Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Stupid things that Men do!

This post is an addendum to Mutumia's latest post about being sexually harassed by an older African man at her workplace.So please not when I use men in this post I am talking bout men over the age of 35 because they are the ones whom are notorious for such behaviour!!!!!!!
Anyway you can read her post to know exactly what the situation was.When God created man he gave him this wonderful chemical called testorsterone in abundance within his body.This hormone is what makes men men (literally!).Testosterone:The main sex hormone in men. It is important in the development of muscle mass, strength, fast distribution, bone mass, sex drive. It is what makes us big,strong,competitive,want to build and destroy but also want to have sex a whole lot more then women do!
But let's not blame nature for people being total asshats!I think some of these dinosaurs need to know that every woman was not placed on earth for their mating pleasure.The thing with many members of the old gaurd is that they think that any seniority entitles them to a shot at a piece of ass, the sad thing is that there are some women who indulge them thus perpetuating that belief (of course these chics do it for money or favors).The most interesting thing is that this behaviour isnt limited to the secular world but also happens in the Church. There are some well known men of the cloth and televangelists who are known for using their seniority to sample their flock but I will not name names!
Oh that reminds me of some chic who used to be in KU.She told me this is how some Profs would go about it when you went to see them about doing a CAT or an extra credit project to raise your grade.
Setting - University Proffesor's Office.Prof is hard at work on his desk (or at least looks like he is ).Mutumia walks into the office after knocking.
Prof: Ah Mutumia, how are you?I haven't seen you in class for sometime?Did you do the test?
Mutumia: No, I had a family issue to attend to.
Prof: Mutumia my dear girl, you know I dont give make-ups (begins to leer at mutumia's ample cleavage now that an opportunity has presented itself)
Mutumia: But I really need this grade to graduate, I must graduate this semester!
Prof: I don't give make ups but I am sure we can come to an arrangement (drools)
Mutumia: What do you want me to do?
Prof:(Rises from seat and clears his desk) Undress and get on my desk while I close the curtains.
Believe it or not such incidents do go down!I was also told that is a reason why many of these dinosaurs have couches in their offices.
The thing that I find so amusing is the way someone would put his job and reputation at risk for a piece of ass!I mean we all remember the Bull of Auckland, John Serut and Leonard Ngaithe. I have a simple m.o, don't shit where you eat!If you must hanya do it outside the office!The office is for work not chasing ass!I mean there are women all over this world!They outnumber us men so with some work a willing partner can be found.
Anyway what would I know about all this?I am approaching 60 days of celibacy, so I have been using my man-gold for other things other then chasing ass.......
ps:Video of the week.Highlights from Liverpools 1-0 win over Manchester City!


Keguro said...



here I thought you were all cheap mabati, loud and rusty!

acolyte said...

@ Keguro
I'm going to my room to jump on my bed and cry like a little girl!I am not loud and rusty!
BTW:Man gold is precious and should not be wasted!

Keguro said...

Man Gold: Priapism

Always Stiff: Stiff Till it Hurts

So Promising

(if grad school doesn't work out, me and mutumia have a little African porn venture happening . . .)

m said...

LOL! Those lecherous men in checked coats at universities ni wengi, ni wengi.

Those couches in the offices ... foresight

Milonare said...

Ati leering at Mutumia's ample cleavage? LOLOLOL times 20!!

Pole bout your celibacy lakini usijali... You are in good company...

Don't even know what to say about men being one myself... Dont even know what to say...

Girl next door said...

Sexual harrassment is a crime, it's tragic what some women go through and afterwards they're so traumatized. It takes a lot to speak up coz some people will blame the victim or just dismiss the whole situation.

nick said...

Oh mutumia mutumia...
in our school we had a lecturer who was so openly biased towards chics...yaani as guys have scribbled notes froma hurried lecture while u find a ka-chic has typed notes on the entire subject..we were not amused...then again they'd do what the y had to do to get them...and we'd reap from their ill sins

acolyte said...

@ Keguro
Rest assured I will keep that in mind but havent the folks at beaten us to the punch?
@ M
It's a shame that some grades have to be sexually transmitted!
@ Milo
Ironic thing is that I am enjoying my celibacy.Never shoulder other men's sins my good man!
@ girl next door
It's hard being a helpless victim!
@ Nick
seems the gals had it easy for a reason...

Milonare said...


S*xually Transmitted Grades


Acolyte said...

@ Milo
I wouldnt mind getting some sexually transmitted grades mysellf!wink wink nudge nudge!

i'm going straight to hell said...

Aco--- ours is 'tastefully done" with non-cheesy soundtrack, the plot is plausible and the male actors, having been celibate for about 90 days, need no special effects from mayo jars and the such :)

acolyte said...

@ mutumia
In that case since I would be promoting art and not smut I happily oblige!Let's here it for art and expression!

m said...

He he! STG ... 10 nil that one!

acolyte said...

@ M
Thanks!I aim to win!