new airbed and watch tv in Linda's room. She opened the door and was amazed at how neat and orderly the room was. She looked at the desk and noticed copies of Daily Bread, The Prayer of Jabez, The King James Bible and other devotional material, those books reminded her of her mother who was very religous but not always logical as a result. She sat on the bedspread and turned on the tv and took the cable box remote control and began to flick through the channels, she surfed the channels over and over and noticed that there was not much to see, she decided to check the TV guide. She wasn't that familiar with cable as Mvaite would never let go of his remote control. She began scrolling down into the 3 digit channels on the list, she had once seen Aco and Mvaite look at the description of one of those channels and go into discussion. It seemed Mvaite wanted to watch the channel but Aco told him it wasn't free and that if he wanted to watch that movie he could watch something like it for free online or do it himself. She had no idea what Aco's last statement was but her interest had been piqued at that point in time, so she scrolled down towards the movie she recalled them talking about, it was the Spice Channel, the movie that was showing was called Debbie Does Hollywood. The blurb described the movie as a story of a young girld who decides to make her way up Hollywood whichever way possible and was rated Adults Only, she knew she was over 18 so that wasn't an issue for her. She pressed the watch button, it asked her if she wanted to buy the movie for only $15.99, she thought to herself and was sure that Linda and Lily wouldnt mind her being entertained, so she pressed yes and sat down to watch the movie.

Kendi walked into the Doctor's office into the reception. The office was small but better kept than the rest of the building, seated on a table at the end of the room was the receptionist, a busty blonde with very long fingernails she was filing as she yakked away on the phone. She looked up and asked Kendi what she wanted, when she replied that she had an appointment with Dr Patel, she was gestured to enter and the secretary continued her animated conversation. Kendi knocked on the door and heard a distinctively Indian sounding voice telling her to come in, she entered the office and the Doctor sat up from his chair to say hello. He was a slightly short and stocky man with dark brown skin and small moustache.

"Ah, so you have come at last" he told her after confirming who she was.

"Yes, I made it" she replied, wishing that this could end fast.

"Vell you know this is going to be expensive and not wery many doctors agree to do this," he said looking at her up and down with his eyes hovering over her chest, "Tell me exactly vhat you vant me to do then"

Kendi took a deep breath knowing that she was taking a risk but risks had to be taken when you had as much at stake as she had. She looked at the doctor and began to tell him exactly what she needed.

Part 8! What are Kamau's plans as regards accomodation? When is Mary going to find a new place to stay? What is she watching on Linda's tv? What is Kendi going to ask Doctor Patel to do? Be here next week!


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Well, well, well.Story poa. But the suspense bana! Sawa.Lakini Kendi, ako na ball sindio? No, dont answer that. Next week!

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Drowning a fish eh? Yumbus can't wait!!
Weekendi tamu bassi!

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Chatterly said...

That village of yours has drama. how does mary watch PORN kwa watu at $15?? Damn! Is Dr. Patel a cosmetic surgeon maybe? Does Kendi want to become a hooters girl??
Roll out part 8 :-)

Rista said...

Listen up, Mr. Cliff Hangerista... be a Heroes, not a Lost. At least resolve one matter per post. Some of us are still.... Lost :-) Fine... I'll be back.

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Reading this post is a great way to start the weekend!

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Aco, after spending the last couple of hours catching up from post 1 to 7 consider yourself guilty if my boss decides to let me go.
Kudos, Kudos, this drama is too juicy. Yani I can even see some of the characters right out of our Uni.
And I know I won’t be the first to make a threat lakini you need to unleash the rest of the story soon.

mocha! said...

After reading 3n's comment....ebu weka links of the other posts on part eight. to make it easy for peeps to catch up with the goings on of the 'ville.

Happy Weekend!

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha
Congrats! I will put down a list of links to the other parts for those who have missed.
@ Aizoh
Let things unfold mdogo mdogo.
@ bantutu
Mambo bado! Enjoy your weekend too!
@ archer
You make it sound like there is a whole cast here.
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Have a good weekend too!
@ 3N
Have your boss send me an invoice for time well spent, I will post links to the other chapters.

Kelitu said...

Aco honey, i love you like cooked food but you clearly lost me on chapter 7. Somebody needs to to get punched in the face or some licking need to go down...i need some action man!!!

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Kumbe story iliendelea!! Waah n its gettin Hotter!!

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Aco i will kill you..seriously......

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porn for $15...thats campo we used to watch AOBs for ksh 20.00 heheheh! that $0.285