Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When rape is not rape

Rape:unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly,under threat of injury against the will or by deception of an individual or a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception.
Seems straight forward right?Anyone who does this should go to jail right?For the longest time possible?Especially if you prey on the young.Well guess what those rules don't apply if you are a woman.If you can't get laid by men your age or older you can always partake of the students that trusting parents placed in your care.Guess what the most you will get in most cases is house arrest and in some cases community service,ooooh what a strong deterrent!Here is a list of cases.Take a look and you will notice that the word rape appears only once.If this were happening in girl's schools with male teachers we would not hear the end of it but the matriarchy is on its' way here in West.So I'd better get used to it.If I ever have kids here I am sure as hell going to home school them!
For you women out there if you have been unable to get laid (despite the fact that is believed that men will sleep with anything in a skirt) become a teacher.That way you can have the cream of the crop before they get polluted by the world,at minimal cost (dates optional) and you get paid for it at the end of the month!!!!!And to think that they said that education was a boring career choice.....
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Msanii_XL said...

Namba....take that fatso

rape:, in law, the crime of sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim, often through force or threat of violence. The victim is deemed legally incapable of consenting if she or he is known to be mentally incompetent, intoxicated, drugged, or below the age of consent at the time of the rape

aside fromm the age consent you are reaching..

seems like the fellas were "willing"(gullible)...either way you are reaching in the sense that you are comparing seduction to force, not make this a lesser of the two evils debate.

crime is crime though

acolyte said...

What things seem like and what they are are two different things.Coz aren't in some cases young girls seduced and the book is thrown at the guys who do so?But they dont get less of a sentence then those guys who pull a young girl into a bush.So it still remains whether it is a boy or a girl as long as they are underage a crime is a crime and punishment should be the same across the board no exceptions!

Mignon said...

hey aco, glad to see this post. i'd been marvelling at the number of stories that seem to pop up a lot lately about female teachers having sex with their students. what really gets to me is the fact that they're getting away with it. kwanza the case of the teacher who got paged by a 14 year old in the name of "love". this has been an age old debate with girls and i don't see why it should be any different cuz the victim is male.

the fact is, these boys are not of consenting age so no matter what euphemisms we come up with, this is still STATUTORY RAPE and should be punished accordingly. the fact is, the boys' parents didn't consent to this behavior, so the the boys' willingness doesn't make it any less illegal. as adults, these teachers should know better and should be held accountable for their actions. it's a shame that the punishment is a mere slap on the hand and this should tell us that something's amiss with the system.

great post!

mutumia said...

Yes- it's sad when people abuse the trust that parents have placed in them in that manner- that's just wrong... Lakini I would not really look too much into the non-apprearance of the word 'rape' in the story again- I mean- the title of the piece was "teacher sexpidemic spreading across planet"

acolyte said...

@ cute_angel
Thanks!Yes it's sad about how things have really deteriorated nowadays.Let's see if the sentencing will change or people will keep on doing the p.c. thing.
@ mutumia
Well about that word I guess it is the reporter who chose to word it that way but no matter what you call it it's still RAPE.

not a rapist said...

Anatomically women are not equiped to actually rape men that is why it is difficult to slap the rape charges on these teachers, legally it is rape if there is no consent or consent capability so it is just a question of anatomy vs law may the best one win.

acolyte said...

@ not a rapist
"Anatomically women are not equiped to actually rape men" that is so preposterous I don't know where to start.Hmmmm if a woman put a gun to a man's head and made him have sex with her that doesnt sound too consensual does it?I could give more explicit examples but this isn't the time for it.As long as someone hasnt agreed to it it's rape state of "arousal" notwithstanding.

Ms K said...

You're right Aco, statutory rape is statutory rape. Any grown person who preys on underage youth should be thrown in jail, even if said youngster consented. Those are sexual predators pure and simple.

Now, let me ask you... 16 year old girl sleeping with 16 year boy. Nini hiyo?

Mignon said...

ok, i'll go post this on my own blog cuz i don't wanna hijack your post :)

nick said...

2cents: i agree with msanii those kids sounded consentsual(as Prousette mentioded about anatomy) what u should have categorised is statutory rape-sex with a minor as opposed to me which just means BILA consent to any kind of sexual ralationship(and after clinton we know what relationship is...)

Now on Prousette's point.Remember rape doesnt have to be penetrative. A guy can still be raped(kwanza by the civil service but thats another point) orally/u can be abused elsewhere where the sun dont shine with instruments...and even when the anatomy is willin and the mind is refusing thats still rape...

Rape encompassed many aspects penetrative,insertive,oral, heck even verbal, tactile...its not just anatomical

many cases go unmentioned but it is possible for a dude to be raped by chicks

acolyte said...

@ Ms K
Well as long as they are both the same age that aint such a big issue unless of course the chic gets paged.
@ Cute angel
Go ahead and post but don't forget to toss in a link!:D
@ Nick
Seems you went into the same details I was thinking but did not mention.Cool!

Farmgal said...

Of late I have been coming across articles in the sun where teacher have been grooming and using kids under 16 for sex.
what on earth is going on?

Rape is the worst thing anyone (I know a man who was raped by a man) could face.

Acolyte said...

@ farmgal
Yes it truly is gross!I have heard of some of those man on man stories and the damage is irreperable,let's just say I dont drink with men I dont know and there were some areas of nai I would not venture into past certain hours!