Thursday, May 22, 2008

Johny, be a John, Joy and Other Things

Little Johnny jokes have always cracked me up and that letter up there is on a level of it's own!

I was sent this sometime back on the net and if a name says alot about you, I guess this chica's name says everything we need to know. I wonder if she has a pal called Kuro?

Oh lest I forget, I have to congratulate all Man U fans out there! At the end of the day Man U's experience came out on top of Chelsea's billions. Now onto the season break and the transfer market. I guess we'll have to count on Olympic soccer to keep us going till the 2008 - 2009 season begins.

I came across this spoof vid of T-pain and Akon, enjoy!

I hear that Nelson Mandela is having major birthday celebrations soon and one of the invited performers is Will Smith. I was like WTF?! What on earth is Will Smith going to perform for Mandela?! Parents don't understand? Miami? Or maybe the Fresh Price theme song. I hope that was a mistake by whoever announced it and that he's just going to be a host.

Talking about S. Africa, for any bloggers out there ie Bomseh and those of you who have friends and relatives out there; I am hoping and praying that things settle down soon for their sake. I guess the Rainbow nation has now turned into a nation of storms.

Coming soon: You People Part II........


Anonymous said...

Man U for life!!!
Ok, now...that chic's name, damn! definelty says it all and that T-pain thing is waaaay funny!!!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!...Santa's big fat ass has learnt a lesson,thats for sure!

31337 said...

thanks for visiting. will check out that vid when i get home. banange! that chick amezibeba kweli!

bOMSEH said...

The xenonsense has reached KZN but the police are on high alert. We need them prayers nevertheless. This is madness I tell you. Mbeki has finally agreed to let the army assist the police, so we are hoping that the madness stops soon.

Mwangi said...

When you are as big as Will Smith, me thinks,he can peform "Boom Shake the Room" and folks will probably just sit back and clap.

Half n Half said...

Kwanza, you forget there is euro 2008?
Then, the malaya names reminds me of the first time I went to Sud and the cleaning chick came to my mud hut and just stood there saying "malaya" I was like HUH? (how did she know?) ha ha but apparently malaya is bed sheets in arabic! so whichever way you look at it that chick is still in the right business

Acolyte said...

@ Neema
Man U fans are over the moon! Yes that vid was funny as was the Johnny joke!
@ 31337
You are most welcome, thanks for passing by too!
@ bomseh
I hope you peeps out there manage to stay safe and sanity comes back around.
@ mwangi
Sad but very true.
@ half n half
Imagine I had totally forgot about Euro 2008. Good thing you think fast otherwise if it was any other kawa Kenyan that mama would have had problems! But yes we know what that mama's hustle is just by looking at that ad.

Digzer said...

Experience didn't trash the cash. Penalties = flukes!!!

That's all I'm saying

Nakeel said...

Will Smith I say better call Miriam Makeba I cant understand why she is not in that list together with Mandoza and Masekela.
That chics name even if its said with the worlds sexiest twang mmmmmmh.

Yes the Reds rule.

Mwangi said...

@Nakeel: Makeba isn't on that!!

Anonymous said...

what is all this with Congratulating Man U fans?

Okay they won, twice and we lost bitterness here :)

DROGBA??? that slap needs some work

udi said...

Will did also have that song he rapped for his son. So its not just the pop wana songs he has

Mo Ma said...

That was an absolute riot. I was gasping for breath. Santa ain't going near Little Johnny's again.