Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Interesting Views, Interesting Videos...........

Whenever people always ooh and ahh about how much they want to have kids without thinking of how much work it is and when you tell them they say you are being too serious. I picture them as the kind of parents who let society and the school system raise their kids and you end up with situations like the one in the video below. Not that I advocate how that teacher handled it but kids out here can drive you mad, just talk to a teacher here and listen to their stories; you shall be shocked.

Since I'm tearing parents a new one. I might as well lay into the parents of the girl below. Her and her grown looking ass has put 2 men in jail?! And they still let her get online and run around town late?! I for one don't condone men sleeping with underage girls at all but when a heifer like this does this on purpose I think she too has to face some punishment from the law or is she not responsible for her actions since she is a young woman? I swear before any girl out here gets some Acolyte loving she has to produce 2 forms of picture ID or no service at all!

I hope you Kenyans back home enjoyed your 3 day public holiday. For us out here it was the same old thing. Anyway I was on the net and came across an interesting cartoon about what really happens during online dating, here it is.

There are many online games nowadays and some of them other than membership, charge you extra for things that should rightly be free (especially for people like me who play the free Yahoo games). I think the video below sums it up completely. Greedy bastards....

I know some people out there on the web come across my blog while searching for somethings that I know nothing about ie Kenyan porn or nude pics of Lilian Muli/Nini Wacera/Kaz etc. I don't have those but I did find these pictures of some Kenyans caught in a sexual orgy, these pictures are very explicit; warning NSFW! Please click here, here and here. Enjoy but don't stain your keyboards.

ps: You have just been rick rolled......


Mwangi said...

You know I have actually been rick rolled before....I wish I could say I was mad, I just enjoyed the music.
Those brothers should not have gone to jail straight up....perhaps the parents should have, but I can't think of any reason for those two men (other than race perhaps) to go to jail....damn that girl can look old if she wants to, me I can't believe she is just 13.
I actually remember just before I turned 18, meeting with a girl who was 15 and trying to calculate how quickly I could vibe her before it became a crime.....the things men do...........

bOMSEH said...

I can't believe that I actually clicked on all three links. Damn!

Anonymous said...

I only clicked on one link (lol!!@Bomseh. Thirsty much?)

You sir are an ass.


Anonymous said...

The ass being Acolyte and not Bomseh obviously. *sighs*

Acolyte, did you read about the cat that was crossing a road in Nigeria, got hit by a car and promptly turned into a woman?. Link and picture below. Ps. Are blue jeans the official wear of lynchers? errytime I see a mob gathered, guaranteed all will be in blue jeans, whats up with that?!!


Anonymous said...

my goodness, steamy, you've changed Aco!

acolyte said...

@ mwangi
I guess you are a sucker for punishment lol.
In the states as long as you are over 18 and shag a 16 year old, that is it for you. Yes some of us have no shame in our game........
@ bomseh
Bwehehehehehehehehehehehe bet you dont feel so sharp now.
@ Dshy
As a great man once said, there is a sucker born everyday! I appreciate that link, it just goes to show how there are things in the world that go waaaaaaaaay beyond basic human understanding.
@ hierosolyma
Go to the links and then come back and comment lol.

Digzer said...

2 things:

Kwani what do guys in States kula? How's that chick 13? How do her parent's let her do what she does?

@ Dshy, I don't beleive you watch pics of a lynch mob and pause to notice what they're wearing!

Anonymous said...

that chic should also be in jail...can't put yourself out twice and not get any punishment.

i also get a lot of Kaz nude pics searches into my site looks like this is high demand for kenyan nude 'celebs'y

Mo Ma said...

*Gives you the Mr T glare*

Acolyte said...

@ digzer
The food out here is chock full of antibiotics I tell you! PArents here are also very very lax for the most part.
I guess Dshy is very observative.
I agree with you kabisa, that is just disgusting to say the least!
Yes seems Kenyans we love our nude "celebs"
@ mo ma