Thursday, May 17, 2007

Atrocious Ads, SoFa King and Confounding Coincidences....

I was just reading Nation and Standard online and I realised that both sites have ad sense adverts on them. I find it strange that multi million dollar making media bodies should have such adverts on their site, there's no problem with the sites having ads on them but I though that they would co-ordinate and seek out advertisers themselves. Besides which those ads make the sites look cheap. Anyway it seems to work for them so I better get used to looking at those Google ads.

After reading M's latest post and the pic that came with it, I remembered this great skit on SNL! The dude who cracks me up is the son in the middle who looks like he is performing a Kamba traditional dance ( in true Acolyte style dissing Kenyan tribes one after the other!) It's Sofa King funny!

In other unrelated news, I was talking to a pal of my sister's who really likes white dudes and has been trying to hook up with one but things havent gone well whenever she tries. She was talking to my sis and telling her how she would love to be in Europe and how the men there treat black women better than the ones here, on the other hand I was talking to one of my pals in Europe who says she has developed a liking for the odieros here from when she was on vaction here last time. This whole situation just shows me that no matter the country or continent men/women are the same, the grass always seems greener on the other side till you step on it!

Oh before I forget! I do remember in my 7 things post I did mention why I dont get ecstatic when I meet other Kenyans. Let me give you a small illustration of how small the world is and how Kenyans are all over. The other day at work I met this chic I used to be in University with and her small sister who was a year behind us in Uni is in town too. Here is where it gets interesting, my sister had told me about how they got this new boss whom they all dislike (no not because she is Kenyan) and how her boss told her that she was in my alma mater (smart word of the day). Yes you guessed it, my pal's sis is my sister's boss! Small World isn't it?


aegeus said...

Will check that video out when i get home later. I hear you on the grass is greener bit...very true! Then your sisters boss is your pal from longoes? Small world!

Majonzi said...

u know its funny, I noticed the ad sense ads on Standard first, didn't think much of it till I noticed it in the Nation!! I wonder if they are losing advertisers? or if they just discovered ad sense? ;)

Small world indeed!!

dooaz said...

ejdude, that son in the middle is like a lunje tingishaing's like he's isikuti-ing! that ad is the funniest. jeez, that mama should wwin best sales exec award...sura ya kazi. LOL! and that other bro...WEED!

the smallest place in the world is the, you can't hepa anyone in this world. utapatikana tu!

grass theory...true. but i'm sticking to my grassy patch!

MzCoko said...

I hate ads but... I guess u gotta get ya money somehow... and I noticed it was a small world when my best friends and I kept talking to the same guys...

Klara said...

Kumbe someone wonders about ad-sense thing too that too..
Now lemmi go back watch dat video....

egm said...

It's a tiny world for sure. Step on someone's toes and discover they are the ones signing your pay cheque the next day.

Grass does always seem greener on the other side. Makes you wonder why you just don't work with what you have and cultivate it to get the greenest grass on earth on your own place.

3N said...

On the Kenyan newspaper websites, first I think they are poorly designed then to add salt to injury they have Google ad sense…I excuse Standard though, tabloids can have lame ads.
Aco, it is a small world but that makes it even better; you can be guaranteed to know a Kenyan nearby. They are not all bad, you know.

Rista said...

Hi Aco,
they're taking care of the pennies so that the pounds take care of themselves.

Great advice, lakini methinks it's a human peculiarity... I breath, therefore I see greener grass anywhere but my compound.

egm said...

@Rista and I am not immune to that pecularity either!

Acolyte said...

@ aegeus
The world is very very small I tell you!
@ majonzi
To be honest I think it cheapens the sites but anyway that is upto them.
@ dooaz
Yes that is the sad thing, several thousand miles away and I am still meeting people I know.
Yes that famo rocked big time!
@ mzocko
Yes you gotta get that money whichever way possible.
@ klara
Holla back when you've seen it.
@ egm
Luckily I have never been in that situation.Cultivating your own grass is hard work and most people dont want to bother with it.
@ 3N
I think nation need to update their site, Standard's site is nothing to talk about at all.
Yes there are a few good kenyans out there.
@ rista
I guess they have to grab money anywhere they can find it.