Friday, March 03, 2006

In the big City!

Since my farming here in rural Georgia has been fruitful I have decided to visit my kinfolk in the big city and have my way with all the young wayward women and enjoy as much liqour as possible as opposed to my usual moonshine!
The computer at my sister's house has crashed so I will be out of commission till Tuesday.So please don't miss me too much as I get a taste of the bright lights and big city!


Msanii_XL said...

Try not to stare at the lights for so long...he he he

Guessaurus said...

LOL @Msanii.

Are you taking any livestock with you from the farm to be thoroughly recycled?

Enjoy the weekend dude, and take care

KenyanMusings said...

Do not remove your shoes. The town folk do like errrrmmm scents and etc.....
Enjoy. I am so gonna write some girlie posts while you are gone. ...(should I let it go already?)
Keep well

She is back! Mocha is in the house! said...

Yaani when I decide to come out of hibenation you disappear under the bright lights of the city.

Ebu when you have finished picking up your jaw from the ground you holla! LOL!

Na usisahau kumeza mate! lest you crash the keyboard as well! tihihihihi

acolyte said...

@ msanii
I'm blind!Oh the agony!
@ guess
No space for the pigs.Better luck for them next time!
@ KM
Imagine I have just bought my first pair of kicks from payless today!
@ Mocha
Good to have you back!