Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Fix is in!

The results are in one A and two Bs!The Acolyte has made the cut!After almost 4 years out of school that sure as hell isn't a bad show.Next semester the target is two As and one B!
This was one of my number one reads when I was back home.I want to see about getting a subscription here coz the American version is full of adverts like most American magazines with minimal content.What I liked about that magazine is that you would always learn something new after reading it unlike some of the crap that is sold nowadays in the name of magazine.
Now time to hit the skipping rope!I might not have access to a gym at the moment but that is no excuse for neglecting my body and morphing into a fat bastard.


akiey said...

Congrats Aco & do go out & celebrate your achievement. You'll make the 2As & a B, daaarn, you can even hack a Triple A nothing can stand in your way.

About the magazine...errr, me thinks there's either a pic or magazine name missing so am guessing it's a mag with worldwide readership.

-Did I mention about being 1st here? Did I?lol!

Farmgal said...

Congrats and get skipping!

Tee J said...

Which magazine?

Congrats on your grades!

acolyte said...

@ Akiey
Thanks for pointing that out!Time to edit that post!Congrats on number one.Msanii,Nick where are you?
@ farmgal
Thanks.Yes it's just me and my skipping rope now!

Msanii_XL said...

Congrats....pop open that tusker so that we can have a looksy...what i'm helping hte brother celebrate..

"morphing into a fat bastard"....he hei tkae offense ot that on behalf of nick....lol anyway i told you about macdees and them did i not?

Acolyte said...

@ Tee J
Men's health S.A version.The link is in the post now
@ Msanii
My broda what is happinin?You're laggin behind?Thanks, as for today a heineken will have to do.I am still ahead of Mcdees them punks will never get me!!!

Keguro said...

Asi, you're brave!

Posting Grades!

I go on the general "I'm still in school. They haven't kicked me out yet."

Or, even more generally, "I passed."

Celebrate the grad student way: with a beer in one hand and a book in the other.

Abandon holidays. They no longer exist.

acolyte said...

@ Keguro
Thanks!Given the intensity of this course I shamelessly had to floss!As the beer is enjoyed we'll see what next sem has to bring!

Mignon said...

hehe...congrats! lucky you who are done with the sem already. 6 more days :(

guessaurus said...

Congrats Aco - LOL at posting your grades..

What is that about dissing the Postman already? Wait till he gets ya :)

Mocha! said...

Congrats on your grades!

When you pata that E for 'excellence'.....dont forget to weka it hapa pia. LOL.....just kidding!

Pewa Tusker Baridi! Cheers!

acolyte said...

@ cute_angel
You'll be done in no time too!:D
@ guess
Remember the postman always rings twice!
@ Mocha
Thanks.LOL those days of E ended in high school.

Couch 'tato said...

hey congrats man i can feel that jasho tiririkaring off ur brow! CONGRATS u kaswotie-remember that old time phrase

@msanii: sleep with one eye open am watchin u ala Deniro in meet the parents

@Aco:whats wrong with fat bastard? speakin of which didnt u just love him in austin powers with the ka-irish accent

acolyte said...

@ Nick
Thanks!Ya'll aint seen nuthin yet!Also one reason that you dont see me postin on your other blog is that there are many movies of the last two to three years that I havent seen.Like I have only seen major scenes from the Powers series but I know Nick is watching for me!Thanks mate!