Monday, May 19, 2008

Yet Another Week III

Well since one of our fave M-net Idols outed himself on CNN, I nowfeel free to comment. I have heard that gay men are supposed to have some sense of style but we know those are stereotypes, thanks to Jackson showing up on CNN and M-net Idols (see last Monday's post), in the same scarf and two polo shirts that look so much alike (and are clashing with his fave scarf). Also dude is tripping if he thinks he is going to be living in gay dreamland when he gets to America. He has the perfect trifecta going for him; black, gay and foreign. By the way, as far as I know those camp couselor jobs are seasonal; you go for summer and supposed to go back to your country. So I hope he has a good plan B or his asylum papers ready and even so the Bush government has a poor record in granting asylum requests; wonder why you don't see too many Iraqi refugees around here don't you?

Oh and in the CNN video, is it just me or does the girl who comments 1:26 mins look erm what's the word... developmentally handicapped or for laymen, slow. Then the next chic says " I don't think gay men should have their rights," well if she means that only hot lesbians should have rights; then we agree! Anyway on a serious note it's good to see that the LGBT in Kenya can even have an organisation registered. What I tell people is that even the States is a good example, you can legislate tolerance but you can't legislate acceptance; some things take time.

And in other news, I now know where to go to look for a wife; here I come Namanga! Before I leave, I thought that I had to share this important music video. Women out there need to know the truth what with all this crap in novels and movies about making love all night. Do you know how sore you would be if you shagged for not even 8 hours, lets say 4 hours straight. Making sweet love all night my ass, the person who wrote that song lyric needs to be shot. Anyway here's the video below.......

Anyhow ya'll have a nice Monday!


Mwangi said...

Whereas I honestly believe my opinions on homosexuality, nature/nurture and so on are irrelevant considering I'm not gay and I don't study it, what I am concerned about is that we have just blindly taken on the gay culture, it's legal issues and so on and so on when we have fundamentally deeper problems as a society that we can come together around e.g. poverty, rape, farming etc etc etc
That's one of the very uncool things, me thinks about Westernization. We have hardly been a nation for 40 years but already Westernization is fragmenting and splitting our community.
Wish the brother well, long road ahead of him.
I am not phased by the all night long thing, I look at it as a challenge really.
Tzian women: I have heard about how well they treat their men.
Kenyan women do have cause to be concerned, very often women who are more willing to be home makers kick the butts of our ladies who smart as they are, put their ambitions for money, power and success over any domestic ambitions. Of course people want a relationship with someone who takes the time to think about and do things for the other person.
A friend of mine's greatest ambition is to be a wife and should see the reactions she gets from her friends....he he he you would think she is Jackson at a Gor Mahia match.......

Anonymous said...

you really did crack me up, ati 'making sweet love all night my ass'
yes they need to know that!
you see, thay have been so addicted tot their 'mills and boons' that now they live in dreamland where a handsome prince in shining armour will come whisk them away to enternal bliss...poor souls!

bOMSEH said...

Hilarious music video, and true also.

Eish, this gay kenyan, I wonder what the methali on his scarf/lesso says, maybe mchagua jembe sio mkulima?

pesa tu said...

Wow, poor guy his life is going to get really complicated.Bets r that he may recant a couple of months down the road and claim he did it for publicity.

Nubian Queen said...

Wow!! i couldnt get over the cliche' does he gets his balls shaved too...i mean??
So why is it that these supposed men opposing gayness LOVE girl on girl flicks??,,,talk about double standards.

Half n Half said...

he did it for asylum!

Acolyte said...

@ mwangi
I'm going to get into the market for a TZ mama as soon as I get back home I tell you!
Yes, Im sure your pal gets alot of scorn esp from feminists!
I do think we have bigger issues to deal with as Africans than who sleeps with who.
@ neema divine
Yes, some people buy into fantasies waaaaaaaaaaay too much.
@ bomseh
Lmao, your methali has made my day!
@ pesa tu
Well many kawa raia don't watch CNN so I think he can still walk around nai in peace. I dont see that dude recanting at all.
@ nubian queen
There is something so pure and beautiful about 2 hot women showing each other love, unlike one dude ramming the other up the ass blech!
@ half n half
He is going to be a counselor from what I heard. People don't know how hard it is to get asylum in the States, the majority of applications are denied.

Nakeel said...

Said it so well "you can legislate tolerance but you can't legislate acceptance; some things take time."

Jeez that dude is his mind working properly? No wait asylum for what..The day he tries the day he will be landing in Kenya after straight 20 hrs..
Lol on making sweet love.

Mwangi said...

@aco: And as a btw, when did feminism become a movement against female homemakers?

Anonymous said...

1st... Jackson is a joker! Hhis ideas are just way too detached from the reality. Just like u said being gay is hard in the states. And being a gay without any fashion sense is even worse!
2nd.. Ati Tz women are the best.. yeah if u want a "yes" woman who doesn't have a job - so all she does is stay at home and watch the 'lovely' tv that u bought her! the only reason they are so nice is coz they know they bitch n its all gone! Gold digging to the highest n this is what Kenyan men want?!
3... this is the truth reminds me of aka postI wrote(Men) where i nenad about making love "all night" esp when u are drunk !

Mo Ma said...

Tanzanian women rock. And I should know; after 20+ years of annual vacations to visit my Grandma in Namanga. There's just something about their understated feminine charm and modesty (not that I'm implying anything about Kenyan women :P ).

Just make sure you don't get attached to one from Dar/Zanzibar; they'll drive you crazy.

bOMSEH said...

Could you please give me the youtube link for that video? On ur site it is not clickable.

Acolyte said...

@ nakeel
The last time I told a gay Kenyan that they told me they want change now! Getting asylum is trickier than people think.
@ mwangi
I shall send you some links, there is a wing of feminists that have fought home making as a form of oppression.
@ sultrynutter
Lmao you arent feeling this TZ women one bit from what I see! I shall try and find that post and read it.
@ mo ma
I see you are the person I shall consult for advice when I plan to go there. City women of all nations are always problematic.
@ bomseh
Have you clicked the play button? If your browser doesnt support it, try googling "honest R n B"

Lola Gets said...

"Do you know how sore you would be if you shagged for not even 8 hours, lets say 4 hours straight."

One word for you baby: Lube. Whole.lotta.lube. Y'all be alright with that.