Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Idle Musings and A Shameless Blogger

There are certain lines that you hear in your life be it in movies, tv, music or everday life that you would love to use in real life. I dont have as many as some movie-files like Couch Tato but I do have a few. Let me share a few of them.

1. Your Weakness Disgusts Me! - This sterling line is from Street Fighter 2. The character who uses it is the unstoppable M Bison whos is the Boss at the end of the game. I think it has been almost 10 years since I last played this game but this line is so utilitarian that it hurts. Let me give you an example;

Weak willed guy pal confides in Aco about how he can't break up with his girlfriend whom he no longer loves due to guilt. Despite several reasons being given to him by Aco, he still balks at the thought of coming clean to her. At this point Aco tires of him, sneers at him and declares...."Your weakness disgusts me!"

2.I loves me some pussy! - Chapelle show season ?. In one episode Chappelle has a "movie" of his life narrated and in one scene he dies as a soldier in battle and after the usual talk between soldiers and the shout of "Why?!!!!!!!!!!" by his comrade, Chapelle gets on last flicker of life in him and sits up and says " I loves me some pussy!" before dying for real this time. How would I use this?

Aco manages to sneak into a lesbian nightclub and while he enjoys his beer at the bar while watching young nubile women make out, he notices himself being glared out by a built dyke.
In an effort to promote inter-gender understanding, Aco walks to the Buth lesbian beer in hand and says hello. The lesbian grunts out a hello and stares ahead with a stony expression. Aco then gives a short speech about the importance of understanding and tolerance after which he tells the lesbian, "You and I aren't that different if you really think about it."
"What do you mean?" replies the lesbian.
"Well just like you, I loves me some pussy!" Aco replies while high tailing it out of the joint.

3. I will crush you like a cockroach! - This classic line was delivered by the inimitable Al Pacino in Scarface. This line is so self explanatory that I dont even have to give an example. What could be as fun as looking into the eyes of a rival and shouting, " I will crush you like a cockroach!" while at the same time slamming your fist into his desk?

4.You have been weighed, measured and found wanting - This jewel came from Knight's Tale starring Heath Ledger, do I see ladies swooning? This line is a great ego breaker or put down ie when someone asks Aco why he won't do a collabo post with them, just kidding I am not that arrogant about my blogging; but you catch my drift.

5.You can't handle the truth! - A wonderful line delivered by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. When would I use this line? If I were dating a girl and she accused me of lying to her, I would turn around and promptly declare "The truth? You can't handle the truth!"

6. It burns! - This line came from The Excorcist. With some of the cooking I have had to put my tongue through this line is perfect eg "Aco, please taste the soup I made for you?"
Aco takes a big spoonful and immediately contorts his face........"It burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anyway that is enough of me desecrating great movies onto some trash that needs to be put out. Archer brought to my attention a blatant case of plagiarism that had been going on a certain blog. This blog is a perfect example of the problems that I was trying to discuss in this post, he starts by imitating my blog name down to the full stops after it and the motto under my profile. He then goes on to copy pictures from Archer, M and a post from Unyc. When Archer confronted him, he has the nerve to deny it, allege insults, claim the material is his and when the heat became unbearable he put up a post proclaiming that he is being harassed by Archer and then deleted the posts, removed his yahoo address from his profile, but as we have seen, Google doesn't forget!
D.M how long did you think that you would get away with it? The Kenyan blogosphere is like an e-village, people notice these things. If you have nothing to blog about then don't blog, if you borrow material just acknowledge the source; it's that simple. Anyway let me stop wasting my time on a talentless hack, this pic below says what Archer, the other bloggers and I will do to you and the expression after that if you repeat that behaviour.


alexcia said...

first here.
But that slap...now i know not to mess with Aco

Chatterly said...

there are some clueless people out there...if you can't blog, dont copy blog za watu eish, that is just lame-ass-ish

Archer said...

Top 3!! I hope I'll still be by the time I post this comment.

Eiish that slap! Ouch! I'd have hoped for a bit more gunfire flying to and fro but D.M chickened out. But that was utterly shameless from him.

Ichiena said...

Haki, Aco you crack me you. Ati, "The truth? You can't handle the truth!"

As for DM. Ha! I have been waiting for this come back. Ouch that slap. Meno itatoka.

3N said...

A mzee tells his wife..."Honey, I'm so proud of you. I watched you very closely, and you didn't screw up once" (American Beauty)...after she completes a pole routine learnt at the Stripe Tease class she's been attending.
DM. does't deserve any further discussion.

Nakeel said...

Ouch ouch that one you deliver it and as my clans men say " she sees jungus flying" lool.

If you have no idea of whats a blog stay out otherwise dont portray your stupidity on www.

Erick said...

Aco, would you be saying "It burns!" like Gollum in Lord of the Rings? When he was being dragged by a leash?

Msanii_XL said...

damn! smh at the guy thinking google forgets this things...

Credit the source man..

acolyte said...

@ Alexcia
Some things have to be said.
@ chatterly
I agree
@ archer
Well I thought we should close the book on this as fast as possible.
@ ichiena
That was a classic movie
@ 3N
I never did see that movie, I think I will get around to doing so coz of that scene.
@ nakeel
Lol at "she sees jungus flying"
@ erick
I guess Gollum jacked that line from the Excorcist.
@ msaniixl
Some peeps are just too damn slow.

Reel Fanatic said...

In the short time he managed to make the show, Dave Chappelle made himself into one seriously quotable motherfucker .. I just wish he would get over his issues and come back to TV in some form, because he's sorely missed

Rista said...

Totally love #4 :-) Lakini the pic in that bitchslap image... a tad too close to violence towards women for my liking. Maybe a gimp being slapped would be more appropriate?

acolyte said...

@ reel fanatic
I agree with you 200% comedy isnt the same without Chapelle!
@ rista
It is rather obvious how staged that image is, you would be surprised to know that I also got the pic from a lady blogger and this may sound racists but it is less blunt for me if it is a white woman in the image.

Unyc said...

Those lines..lol..Aco u r nuts!!

Dubbin Mouse vanished kabisa!! He shld hv stayed n wld hv gladly given him sme lessons...hehee

Movie Buff said...


I will crush you like a cockroach - I plan to use this before the week is out.

I may hate on Beyonce like whoa but these days, I tell everyone "You must not know about me".... hahaha... I just like that line. Good Times.

As for D.M.... *smh*..... He doesnt know the blogosphere is like Smoking Gun ala James Frey?

bantutu said...

Approaches cautiously wondering wheather my kunja-juu wooden chair was thrown out....eeeeeh...Yani bado iko!! Wazi jo!
Ei yumbus!! If you happen to reply to this comment as thus "I'll crush you like a cockroach!" Am fine with it...Lakini that thing of sending posts to mail increased my laziness...So I'd just read from there...
Aco manages to sneak into a lesbo club? Hehe...details man! Lakini io ya Chapelle ni kali!
Danger Mouse ame-ogopa...

mocha! said...

Now that picture makes sense.

I can see it aint common (sense) to all.

Jibu ni ndio, lakini utaweza kweli?

kelitu said...

My fav line: "I'm rich biatch."

mwangi said...

This post is 2 deadly...as is your blog...

acolyte said...

@ unyc
I guess you meet all kinds on a daily basis!
@ movie buff
Let me know how that goes, yes once in a while beyonce is good for something other than blonde wigs. D.M is not too smart I tell you.
@ bantutu
Bora unasoma msee! Ebu I pitia that kablog of yours now!
@ Mocha
Nitaweza and I am going to bring something from Amazon!
@ kelitu
I love that line too!
@ mwangi
Thanks for the big up!

Anonymous said...

Chill out bana. This is the net..everything (including your own "original" posts is a version of plagiarism. Your "original" ideas, as fragmented and reassembled as they may be once had an owner who also stole them from an owner. Some people do not know how to plagiarize but what it all boils down to..the idea of blogging, the names we use (like acolyte..), the stories we tell (which we stole from the original scriptors) etc....let a dog have its own bone.

PS: I have on several occassions caught some of these so-called popular bloggers stealing my lines but I just get flattered....

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
There is a big difference when someone gets inspiration from your blog and writes in your style from someone right clicking, copying and pasting all your text. That is inexcusable even you have to agree.But I do agree imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

Girl Next Door said...

That was such shameless plagiarism, and the dude was even getting pissed off after the obvious was pointed out. How dumb can one be?

When it comes to movie lines, I strongly agree with "You can't handle the truth." People like to know stuff, but may not be able to handle it.

Even though we may blog on ideas that are not entirely original, we should all have a unique way of expressing ourselves. Even 2 people who are in consensus on an issue don't blog in the same words. I disagree with the statement that everything on the net is plagiarism.