Friday, December 16, 2005

Crushers and crushees

Just hit 250 posts!There are few things in my life that I have committed to as long to as this blog usually I lose interest or use and move on.So that means that there must be something good coming from this blog even though I have to say more often then not I blog for myself as oppossed to many of you who are more altruistic in nature.
Anyway I went to the graduation bash of the cousin of the chic who is the room-mate of my aunt/sis (don't ask it's a long story).As usual I was the token something and in this case the token non Kaleo man but it wasn't so bad as Kaleos are more welcoming then our friends from the slopes when it comes to gatherings out here so it was alright.So I got to meet the proud graduate,everyone else and listen to one of the guys that I knew there wax long about politics and expound on some very flawed theories about human nature (yes they were flawed coz I could see the chasms in his train of thought) but I was not in the mood to correct him and since it was winter his huffing was warming the room.
Anyway as this was going on it seems that the sis of the graduand had her eye on me but I thought it was just the routine eye.So the guest of honor suggests that we get pics so I was cool with that me,my sis,niece and the rest pose take like 3 pics then the chic's sis insists on getting one with me and my sis and since she is in the middle insists that we put our hands around her waist and as that was happening behind the scenes she pushed my hand rather close to her ass.But I will admit that us men can be rather dim when it comes to taking cues so I dismissed it.
Since my niece had to be in school early the next day we had to leave so as we walk out the door and we say our good byes.Shortly she pops out and as we are walking away starts talking to her sis (btw:sound carries very far over a quiet winter night!) and asks her how I am connected to my sis as she knew her before.Anyway she insists on walking us to our ride even though we tell her coz of the cold she can spare herself.Then asks my sis "so when are you guys coming back?" all the while looking at me.Of course we gave the usual token answers then she hugs us all goodbye with my hug being a little extended not that I am complaining with the cold and all.Of course when we drove off I was dissed endlessly about my new crusher (no allusions to pain this is the one who has the crush), I hadn't brought it up and leaving it to the gals as they are much sharper at reading these cues then us jamaas.Many a man has thought he is a crushee (object of a crush) only to have his ego crushed!
Anyway the chic was not bad looking but on the other hand I wasn't drawn to her.She was what we used to say as "just there".What came to me is that why is it so rarely that the kind of people we find as hot or attractive have crushes on us?Why is it usually the kind of people whom more often then not see as friend material or on the extreme side as whack?Is this the universe's way of playing a joke on us?
Song of the morning:Common feat Mary J Blige - Come close to me


Mignon said... went to your sister's roommate's cousin's...huh? that connection's too convoluted. anyway, congrats on posting your 250th post. i totally feel you, i'd actually stopped blogging over the summer, only to come back, join KBW and blog on.

it's too bad you're not feeling this chick. there's a stereotype that a guy will go out with any chick as long as she shows interest. u obviously disproved this one, but don't worry. you'll meet someone down the road.


acolyte said...

@ cute_angel
Well it's a good thing that you came back to KBW!Well that's me I aim to break stereotypes left,right and centre if I wasn't so principled I'd do a 180....

nick said...

speakin of which and i thought iwas Guess's crush..shock on me..ha ha ha

but us guys do play that dumb routine quite well(knowin bloody well she is interested)...but u just lenga and get branded 'slow' cause u know better than to reciprocate cause ur not interested...or dont wanna have a milo nick situation

congrats on 250th post!

Msanii_XL said...

Congrats on the 250th..coronas on me..

Nick you got thru with one post sans a cheap shot you should go on leave often....tonite/MORN don't wait up....he he he I jest, I keed

lol @ slow and if i can add very very SAFE...nothing make that ego slim faster

Farmgal said...

wewe wacha zako you knew! LOl am just kidding my dear.

250 posts?!

Tee J said...

Actually, guess what? I just told a blogger that I have a crush on him...:-) Manze I had to get it out of my system.
I don't know if he'll let the cat out of the bag and let the world know, but honestly, I could care less. I really do have a huge stupid crush on him.

Tee J said...

btw, do you think he would think of me as 'just there'. Manze those two words would kill me!

Msanii_XL said...

don't worry teej your secret is safe with me...he he he he, its friday i have nothing to do other than terrorize other bloggers

Guess said...

LOLOLOL that cousin sister roomie thing had me spinning... but you lengad the chick? How mean... like Msanii says, I keed, I jest :)

@Nick - WHAT? LOL why didnt you take Msanii's cue and vote for yourself, you might have fared better than voting for everyone else, and hey, the voters spoken, and I will use my favourite line and say to you dude: IT WASNT ME

We all are attracted to people who dont see us as such, or the annoying one of being chatted up by the weirdest lot - we wont be winning this one Aco, so just relax and wait for your 'friend with benefits' to come back so you can reap them benefits again - hahahaha

I am recruiting people for things I should do to Nick (pain, not pleasure) when I see him over in Kenya, any ideas...???

acolyte said...

I can see alot went down when I was at Barnes and Nobles, anyway....
@ Nick
playing dumb has saved many a man from drama coz if you do so some chics wont be any more forward so you escape!
@ Msanii
Yup dem coronas are goin to flow.I am waiting for your showdown with Nick!
@ Farmgal
Maybe or maybe not.....
@ TeeJ
I will be prowling the kbw blogs to see who your crush is.As for that question,no comment
@ Guess
Well if I see her again we can see how it turns out.Yeah you're right we'll never win on this one.Most of us will never have billionares and supamodels as our "crushers."
I hear that Nick is a masochist so he'll enjoy any pain that you have to dish out!

Tee J said...

Wee Msanii ebu stop poxing. I would like for him to know that I'm a 'one crush woman'. {I know I'm in dreamland but let me have my moment :-)}I wonder if he somas this blog? I've never seen him comment hmmm?

Aii Aco, in that case I guess I'm 'just there':-(

acolyte said...

@ TeeJ
Maybe he is a lurker,there are many ppl who read but do not comment!That is one of those damned if you do and damned if you dont questions that is y I am sticking with no comment!

Prousette said...

really wondering what the expression "just there" means in terms of attraction, is it a good or a bad thing? Had a crush on one who had a crush on me the world has never been the same since.
Congrats on hitting 250. Wow!!

Acolyte said...

Thanks!Well I dont think it is a bad thing unless you have a fragile or overinflated ego.Congratulations!You are one of the lucky few, dont take it foregranted!