Friday, December 16, 2005


As you can see there is a new template up in here!I decided a change was due and since I had all this free time I decided to muck about with the blog.Ran into some really good templates but whenever I uploaded them there were so many glitches and since my comp skills end with html I decided to go with what was on the menu.
Otherwise I went to Barnes and Nobles today.This bookshop is a dream come true for any of you who fancy yourselves as literati.But there was still plenty to make a dilettante such as myself happy.I was there for 3 hours and I did not notice time fly.I did not buy any books coz you know how it is being a full time grad student; lots of knowledge but very little money!Anyway I am dead tired so here are some pics for ya'll to enjoy!

The braille Playboy was lauded by equal opportunity activists nationwide

No ashes in the ashtray!

With time Rover too benefited from the Information Highway

The Teddy Bear sheds his coat over summer......


nick said...

Oh yeah am back in the game-first fast and furious!!! FFF

-is that dog lookin at doggy(style) porn the kinda porn that i may have seen hidden under XL's pillow...and he just says he's a canine lover-kumbe

-nice template ebu share...there's a time i had a spiderman template that didnt work out...but i likey this one.

@guessy:am gonna run like kipchoge keino
@teej:who was the crush spill them beans

Tee J said...

Do we have a say in the look? But enyewe I'm those p'ple who just take time to adjust to change.

@ Nick, Ati who was? It's who is. Everytime I soma his blog my heart goes paragasha! I'm virtually sprung I tell ya! btw, I aint telling. He'll tell if he wants to:-)

nick said...

cammon do tell atleast whsisper in mine ears

Nick is gonna get it.. said...

@Nick - kipchoge has nothing on me, dont let the high heels fool you. As I said before, your ass is mine :(

@Aco - cool template - like the change, but I bet this is not the last I see of you changing faces.
Nice pics btw - and captions too.

Have a cool(oh warm) weekend Aco

acolyte said...

@ Nick
congrats!Back on point I see.This temp is part of the blogger collection.I will look for something fancier later.
@ TeeJ
Ebu toboa!
@ Guess
We are eagerly awaiting this confrontation!Thanks I think I will keep this one for a while.Since I wasnt feeling like writing I decided that some pics were in order.You have a good weekend too!

nick said...

@guess: i will spew LOST spoilers utaona...did i mention the island was a zone for experiments???...
@Msanii 4 foot 9inches:i cant SEE you!
@TeeJ:ebu comment and reveal or we all bar non-bloggers from commentin..ha ha ha
@Aco:jsut came from watchin KING room left for imagination/special effects so loaded this is prolly best action film this year!

acolyte said...

@ Nick
Was it on big screen already?Ama you are watching those bootlegs where you laugh with everyone in the theatre?

nick said...

cammon Aco, the couchpotato doesnt play it like that..we had a world release opening on Thur...i've never been that satisfied..kwanza KingKong vs dinosaurs...then there were some other creepy crawlies and leeches and cockroaches...yes i may have unleashed a few screams like a lil biAtch...ha ha ha...but seriously if ur still in the bummin phase go watch it!!!

Msanii_XL said...

aco..this nice i feel this, the links over there>>>>>are humongous were you going for the billboard effect? just asking porn is never dodgy, great fuken lighting on the set always..bwhehehehe

Nicko move you gut to the side maybe just maybe you will see me..