Monday, February 06, 2006

Damn! Things have changed

I decided to go through my blog from the earliest posts and I must say that alot has changed.I think my blog isn't as interesting and as hot as it once was.I think it has something to do with me flying across the Atlantic and having this lacklustre life!Or it could be that I am blogging less for me and more for an audience?I have to think about that.When I was in Nai there was always something interesting to blog about be it positive or negative.Nowadays it's just the same thing day in day out.Uggghhhh!!!!!!!
Anyway I actually do have some serious posts that I start but never finish and leave as drafts.
Anyhow the time for my afternoon nap is here so I will leave you a link to a classic Aco post.Independant woman part 1.Back to manic Monday!


Tee j said...

Not that I know much about blogging..:-), but I think it's more demanding when you write for an audience instead of for yourself.
When blogging for yourself you don't worry about who will like your posts or not so your thoughts just flow bila u did while in kenya. Do you still have the tarot cards btw?

acolyte said...

@ Tee J
When you do think of an audience it stifles your blogging somewhat coz some of my best work was when I used to ongea fwaaaa with little if any limitations but nowadays I have become kinda concerned 'bout who is reading.Oh I do still have my cards havent used them in a while tho.

Whispering Inn said...

Busy lives my friend. Busy lives without enough time to actually "live"!

acolyte said...

@ whispering inn
So true at time life gets so busy but what you are busy with is not noteworthy....

§anaa said...

Honest Opinion.

You blog more for people than for youreself. Its sort of like being in the entertainment business, you wont always be hot and there is that inward pressure to perform.

Personally i'm not into this entertainment business. I just blog so as to record events that i will later want to reflect on or simply laugh about or perhaps as a reminder.

The thing is once you start blogging to entertain people, you sort of lose yourself or what the intended purpose of your blog was (? I dunno)
Maybe once in a while i can do it, but most of the time i write stuff that only i can understand.

It all depends on where your comming from or your blog's main motives.

acolyte said...

@ sanaa
I feel you 220% once you start playing for the gallery it ceases to be fun and turns into an activity so I have decided to go back to blogging for me.As for motives when I began I had none so I think I willl keep it that way!